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2 Things : Carni Remix and balance


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1     I know some of you like the new map, but there are those of us who don't, I think it's stupid.  Besides, after the map is finished, it crashes and when you reconnect it goes back to that map on restart.  Therefore, unless there is an Admin around to change map you'll be playing that all day.

2     Have the decency to type !teams and make sure it's balanced - I am not prepared to keep asking the same people who volunteer to swap to balance, it's not fair on them.  If you crash and rejoin on wrong team,  DO  NOT  CHANGE   TEAMS  without admin permission if it's unbalanced.  Playing 7 v 4  IS  NOT  ACCEPTABLE, especially when there are 7 members against 2 with new people.  I will endeavour to put you back on your right team, but it takes a min or 2 to sort it out at times.  Be warned, if you change teams and make them stacked (like some people always seem to do) you will be banned for a couple of hours.

PUTTING   MY  FOOT   DOWN   ON  THIS.  Just have the bloody decency to acknowledge teams are stacked when they are.

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