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  1. looneypumpkin

    It's been 5 years...

    Oh and we tend to have a full L4D2 server on weekends mostly but sometimes it happens during the week yet too.
  2. looneypumpkin

    It's been 5 years...

    You were probably around on my way out, so I don't remember you either I don't think, unless you used another name. But welcome back!
  3. looneypumpkin

    Discord server

  4. looneypumpkin

    Discord server

    @Xoul https://discord.gg/zj33gF expires in 24hrs
  5. It's ok to disagree, but the standard on this has been to let the tank out. Because if it's trapped in there it's soft of griefing the infected team because it'll burn out and die with no way to leave. Sometimes we get testy repeating this (along with some other areas in the game) as sometimes keeping everyone on task without breaking the rules is a lot like herding cats. I hope you have calmed down and will come back.
  6. looneypumpkin

    Membership broken on Server

  7. looneypumpkin

    Server needs a restart

    I think this got resolved but if possible send someone a message on Steam for quicker resolution. I work from home so I am usually good to hop on and reset if messaged.
  8. looneypumpkin

    Discord server

    Here's a link (expires in 24hrs) and welcome back! https://discord.gg/rUqXU6
  9. looneypumpkin

    Not recognized as a member

    But if you check the forums you clearly are Admin @Meng something just isn't connecting the site stuff to the server.
  10. looneypumpkin

    Not recognized as a member

    I know meng renewed but somehow it isn't showing up his membership either. @crasx you got any time to check into this?
  11. looneypumpkin

    Problem Buying a membership

    There's a glitch with invoices. You might just need to make a new account on here and pop in your steam ID for the quickest fix. I was able to fix mine by going in and paying an old invoice, but it isn't showing up for some people.
  12. looneypumpkin


    Are you Thunder? I believe you actually said "gg" and ran down the hall straight out the window on Dead Center 1st chapter. I did a 500 minute ban, but sourcebans are messed up so a BM will have to fix it if they feel like it. I think you know better and I do not believe it was an accident. Server was full (although lots of new people) who all wanted to play and didn't appreciate it.
  13. Beach bound! Be back late next week.  B)

    1. Mercman


      have a Great time Looney!

  14. I had this happen to me too. It was because I had a pending invoice already. Try clicking on the Store Link up above, then a menu should show up directly under the gamers.co skull logo. Try looking in Orders or Manage Purchases. There might be a pending unpaid invoice and you just need to pay for that one.
  15. looneypumpkin

    Happy reminder about memberships

    Memberships and the shop are fixed, so if you're tired of being kicked please consider renewing or starting your membership. I know the L4D2 servers aren't often full during the week, but it's more fun with friends on the weekends. We can't do customs, VIP, etc with too many newer faces (until they learn the ropes anyway) so would rather have some of our regulars in. $15 a year is 4 cents a day. Since things are fixed I might do a membership contest soon. I'll have to think about what and when. (also scrambles and motd is fixed) AND NO TANK ON LOONEY AND DYING.