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  1. Yesterday
  2. ++SexyTyme++

    Hi guys

    Hey NOFX! I hope you've been well!
  3. Sorry to bump this up from the past! I hope everyone has been doing well! I can't believe it's been over 20+ years and I still think about this place. I don't even know if any of you guys from the Mmmm/DOH era still logon but I just wanted to wish you all well. Thanks to each and everyone of you for the best memories of gaming that I've never forgotten. I wish there was a good way for us to all reconnect and catch up. Anyways, peace and love.
  4. Earlier
  5. I like the new map Have to get use to the paths but it ok
  6. 1 I know some of you like the new map, but there are those of us who don't, I think it's stupid. Besides, after the map is finished, it crashes and when you reconnect it goes back to that map on restart. Therefore, unless there is an Admin around to change map you'll be playing that all day. 2 Have the decency to type !teams and make sure it's balanced - I am not prepared to keep asking the same people who volunteer to swap to balance, it's not fair on them. If you crash and rejoin on wrong team, DO NOT CHANGE TEAMS without admin permission if it's unbalanced. Playing 7 v 4 IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, especially when there are 7 members against 2 with new people. I will endeavour to put you back on your right team, but it takes a min or 2 to sort it out at times. Be warned, if you change teams and make them stacked (like some people always seem to do) you will be banned for a couple of hours. PUTTING MY FOOT DOWN ON THIS. Just have the bloody decency to acknowledge teams are stacked when they are.
  7. There are 67 plugins - GC uses Linux OS - it's finding the culprit - not easy when one thing gets fixed it breaks another plugin. Apparently, it could be that the bot !points are causing this, but only Jackie knows that code and he hasn't been around for several months. He has been messaged about this, but until he responds, it's left to Flitterkill, Crasx and Archer (when he can or is asked) to try and sort the problems out. Just got to be patient.
  8. It just needs to get fixed, what's taking so long?
  9. hello! jkap here, the server is crashing every minute which is basically unplayable and very very frustrating, like I don't know what's going on or what needs to be looked at but, please fix it. thank you
  10. been a few months..... @looneypumpkin
  11. Hi I just tried logging on to the server and it loads and immediately drops you to the lobby now without even starting the game. Reboot anyone?
  12. This is exciting... I'm gonna have to make a night for me to play weekly. When is the busiest time/night? I'm Central time.
  13. damn it's Soap, fine to see ya.
  14. wasn't jackie running all that way back when?
  15. GC/steam/Linux updates got compatibility issues somewhere along the computer language barrier - hence bit of a meltdown - don't ask how long it will take to fix lol.
  16. how did it go from 10v10 or higher to that issue? Valve made an update?
  17. Hi Soap - long time no see - welcome back. Server 1 - main problem - most times it only allows 8 people max on server. Type in console: connect Server 2 - connect - lag is a bit of a problem - but it is getting looked into - don't know how long it will take to resolve problems as there are 67 plugins in total to check. See you in game soon.
  18. what are the IPs? The game trackers show offline
  19. No, but they are very laggy.been like that for a while.
  20. Blast from the 8+ year past all.... Are the servers shut down now?
  21. Stay safe out there! Happy holidays!
  22. lol sorry up arrow key was failing so i switched keyboards and evidently hit the scramble team bind Its amazing somebody posted over that
  23. I believe it was a mistake, wrong button was pressed.
  24. Was just on #2 and one of the admins (merc?) decided to scramble mid-round right after a tank got bought. Of course, survivors got slaughtered due to the ensuing chaos. Can we not do this mid-round please? Swapping just one or two people on each team would have been enough, or it could have waited til the end of the round.
  25. I shall re-boot Server 1 for those who can't get in and the noobs even though it only sometimes allows a max of 8 people in - I will be on hand if there are problems, but don't expect me to be there very much :).
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