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Alright, I've tried to be mostly silent about this over the past few years, but what just happened moments ago finally pushed me to make a thread about it here.

I've been called a "troll" by a certain admin since mid-2018 (at least) for using different gameplay tactics than his, or just for playing well in general. I could be earning myself tons of points playing as a Boomer for my team, but yet it's somehow unacceptable because Boomers "don't do much damage" on the Survivors (even though blinding them allows the other SI to pin them with their attacks more easily). I could be setting up for some high pounces (and possibly landing them too for bonus damage/points), but yet it's somehow wrong because you're apparently "not doing anything for your team" if you're pouncing your way up to a high point of the map. 

Hell, I'm not as fond playing as on the infected side as I do playing as Survivors; but there's something I really do look forward to every time I play on the Infected side, and that's playing hide-and-seek inside the ending safe room as a Hunter. I don't do that to intentionally troll my team at all. I only do that because I think it's fun to do, especially when you're on the Infected side and you're getting dominated by the Survivors. Apparently, you can still get kicked for finding some way to have (more) fun playing on (the) Infected side. 

I might not be the strongest player on the GC servers, but I do think that I'm good enough to do plenty of damage in the game and I do try to have fun playing in the servers after playing there for nearly 6 years now. However, Mercman claims that I'm a "troll," which is why he's kicked multiple times over the past couple of years and it's usually for petty reasons too.

Anyway, back to the question for this thread for anyone here who's reading this. Am I seriously a troll, and was I really trolling my team intentionally on this round down below? 


Here is the round i'm talking about on the 4th chapter of The Parish:


I apologize for the lack of audio here, but you can still see everything that went down from MY perspective; which is really important here since my status as a "troll" is under question. 

I ended up getting kicked by Mercman DURING this good round I had, so I didn't even get to finish it. I had 40+ SI kills too, and I was one of the handful of players that was making the most points on the Survivor round while Mercman spent most of the 2nd half of that round doing nothing to help us in the back. We ended up getting stuck on that chokepoint for several minutes due to multiple smokers, several Jockeys, and a few Chargers too. No matter how hard I tried to cross that bridge, I STILL couldn't make it across because I had bad luck getting caught. Hell, I even rushed the bridge at one point, and I STILL somehow got caught and dragged down. I wasn't the only player who was struggling in the back too, so if I can't be the only "troll" too (and they're not trolls too).

For the record, it's pretty funny that Mercman keeps calling me a "troll" (along with a few other players too), but yet he can never come up with a valid/good explanation each time he makes such a bold claim.

Unfortunately, my highlight clip doesn't show it, but Mercman was talking some serious trash to me, Joda, and Meng throughout the 2nd half of that Survivor round; which will be demonstrated soon by Joda (and anyone else) who recorded soon on this thread. 

Plus, there's plenty of witnesses that saw Mercman abusing his power by kicking out Meng too for standing up for Joda and me . That wasn't even it too. He even banned Meng permanently (for being an "donkey hole") , and he banned me for a week (for being a "troll'); which is further demonstrated by the banning databases.

I can't speak for all of you, and I don't know what everyone else thinks of me as a player; but I am NOT a troll.

Mercman, you're an old, corrupted, bitter admin who continuously abuses your power as an admin, and you DESERVE to have your adminship revoked (especially recently). You're a big reason why Meng (a beloved admin of ours) doesn't play on GC much nowadays. What just happened to me a few moments ago is without a doubt the most ridiculous kick (s) I've ever witnessed out of the entire 6 years I've played on the GC servers, and definitely the most classless act I've seen by an admin. I get along with pretty much all of the admins on the GC server EXCEPT for you, and I'll be damned if my time as an active GC member finally came put to an end because of your terrible attitude and your horrible behavior. PLEASE pardon my crude language here to everyone else seeing this, but f*ck you, 'pal'.

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I've never done anything to Merc and I've treated him really good everytime I've come into the server. For the past few months he's being kicking me just for playing as the hunter class. And he's says countless times over the mic that i'm doing nothing in the back and i'm not a help to my team, when everyone can agree that I'm a good player and try my best for the team I play on. I don't troll, rush, or talk trash about how people play like Mercman does. I know better because I WAS ONCE AN ADMIN TOO. Which is also why it's extremely annoying because he's an admin and should know better... I'm attaching two twitch videos i happened to be streaming. One of them is was the event that happened with Meng and Carlos and the other is me being kicked for playing the hunter class. (mercman plays smoker class 95% of the time and rarely plays other classes). 

