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New Custom Night


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There will be a sort of custom night when server is busy with Members and regs - and recent new people who seen to enjoy the server who abide by rules - to give us admins a bit of a break so we can just enjoy the game - because have of recently there have been a lot of 'newbies' spouting racist abusive potty-mouth language, rushers and trolls etc, it's impossible for us 3 admins to play and just enjoy the game normally without the crap going on and having to spend so much time in spec in dealing with issues- a new custom night will be voted for when server is full to purge the server of all new guys to give us all a break from the stresses and strains and just have fun.  Admins will just kick new guys immediately on joining - Members need a break from sales people also - they cause so much damage it stops being enjoyable. 

The 1st 'Newbie-free' trial will happen tomorrow as an experiment for Custom Night. 

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