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  1. Yesterday
  2. I just made some changes to the code and tested it with Archer, should hopefully be more responsive and consistent once it's live.
  3. Carlos mate I BEG YOU to stream in at LEAST 480p - if not 720p30 - I see you getting decent frames in game so I think your system can manage That was tough to watch lmao, if you want some help with OBS reach out to me I'll help u out no problem For the emerg, yea idk what happened there - isn't there usually a confirmation after you purchase that says you activated it? Looks like it subtracted your points but didn't activate for whatever reason.. Could be an issue in code with how it's being activated and executed.
  4. Last week
  5. Hey, I just wanted to double-check because I have this as recorded proof: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1936254278 I finally got caught within the last 30 seconds of this fun clip, and I CLEARLY bought an emergency escape here; but it didn’t work. Normally, I’d ignore this error because the buy menu isn’t always going to function or register; but this is the 3rd time TODAY that the emergency buy failed on me. There were no nearby 2nd SI attacking me when I got pinned for at least 2 of those 3 instances; so I should’ve escaped here since I spent those 10 points. Does the emergency escape suddenly not work now?
  6. NEW POST!!!


  7. NEW VIDEO WITH INSANE COMMENTARY COURTESY OF THE ONE AND ONLY I wasn't developing over the last few months so it took me a minute to get the server set up and start working on it. This video covers some of the tweaks and changes I have made to date on the infected side. This server plays and feels really good with the higher tickrate and my custom buy options. Changes like the tank balancing and hunter/smoker tweaks would make GC so much more fun in my opinion - personally I can't stand the tank heal spam lol but anyway that's just me Things like Team Boomer Goggles would be super nice to have in GC, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions! If there's anyone who wants to play on it for themselves, let me know and I will make sure you get a chance to try and break stuff - considering I have no QA Testers, so I am the only one testing things lmao https://discord.gg/zwbGzFmwM8 - this discord is quiet but it's a place where you can always reach me and discuss anything server-related
  8. Earlier
  9. 10th October - 2nd ear operation - and hopefully the final one. The pain and noise is unbearable, told that would last for about 3weeks. That's why I ain't been around for a week, noises are seriously amplified, especially electrical equipment around G# - thus wearing headphones is out of the question - wish I could record the sound, but suffice it to say, put your head inside a washing machine on a full load at fast spin, now you hear that; it's constant unmitigated torture - I haven't got the courage to cut my ear off, unlike van Gogh. Had about 10seconds of wonderful peace in my head yesterday, and no, I don't hear scary voices.
  10. check it out to see if you have any unclaimed property. I had some cash that was unclaimed
  11. Lengthy gimmick rounds can be quite fun when they aren't cut short. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1922606187 For the record, that wasn't the stream being laggy. The server was REALLY laggy, and it legitimately came close to crashing a few times xd
  12. Much appreciation should go to dhun for this
  13. Miss ya'll. I'm pretty sure I'm one of the 3 who paid, but if not let me know? With kids it's impossible to play multiplayer games without having to get up every 3 seconds.
  14. Is there a donation option, I can't seem to find one.
  15. Option for the ridiculously cheap $15/year Coalition Membership server reserve. Also a Server Admin option, which you will not subscribe to unless you are told you can get that. If you get it "by mistake" I will hate you forever and also cancel the transaction. This is should go smoother than the old way from the last decade plus (which revolved around "products" and not member subscriptions which this is) Oh, BTW. The current count for GC members is 5. GC Admins are 3. That's based on the old memberships still in effect. The reckoning is soon to occur for the game server reserves.
  16. Use the new subscription options and ignore what is there in the store.
  17. Hey Teddy - long time no see - shout me when I get online or when you join game - I'll sort something out for you.
  18. I can't renew membership it says. You are only allowed to purchase one of Coalition Membership - 1 Year, and you have already done so, so it is not possible to continue with this purchase. I was not allow to make a payment.
  19. new  address   is      l4d2.gcftw.com:27016


    type        connect l4d2.gcftw.com:27016         in console



  20. Flitterkill

    New GC VDS

    There are no NFO control panels any more for the server/s. It is a dedicated server, so nothing from NFO other than them providing the machine and the internet. No way for you to kick a machine if it is down, and so on...
  21. For Server 1: connect l4d2.gcftw.com:27015 Server 2: connect l4d2.gcftw.com:27016
  22. MPG1770

    New GC VDS

    BTW if you need to disable a server - make sure it is Server 1
  23. MPG1770

    New GC VDS

    Can anyone translate that in simple English lol. Seems to have affected the nfo server - can log in, but no access to servers.
  24. Mercman

    New GC VDS

    thanks CiCi and Filter
  25. cici

    New GC VDS

    As a follow-on to Flitterkill's previous post 'GC Status and pseudo-wind-down' on the status of our virtual dedicated server (VDS), we have transitioned to a new VDS. Overall, the new VDS lessens the annual cost of hosting GC's L4D2 dedicated servers per Flitterkill's previous post 'GC Status and pseudo-wind-down'. Although, to minimize the cost requires us to maintain and manage our VDS versus using an NFO hosted L4D2 instance, which I volunteered to do. The new VDS's IP address is '' (with a DNS entry of l4d2.gcftw.com). Once the new VDS was online, I started the process of transitioning over server two ('gamrs.co | !buy 10v10 #2') and server three (gamrs.co | !buy 10v10 #3 dev) to the new VDS. I was able to complete the transition fairly quickly and started testing the new VDS that same day. Minimal testing convinced me the transition went well and the server is capable of hosting our L4D2 dedicated servers. Additionally, I was able to continue testing with some members/regulars to see if there were any issues but did not notice an issue myself. However, testing with a full server will be the real test and should clearly indicate if there is an issue using the new VDS. Now that the new VDS is online and working, our current VDS will be shut down on July 27th, 2023. Therefore, you will need to adjust your connection to the new VDS if you want to continue playing on GC's L4D2 servers. To facilitate hosting more than one L4D2 dedicated server on the new VDS, I'm taking advantage of using different ports to connect to different L4D2 dedicated servers, which luckily Valves' server browser is capable of today. To point to the L4D2 dedicated servers hosted on the new VDS you will need to connect to the following: 1) 'Server #1' is hosted at 'l4d2.gcftw.com:27015' (without the single quotes). 2) 'Server #2' is hosted at 'l4d2.gcftw.com:27016' (without the single quotes). 3) 'Dev Server #3' is hosted at 'l4d2.gcftw.com:27020' (without the single quotes). Although there are three L4D2 dedicated servers configured on the new VDS, the new VDS can only comfortably host two servers concurrently based on my testing. Therefore, I'll leave the development server off and only enable it when needed for testing purposes. Also, if hosting two L4D2 dedicated servers concurrently is an issue we can disable one of the L4D2 dedicated servers if needed. In conclusion, there is a new VDS online with IP address '' hosting GC's L4D2 dedicated servers. Additionally, the current VDS will be shut-off on July 27th, 2023.
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