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  1. it might have just been me i restarted comp and has not happened again
  2. I keep getting glitched to under the map (far away)on server 2
  3. I think my only regret is losing my friend of 8 years
  4. drama for banning him for bad mouthing the server?
  5. WHAT DID I DO THIS TIME? BAN somebody for bad mouthing server?
  6. So what did i do   ban teh guy who bad mouth the server?


  7. Not a new player had been banned b4 Not the first time somebody has been banned for saying negative things a bout the server. And You want Joda to be an admin LOL Some body who doesnt do poop He doesnt do anything but self serving things Then why didnt you do ANYTHING then Joda Good luck with having JODA as an admin Do nothing admin just like MENG And if he wanted he could have come in and appealed it
  8. i was asking what town u live in IDK either but they wont either
  9. MAestro account was hacked DO NOT OPEN ANY ATTACHMENT OR CLICK ON THE LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. i got this message frpm zimbaly this morning [7:32 AM]Zimbaly: hey merc tell the gc guys maestros account just got hacked gonna post in the forums about it in the gc game hub if i can let them know they guy is sending a link to hijack your account i knew as soon as the trucking started with saying bro it is hacked maesrto is asking me [7:40 AM]MaestroPG.gc: Can u please vote for my csgo team at nightleague need 2 more votes team ShonK <url>
  11. me too got this message


    [7:40 AM]
        Can u please vote for my csgo team at nightleague
        need 2 more votes
        team ShonK




  12. You took my membership too? LOL
  13. Free Until may 21 https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/free-games
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