He calls Carlos out multiple times for his skill-level and calls him trash over the mic, says we are standing still (which we weren't). Meng mutes him after Merc calls Carlos trash and asks Merc to stop complaining otherwise he might as well be muted. Which everyone agreed it was very foul of Merc to be doing, and he's done this many times before to Carlos. He is a regular member who loves playing gc and plays team-based. We didn't like how he was talking trash to people and abusing his admin powers. There is then a kicking competition back and forth between the two, and eventually Merc perma bans Meng and also bans carlos for a week. It was to my knowledge admins shouldn't have the power to BAN other admins... This is very corrupt. Very corrupt and not setting  a good example for this server. And there's been many complaints about Merc kicking people for no REAL reason when all of us have been members here for a while. Mercman needs to lose admin powers, it seems like every time we join there is an issue similar to this so we are finally speaking up.

Unban Meng and unban Carlos. 

skip to 10:00 for intensity, but the entire video leads up to this point.

Merc Kicks Me For Being Hunter


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Strip Mercman of his admin powers.


He likes to watch me get attacked and not help, happens often, more than you think. I am very good and observant, he watches the infected get points off me, a troll player if you ask me.


Carlos is one of the better GC players, no attitude, doesn't bother people, he does work.


my opinion.


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I have witnessed countless abuse of admin power from Mercman. I'm not saying everything he does is unwarranted behavior but the past few months I have seen Merc harass and bully my friends and be a downright bitter person in game. He has even gone out of his way MULTIPLE times to personally message and try to escalate the issue in steam chat. I don't think Merc is setting a very good example for this community and after years of people being abused and harassed we are all finally sick of it and speaking up. I do not wish no ill on anyone but this unacceptable behavior from an admin has been ignored for too long and it's starting to wear and tear the community and I can say we're all tired of it.


It's not fun trying to play a game and all you see is someone who is supposed to be setting an example for this community harass the members. 

Edited by weastbeasts
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thank you for sending this info.  I'm going to lock this until I have a chance to review everything. Please send any additional messages to me as a PM.

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  • crasx locked this topic

I have a couple of opinions about it.
I share (sometimes) Carlos' strategies. I personally like it a lot when it hides in the saferom and ends up like a tank. it is a great strategy. I sometimes imitate her on a couple of maps to save time, I remember last week, I hid in the first map of HardRain and the survivors could not finish the round, I save time for the spitters and the tank to do more damage in the saferoom.


Secondly, I think we cannot kick another person for using only an infected person, even when we have new boys and they abuse the spitter, we get tired of saying "spitt and die", we cannot slay them, that's a Advantage for the infected team, I want to think that sometimes those new boys are the limitations of a team, just as you have subjects like General who help you in the round, it is compensated when we have a new boy who likes to explore the map. So we can't slay that guy who "holds" the spitter, what if the other team doesn't have an administrator to do it? it is already a disadvantage. What is the point of this example? The same, we cannot kick a boy for using only one class of infected. It is like "kicking" Sooshi for using jockeys exclusively. or kick someone else for using only boomers. We all know how hunters work, the stealthier you are, the better, on some maps you have to get far enough away to be away from the radar of the other guys (cof. Cof, Apple hax). And you know what? these guys for using the hunter (and using it correctly) get to get 100 points just for high pounces. They have the right to use the infected, everyone develops a skill with an infected and it is their right to use it for the benefit of their round. Come on, it's like telling Tatsuya to only use smg because it's too good.
The point here, we cannot remove someone for using only one class of infected.


Third point. Speaking of administrators.
I think I want to do something about managing administrators. It would be nice if we cannot ban another administrator, it is not the right thing. I think that there are hardly ever differences between one and the other, but if they do come, I ask (my opinion) that the differences be settled with a private message, not exposing the members in a difference of opinions between two examples from the community.
The other part, I would like another administrator to be allowed to kick, why? Sometimes we crash, we stay in afk for some reason and it is too practical to be able to kick the user, if the problem is solved it will return without problems. This option is correct, you would not like an administrator to stay afk for 20 seconds and put the team at a disadvantage, right?


Guys, please, we are living difficult situations everywhere. It is hard for everyone. Let's not turn our refuge into another source of stress.
Administrators are here for you, and for you. The community (which fortunately returns as in its best times). Think about it. We are all still here for the same reason, the friendships we made many years ago.
Peace for all. Hugs

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