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  1. looneypumpkin

    Seems a little unforgiving...

    I just wanted to add (for Black Kitty) that I kicked them once for rushing the alarm in Dead Center while people were still struggling on the bottom level from being charged/smoked down. Earlier in the same campaign, your team was getting destroyed shortly beyond the saferoom and he/she rushed a bit far ahead claiming to want to get more "progress." Please be mindful of your team. Rushing and leaving human players behind is not acceptable here under the majority of circumstances. It's only OK to rush if most of the team is down or dead and there's multiple tanks spawned and the team agrees as a whole to run for points. You can leave bots behind, but not human players. You always want to be within shooting range to help the back, or for them to help you in case you get snagged. Infected here generally will focus on anyone who gets too far ahead/behind their team.
  2. looneypumpkin

    Site Newness

    Thanks for the update and work. :)
  3. looneypumpkin

    Choppy waters ahead...

    good luck everybody!
  4. looneypumpkin

    Saturday Night customs / mods

    I'm back baby! I missed last Saturday but am back new and improved. Customs Saturday around 7pm CST.. will figure out what we're doing then since I've not had time to talk to many people this week.
  5. looneypumpkin

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    That would be very unfortunate in finales like Parish, where upping chargers is a huge benefit and makes the map super fun. Maybe make it where chargers can't buy a heal (or cost more points might work.) I still charger punch people because even though the points you get isn't great, it still causes a lot of damage. But I am finding myself not get charger punched hardly at all anymore. Could we just drop enough melee weapons in spawn for everyone to grab one if they want one? I pretty much always go melee only now, I do miss my deagle.
  6. looneypumpkin

    Saturday Night customs / mods

    for the liquid make it vodka or whiskey Oh if I could I would! The point is to shrink my liver so they can operate easily laparoscopicly. Yesterday I was smelling tacos everywhere.
  7. looneypumpkin

    Saturday Night customs / mods

    Swamp Fever and/or Cold Stream this weekend. Maybe VIP. Maybe gravity. Who knows? I might be cranky, I'm on a liquid only diet.
  8. looneypumpkin

    buff bomer plz

    It won't spawn fire horde unless you buy it. Fireworks are already limited to purchase (5 per round) and not everyone will buy fire, or some people buy them too much and are screwed halfway through the round. I'm starting to feel trolled here.
  9. looneypumpkin

    buff bomer plz

    Boomer already spawns a horde when it booms someone. But just a normal one. If you're booming good enough you can afford a 15 pt horde within 1-3 turns. No big deal. It's all strategy.
  10. looneypumpkin

    buff bomer plz

    Just don't waddle up next to someone who is snared and pop though. That'll break them free. Puke and run.
  11. looneypumpkin

    buff bomer plz

    So boom some people, then buy a fireproof horde or riot horde (if it's early in the game and no one has points for fire.) Devastating. Also good to boom incaps for the same reason. Just think when using the boomer, just like when you spit, you spit an incap or after a charge/snare.
  12. looneypumpkin

    Saturday Night customs / mods

    FYI I will likely only be hosting this weekend and next. Aug 10th I will be in the hospital and/or at home recovering from gastric surgery. Sinus one went through great, hoping for quick healing on this next one...
  13. looneypumpkin

    Saturday Night customs / mods

    Totally sober ATM. This weekend... Warcelona either preceded or followed by some VIP action.
  14. looneypumpkin

    Saturday Night customs / mods

    After a long hiatus from a CUSTOM map, we will be doing Diescraper to start with this Saturday, server 2, around 7pm CST. Who knows what else.
  15. looneypumpkin

    Saturday Night customs / mods

    Yes I figured that out after one round, though I was using 0.4 for survivors and around 0.9 or 1 for people who weren't supposed to be affected. Seemed to work out ok.