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  3. hyperscope

    Membership broken on Server

    @JackieChan I'm having the same issue. steamID: STEAM_1:1:4520944 Edit: Disregard, resolved!
  4. General

    Trying to renew

    Hey if anyone can help me with this that'd be awesome, I'm getting the same problem.
  5. Earlier
  6. looneypumpkin

    Trying to renew

  7. Furball

    Trying to renew

    ok..... 1. https://gamrs.co/index.php?/profile/6221-furball/ 2. Order #3210 - this isn't paid yet, as there is no option to allow me to pay.... 3. My Steam ID is STEAM_0:1:754605
  8. Hi Crasx

       "Way"  wants to buy reup his  membership but  cant.   JUst tel him to donate  and  you will do it manually?

    idk   his steam id 


  9. Vicktor0

    Trying to renew

    It's a known issue with their purchasing system. They've got tons of people with this issue (check the other threads below yours to see). Here's Crasx's instructions on what to do from another thread:
  10. I feel like a moron.... I cant add the membership to my cart because I am only allowed to purchase one. Try to go look at my orders, see my invoice for renewal is expired and no apparent way to try and pay it. Any help?
  11. I purchased a membership almost a week ago and it hasn't been activated yet. Did I put in some info wrong? 

  12. Jiffy

    Word Associationess

  13. looneypumpkin

    Unable to Join Membership. Invoice Expired

    Also there doesn't appear to be an invoice # in the store history, but the dates were 12/26/2019 and it was 3 different $15 donations so that should narrow it down. Paid by me.
  14. looneypumpkin

    Unable to Join Membership. Invoice Expired

    When we did the contest/membership stuff I had PM'd you that info over Steam. I'll gather it up again since I didn't save it or see a log for it in my history. I'll send it via your support link in a moment.
  15. Hold up, this is way too much info. When a membership is donated I need to go in and mark the membership invoice as paid. I need to know what donation invoice # paid for who (or what customer) in order to debug this stuff. Please provide: 1. Link to recipients forum profile 2. Invoice number that paid for someone else's membership 3. Steam ID of recipient. I'd like to start using the support system here: https://gamrs.co/index.php?/support/ If you have issues please send a support request there. If you do not receive support after a few days please ping me. I am moving in about a month so things are hectic for me. It would help to have a clear list of what needs to be fixed and the support queue is the best way to do that moving forward
  16. looneypumpkin

    Unable to Join Membership. Invoice Expired

    @crasx I know that velo was having the same issues with his invoice, told him to PM you. We are also having the issue that some donated memberships aren't working. So Archer, DrSunshine, DammitCarlos are all being booted during reserve kicks. I know reina's was donated too but I think it's working for her.
  17. Mine I guess needs to be reset again. I still get the "you are only allowed to purchase one of this product and you already have done so" It had been working for a while since the last reset.
  18. @crasx Could you reset mine? I'm still getting the invoice expired bug. Thanks!
  19. FYI membership reserves/admin status stuff has been synced up. If you do not have a reserve or have lost admin status make sure your membership is valid.

  20. updated a setting so this shouldn't be an issue for invoices that haven't already expired
  21. I'd like to renew too, thanks in advance
  22. NOFX


  23. VooDooPC

    Who is still here? CS:GO

    *checks post count*
  24. Hi, I believe I'm facing the same problem, I want to renew but it's expired and can't buy the membership Thanks
  25. Wow its been a very long time since I've been on the L4D2 servers regularly. Last year was a mess for me but I'm 17 now! I'll be the big ol 18 this year. I'm starting to feel old.  

  26. Thank you! All paid up. Do I need to give my steam ID again? it's STEAM_1:1:2228354
  27. got it! You should be all set
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