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  1. looneypumpkin

    Anyone still playing?

    Not dead yet. Lots of us still around. But life is getting in the way :-)
  2. looneypumpkin

    Client Timed Out Disconnected

    I've had this issue in the past, usually after installing a new hard drive or building a new machine. Eventually it ends up fixing itself. I am sorry I cannot offer any other solution, but every time I've had it, it has just mysteriously stopped having the issue.
  3. looneypumpkin


    @san` ? What's the username? Why can't you renew it? I would say you could just buy one under a new name if you just had to. But hopefully some BM can resolve it for you.
  4. looneypumpkin

    The Gamers Coalition Pet Thread

    Got my puppy on Friday! 8 week old female chocolate Lab! Working on potty training (doing pretty good) and is already basically crate trained and doing fantastic on a leash/harness. Going to start real training with a professional soon.
  5. looneypumpkin

    Anyone still playing?

    Don't play Overwatch. Only L4D2. L4D2 is life. Just open the console and join, or have someone invite you for now. Weekends/nights and some afternoons are the best time. I'm trying to poke some folks to fix stuff, but it's hard with life and work unfortunately. I wish I could fix it myself, but I don't know what I'm doing, nor do I have the access.
  6. looneypumpkin

    Anyone still playing?

    Yeah lots of things are broken the last couple of weeks.. I can only hope that they get fixed soon. It really has hurt our numbers because people either can't connect, or don't know if anyone is on, etc.
  7. looneypumpkin

    Anyone still playing?

    Welcome back General. Congrats on the family and baby. Time does fly, mine turned 4 this May. Lots of people still play but very sporadically. We try do play every Saturday night for sure, but aside from that it's been spotty lately with people growing up, getting lives and playing other games. Lots of new releases coming out....
  8. Alright you guise. I haven't played a decent game in 2 weeks. Last Saturday the server was empty. I'd like to get my game on tonight, so be sure to stop by L4D2... server 2, or 1. I don't care. 

  9. looneypumpkin

    Safe in Ottawa after tornado

    Glad you and you're family is safe. I've been through that and it's horrifying.
  10. looneypumpkin

    The Gamers Coalition Pet Thread

    I have 2 cats and 2 birds (they're jerks though) all of them and they're all over 10yrs old, even the cats. I'm getting a lab puppy in a few months though and cannot wait.
  11. looneypumpkin

    Seems a little unforgiving...

    I just wanted to add (for Black Kitty) that I kicked them once for rushing the alarm in Dead Center while people were still struggling on the bottom level from being charged/smoked down. Earlier in the same campaign, your team was getting destroyed shortly beyond the saferoom and he/she rushed a bit far ahead claiming to want to get more "progress." Please be mindful of your team. Rushing and leaving human players behind is not acceptable here under the majority of circumstances. It's only OK to rush if most of the team is down or dead and there's multiple tanks spawned and the team agrees as a whole to run for points. You can leave bots behind, but not human players. You always want to be within shooting range to help the back, or for them to help you in case you get snagged. Infected here generally will focus on anyone who gets too far ahead/behind their team.
  12. looneypumpkin

    Site Newness

    Thanks for the update and work. :)
  13. looneypumpkin

    Choppy waters ahead...

    good luck everybody!
  14. looneypumpkin

    Saturday Night customs / mods

    I'm back baby! I missed last Saturday but am back new and improved. Customs Saturday around 7pm CST.. will figure out what we're doing then since I've not had time to talk to many people this week.