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  1. looneypumpkin

    Buy no longer working?

    GC hard core mode
  2. looneypumpkin

    Trying to renew

    Yes, send a message to @crasx
  3. looneypumpkin

    Bought membership but getting kicked

  4. looneypumpkin

    3am shenanigans on GC

    Do it. Been lots of fun lately.
  5. looneypumpkin


    There's a GC one but it's mostly quiet though people discuss CS Go playing in there some. We also have another one with a group of regulars and is a little more rated M here: https://discord.gg/qhjaFG Here's an invite to the official one, but remember the link expires in 24hrs. https://discord.gg/Y66nvp
  6. looneypumpkin

    Unban Request

    You can still ban that way, but I always mix the length and reason up so they get the reason 1400, lol. But you can go into sourcebans and edit it. I usually just pick "ignoring admins" if I can find it quick enough.
  7. looneypumpkin

    Bought Membership and input steamID incorrectly.

    @crasx should be able to fix it. What username in game do you use?
  8. looneypumpkin

    Maestro Madness

  9. looneypumpkin

    Maestro Madness

    Witch fest for sure. I also think the speed x2 for VIP added fun last night too, so I will keep that in as an option when I run VIP.
  10. looneypumpkin

    Cancellation of the membership

    Yup as Maestro said, this is something that is only to spice up the weekends. We have discussed it in game, on the forums and in a Discord channel. It's something 90% of the server who was/is playing is actively enjoying. A lot of it is things we haven't used much of before and there will be some oopses. Just try to enjoy and have fun, feel free to recommend a change/advice when you're in there. But it isn't going to be "all the time" by far.
  11. looneypumpkin

    Unban Request

    Yup, welcome and thanks for playing!
  12. looneypumpkin

    Unban Request

    We aren't supposed to use any of those type of glitches here. But I appreciate you coming to the forums to plead your case on it as many do not bother. I'll go ahead and unban you. Just know that using those types of glitches aren't allowed here so do not use them here again. Wallhacking wasn't the reason I wanted but in the end I felt it was a kind of a wall hack
  13. looneypumpkin

    Maestro Madness

    New mode we had fun with tonight... VIP but VIP gets 2x speed. Everyone enjoyed it. Also for gravity I set ppl to 0.25. and 1 is normal. But made it pretty hard for infected if survivors had it too. Drugs are bad. Everyone got a headache. We only did that one round lol.
  14. looneypumpkin

    Maestro Madness

    I need to tinker around and figure out the gravity settings. been a while.
  15. looneypumpkin

    Maestro Madness

    Yeah not together. Though if we do VIP/pathing/customs I don't care. People should already be used to those anyway.