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No.   We do value your service here, but it's not a single-related issue here.  It's been an on-going issue for several months with you  (previous to your ban) - you're constant whining, moaning, berating players with "Trolls this" "Trolls that" etc it is incessant and after a 4 month break I thought it would have given you 'pause for thought'; but no.  As soon as you were re-instated, this barrage of moaning and griping towards people you don't seem to like didn't stop - immediately after you came back as admin, I thought I'd give you the benefit of the doubt, but you continued with your 'old ways' and made this server unbearable to play.

We all have hardship stories, and I desperately pleaded with other BMs and Admins to give you another chance.  No one wants to hear in-game the constant griping an Admin has to make about people - we gave you that opportunity to cease and it saddens me to say, you couldn't grow with that and kept on with the witching and unwarranted complaints about the same people and had a detrimental effect on this server:  1   first of all, some people have just given up because of your stance and just stopped playing; 2  the negative attitude it has on the server.

This negativity is all-encompassing :  it makes the regs and members not want to play here; it's so uncomfortable for the rest of us admins, we don't like to be involved or seen as 'taking sides' - that is not the case;  and, it's extremely bad, embarrassing on part of GC when new players are in game - it shows no respect whatsoever.

You are a good player Mercman, and everyone has learnt the 'smoker strength' with you here;  BUT, I'm sorry to say, for the time being, your admin is revoked and will remain that way until a BM deems otherwise.

Please be rest-assured, this is not a personal attack against you.  An Admins responsibility is towards GC and all those who play here, and I'm afraid and sorry to say, it couldn't go on much longer like this.



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