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  4. Chivalry II is free for a week until 6-6-2024 10:59 am
  5. Thanks for the work on this but this is something I will never use
  6. Version 0.3 is live now. Changes: Stats and ranks viewable for all weapon/target options that can be selected currently. Please let me know if you find any bugs! Note that if you don't have any stats registered for a specific weapon/target selection, it will say something like 'no data available'. To Do for v0.4: Add 'all targets' option for each weapon to view total kills/headshots/ranks for each weapon.
  7. FYI - Server 1 is down until I figure out what was causing it to repeatedly reboot

  8. Version 0.2 is ready to go live. Changes: Added the rest of pistol target options. Dynamically handling each target selection. Added rank display for all the pistol stat screens. Don't ask how this is possible in one query, I don't want to talk about it lmao Improved performance of stat updates by reducing database calls. 'Insert record unless conflicts with existing key, then update instead.' Version 0.3 will be coming shortly with handling for the rest of the weapons (except melee, I'll do that later). Shouldn't take long, it's just a bunch of disgusting redundant code 😀
  9. Farming Simulator 22 is free until May 30 11 am est https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/farming-simulator-22
  10. Hey guys, if you have a minute to take a super fast survey, it will help me out a lot with getting data for a business idea, thanks again! https://qualtricsxmsmd2gcdt6.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3kh9MGR0M9OITRk
  11. Version 0.1 is live now. Type /ranks to open the menu. Only stat I set up so far to return is pistol --> common kills. That said, all weapons are tracking - they just aren't displayable until i add the logic for them all
  12. Update: Menu is built for first test release. What left to do? Queries returning stats and rankings for selected weapon.
  13. ok i fixed it 🤑

  14. Heads up - latest L4D2 update blew up sourcemod. I am working to fix it asap

  15. Plugin version 2.7.6 Changelog: Renamed plugin file: l4d2_points_system2.1.15 --> GCFTW_Points_System Reworked handling of weapon bonuses (pistol, magnum, sniper) from within the infected death event to it's own function to increment and check values. Separated pistol and magnum variables, enabling different amount of kills required for bonus. Also I fixed these bonuses not awarding as expected (I broke it previously when I added the logic to prevent bonuses awarding from fire, explosions, etc. while having the weapon active, e.g. throwing molly then holding pistol out could award pistol bonus) Server Changelog (May 12, 2024): Moved all server workshop addons to 'disabled' folder, which should prevent the maps rotating to customs automatically, and also fix the black screen many people encountered when joining. The black screen is caused by attempting to download files from the server, but Valve is awesome and only one file can download at a time without a webhosted server to distribute, therefore you end up in black screen. If you encounter this in the future, it can be worked around by entering 'disconnect' in console, then rejoining, and repeat until all files are acquired. Fixed Server #1 not showing up in Steam Group servers.
  16. Update: Database is built. Code is complete for: Incrementing variables for weapon (like 20 tracking right now, everything that shoots bullets), enemy type (common/smoker/jockey/etc.), player type (human/bot), kill type (normal/headshot). Saving player Steam ID to database. Saving linked player names and join count with Steam ID, first connect date/time, last connect date/time. This is set to update on player joining. Saving the weapon stats, i.e. for each player, each weapon, each infected type, bot kill count, bot HS count, player kill count, player HS count. The stats are set to update on round end, meaning if you leave mid-round, the stats won't save. I could probably enhance this in the future to prevent stat loss in case of disconnect prior to round end. What's left before we can test? In-game menu to display your stats and rankings for these different values. command to open menu, select overall stats vs weapon stats, select weapon, run query - display stats and ranking against other players for each stat. Round stat reset upon player disconnect to ensure the same client ID doesn't retain someone else's stats.
  17. I just voted for the options that MIGHT bring even more activity on BOTH servers now. I've never used addons, or mods since I started playing on these GC servers in late June 2014 (which btw, my 10-year anniversary of being a regular on here is apparently next month), and I don't plan on doing so anytime soon; but I'm cool with both servers having addons if it brings more daily/weekend traffic.
  18. @EliteGandalf Good to see you! Yea that's what I was thinking, I'll just dish out 14 day bans when people get caught lacking with cheat addons 😁 And as long as there's always a place people can place on a level playing field, should be good!
  19. Greetings everyone. My vote is for 2 servers, and for addons to be enabled on at-least 1 of the servers. If playing with advantageous addons is something the community will frown upon. Manage the behavior real-time. Maybe a process exists for reviewing players suspected of committing the offense. If not, develop one. I would rather play L4D2 with my mods that I find tasteful against someone using cheese anyday. Let's be honest, anyone that has ever played competitively has played against a cheater. If someone wants an advantage they will find a way around mods being disabled.
  20. Both servers now running identical configurations besides the difference of addon permissions.

    Server #1 doesn't allow addons, Server #2 does allow.

    Will try this for a bit!

  21. Store updated - Monthly and Yearly memberships are back available for all tiers!

    Still PayPal only at the moment. If this prevents you from purchasing a membership, please let me know!

  22. Yes, no one but me could see my Ellis. Though I'd probably have some explainin to do with my kids. Though they did see me accidently play nude BG3 characters. Supposedly clothing and armor are different things and if you drop your clothes, your armor does not cover you, lol.
  23. Currently turboblasting my brain on the stats plugin.

    Alpha test coming soon which intends to track all survivor kill stats, e.g. boomer headshots with AK, smoker total kills with AWP, etc.

  24. @MPG1770 Yea regarding cheat addons - I'm looking into ways to blacklist clients from joining with specific addons. Regarding the family friendliness of addons, this shouldn't be an issue, as workshop addons are generally client-side, so your game is not affected by other players' addons.
  25. Using addons that give an advantage is cheating, and 'scantily clad' survivors would be an issue considering we get children in here?
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