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  1. I get this a bit as well.  No real reason for it on my end either.  It was much worse about 6 weeks ago, it still happens now, but not nearly as much.

  2. Unecessary enhancement.  Limited skill to sit there and pound heal while dancing and punching.  Hit multi-survivor charges instead.  Preferably into spit.

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  3. I see short handed goals, assists and points as well as power play goals, assists and points as checked in your list.  Note that these also factor into regular goals and assists, so it really ups their weight and impact on the game quite a lot.

  4. Not sure why we would have short-handed / powerplay points when we already cover off on odd-man goals and assists.  Seems like we aare giving more weight here than to overall goals and assists (where we don't look at points).


    Add hits!

  5. It can happen in Sacrifice too, but a little differently, sometimes while the countdown is going on, people open the door and as soon as the countdown ends, the blob of survivors moves, pushing one out and starting the campaign before anyone is ready.

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