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  1. Yesterday
  2. Might be in the wrong section to post Has anyone tried Back 4 Blood? Is it worth it? If so is anyone playing?
  3. Last week
  4. yellowsun


    It's been a week since Back 4 Blood has been released and I've been thinking of gamrs.co quite a bit! I miss you all and Left 4 Dead 2.
  5. Earlier
  6. Server still down after 48 hours. Come on guys. expecting 2221, got 2220
  7. Steam update required - everyone just got to be patient
  8. Don't worry about Server 1 - never go there - not worth the hassle - any Admin can fix those problems - we just got to be quick typing cmds to change map to fix it.
  9. @Flitterkill @crasx server 1 punts you off after the first level, server 2 shutdown immediately after you join saying not enough players
  10. MPG1770


    No - it needs fixing - hence it seems that way, but we're still here - mostly Server 2 (connect - see you around.
  11. rookie101


    Is Gc done? I sure hope not.
  12. Server 2 is completly MIA not even showing up and server 1 punts you right away with the message "Server Shutting down competitive mode requires human players on both teams" @Flitterkill @crasx help us your our only hope
  13. Mini_Me


    That’s all.
  14. I haven't been on this forum in a couple years I think.
  15. Server was working OK earlier today but now it is misbehaving again @Flitterkill @crasx Help Please
  16. Server 1 is MIA and server 2 kicks you off after 1 round of the parish and restarts the first map over and over and over.
  17. Local community arts festival - (indoor/outdoor event) - I was indoors - audience outside - that's dinner paid for - got to be on alert tonight - no going out now - I'm self-isolating away from the EUFA Finals tonight - 66,000 spectators in stadium - give it a month or 2 and we'll probably beat 150K covid infections every day - that's another win for us lol.
  18. There seems to be an ongoing issue with GC for L4D2 can we get a pinned message regarding the issue and expected ETA?
  19. Just FYI this isn't a Steam update or a Sourcemod update, but an update to the L4D2 game itself. This has caused just a small amount of chaos with all the mods out there as hook points are broken, and tools not updated for a decade now need to be updated (or switched to something else) I *have* to deal with the webserver here first (there is a deadline) but this game server stuff is in the hopper
  20. That would be cool, hopefully ot get fixed soon
  21. Steam has once again provided GC with a major steam update problem - it is being looked into - and until further notice please be patient. However, it seems that because I have no control - and god help those who give me control of computer DNA (i.e. coding) - therein lays the problem. However - until things return to normal - thoughts about allowing mods back on for members only (if that is possible)?
  22. Back online - yay and hopefully I get better ping lol


  23. I like it. Anything to make some fun and new-ness.
  24. san`


    Wow I remember you from so long ago, holy crap. Didn't have to throw that number in there, now I feel old...
  25. All questions are zombie related. 15pts to 1st correct answer (if answered correctly within 5 seconds) - has to be typed : you are allowed 3times to answer but points diminish (8 then 3) : also, there will be discretionary/bonus points awarded. Thoughts?
  26. Whoa. I logged into my account made almost 20 years ago. Cool!
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