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Bubblegum Bandit

Case MOD Competition

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cuz....wait hold on I'll think of a goodreason...I'll think of a reason...I have no freaking idea. However I got two 80mm fans on the bottom cooling off my vid card and the other is just kinda blowing air from bottom to top in my case. All I know is with my...umm...1,2,...8 fans...10 if you count psu....12 if you count heatsink....my cpu stays pleanty cool. (one of wich is a 120mm)

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OK here are pics of the top 3 cases


Num 3 [VI] Swoop




Num 2 All Killer



Num 1 [VI] Slaphappy




The pics give you and idea but don't do any of the cases justice. Alot of people did alot of work on their cases and eveyone deserved a big hand.

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