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  1. Last week
  2. crasx


    i broke it, server 2 should be ok
  3. Limi


    I don't know what's going on with the server, the lag for the past, week? has been really bad. Rubber banding all of the place, and just in general constant lag. I'm not the only one experiencing it for sure, as lots have been complaining in-game chat and in voice comms. Presuming this is COVID-19 related with everyone home and everyone playing, but it's really quite bad.
  4. Earlier
  5. MPG1770


    Do we really have to go back to basic RULES (101)? I have gone out of my way to help many of you get your membership sorted and this is how you repay not just me or the person you offend with racist, homophobic, intolerant language and attitude; it goes against everything this server tries to upheld - we are a tolerant community and if you can't be, then you're out of here. NO APOLOGIES WILL BE ACCEPTABLE (or 'I didn't mean it like that' 'I was only joking') Those are sorry excuses if you are perma-banned for racism, homophobia etc.
  6. Architect

    Word Associationess

    Cracker Jacks
  7. JodaHero

    Back After A Long Time

    Hmmmm, hopefully i can find some kind of cheap option or something in the coming month
  8. Shafee

    Back After A Long Time

    I tried GeForce Now recently, and unfortunately it doesn't save your settings because the game itself will be installed on Nvidia's cloud. That means your resolution, game settings, binds, etc. will reset each time you start the game up, regardless if you have Steam cloud synced.
  9. Limi

    Back After A Long Time

    Have you had a look at GeForce Now? - https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce-now Might be a cheap way to hold you over until you can get a new machine. (If your machine can run GeForce Now anyway)
  10. looneypumpkin

    Back After A Long Time

    Welcome back Joda... I'm in a similar situation. Money is frozen basically. But the good news is a PC that is needed to run L4D2 doesn't have to be that expensive. Hope you can manage
  11. MPG1770

    Back After A Long Time

    Welcome back Joda. Unfortunately like many people, I am now out of work due to the corona situation - I will have virtually no money coming in for the next 3 months (lockdown) - this is going to be a severe strain as I have my disabled mother living with me - my bare bones living requirements (food and bills etc) is at an all-time low (approx $50 per week). If the situation gets any better after this period and if I can help, I will try.
  12. weastbeasts

    L4D2 Youtube

    I'm going to be uploading some videos on my youtube channel from the GC servers. If anyone wants to watch (warning, i am not the greatest player. and I type a lot lol)
  13. JodaHero

    Back After A Long Time

    Hey guys, I haven't played in a while but have been back on recently because I really missed playing l4d2 with everyone! With that being said, I really would like to play more often and be more involved with the community, one of the things that have been making it really hard for me to do this is not being able to invest in a better laptop or pc. Mine is about dead, I've had it since I've been in middle school and it runs below 35 fps. Honestly the only game I'm able to run on it from steam is l4d2, and barely lol. Because of my financial situation throughout the years I haven't been able to make this investment, but some of my gamer friends suggested I try out a go-fund-me to see if anyone wants to help out from the community, give it a read if possible and anything is helpful! I really want to start streaming on twitch! go-fund-me: gf.me/u/xsfvpw
  14. MPG1770

    In-Game Music?

    If you haven't already sorted the sound out try this : Verify the game cache then open the console in-game and type the following: snd_rebuildaudiocache and snd_updateaudiocache then exit Let it finish. It will take a while. If it freezes, that's OK, just wait and let it do it's job - hope it works.
  15. https://www.yahoo.com/news/game-studios-continue-stay-home-giveaways-child-light-173852871.html
  16. As of today in England, because of the selfishness of so many, from tonight, for the next 3 weeks, everyone has been told to stay at home - complete LOCKDOWN

    1. looneypumpkin


      Same here... this is just insane. Stay healthy.

  17. looneypumpkin

    In-Game Music?

    Music works for me. If you have it on it might need to be turned up.
  18. Limi

    In-Game Music?

    I'm not sure why, but I don't appear to be getting in-game music on the server? I've got it all turned on, but I never hear like tank music etc. Is this something being done to support fake tanks?
  19. crasx

    Turbo Unban - Anubis.

    woah woah woah, we don't need to go off the deep end here. Turbo has been around for a long time and is a good dude. Point of ban was to get your attention. these are hard times and all that. I'm going to lift this ban, lets try to come together and have some fun clean gaming. I recognize you two may not get along but lets keep it chilllll
  20. MPG1770

    Turbo Unban - Anubis.

    There has been a lot of discussion about this and we haven't made this decision lightly. First of all, your attitude stinks - as soon as you join and you're on a losing team it's constant whining. As a previous admin, you know how stressful it can be at times, but you flagrantly push the wrong buttons all the time. You seem to be joining the Elias and soda regime and quite frankly with the server now becoming popular again we want this a suitable environment for all and not go back to the old ways of creating so much drama. The perma-ban will remain for 6 months to give you a cooling-off period, come back then we will review the situation. However, be warned, if you intend to use an alt a/c during this period, it will remain permanent.
  21. Hey everyone. I was kidding around about Corona Virus about it being Mexican, which happens to be my favorite beer, but was banned for my comments. I do apologize about this during this sensitive subject / time, and it wont happen again. Also pretty shocked its a perm ban.
  22. Carlos

    server full of members

    I'm just hoping that we end up getting more new players to stick around in order to become regular players (while also keeping our servers full). I think there's been more newer players lately, which is a good sign! Plus, I'm hoping that this website revives soon with a positive update. I remember this place being a fun forum that had plenty of activity years ago.
  23. MPG1770

    server full of members

    !st time in a long time - server full of members - here's the proof (goat in spec and another crashed) but they did come back - at this rate we'll be having both servers full soon no doubt.
  24. Okitaitsi

    Expired Membership

    Order #3211
  25. Please renew the order so I can pay for the membership. Thanks so much!
  26. SARS

    Is your Membership not working?

    Paid for membership yesterday. Hopefully can get it by tonight. SARS - STEAM_1:0:43393425
  27. JKap

    Trying to renew

    i asked Crasx and he was able to fix it so i can make a payment
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