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  1. We continue to transition to the new storefront and make improvements. You can also pm Soda, cc or me to get you into your reserve or if you need help or info about payments.
  2. I struggle with hunter more than rocket jockey which is just weird. Hit box must be different. There was a time when I was landing decent pounces maybe 1/3 of the time. I hope to get back to that, lol.
  3. Wanting to gather what sort of user experience you are having on the GC servers. As we build back up our member base and make improvements, we want to see if it is worthwhile to do any upgrades. Likely not right away but potentially in the future as members sign up again, we can afford some better things on the server. Soda mentioned some lag. I logged on last night for the first time in almost 2yrs and experienced the same. I'm in St. Louis and the server is Chicago, so my ping showed 20-26ms. I was experiencing a lot of lag, sped up animations and sometimes the direction I was facing would suddenly change. Wondering if it is just me or if others see these issues too? Post your experiences related specifically to server function!
  4. I know I have not been active in game due to personal life, but I hope to stick around and help as needed either with some funds and occassional admining. Honestly for my mental health I probably need to get back into it. Soda has done some great things on his server and knows a good deal about the mods by now and would be a valid choice so long as we don't turn into a dictatorship (thinking old sky servers in particular) and continue to have a board of members who can help make decisions best for the community. I feel like that happens to a lot of communities and is why GC has lasted so long, we had a team of admins and people who genuinly care instead of leaving it up to one person. So yeah honestly I'd love to get more active in things again. As summer approaches I'll have more people working at my business and can take more time away for sure.
  5. Hope your recovery is quick and it helps!!
  6. Miss ya'll. I'm pretty sure I'm one of the 3 who paid, but if not let me know? With kids it's impossible to play multiplayer games without having to get up every 3 seconds.
  7. Thanks for your continued work on the server FK, Maestro and archer. I'm glad to see it isn't going away. I think one server is better than none especially at that much savings. If there's dedicated "test time" when it's dead it'll be just fine. I'd just say no weekends during prime time obviously. I hope to get back into action sometime. I'm still technically an admin but haven't done much of anything in server since I had my 2nd child. I have done a few resets, bans, grabbed commands for others via PM. I think for my mental health I need to get back into it but need to find the time. When is the server most busy lately? My thing is it is hard to play anything multiplayer with my house being a madhouse, children getting into things and all the rest. Oh well.
  8. This is exciting... I'm gonna have to make a night for me to play weekly. When is the busiest time/night? I'm Central time.
  9. damn it's Soap, fine to see ya.
  10. VIP mode was most fun. I enjoyed gravity as survivor but made it harder for infected so bleh. Witch fest was pretty great too.
  11. Merry Christmas to all and Happy 2022!
  12. The servers have been fairly busy and I'm happy for that! It's been fun to play again after taking a long break.
  13. I like most of this. Either way game is still fun. I would like to see some new mods/abilities for infected and things to upgrade and buy.
  14. I've heard mixed reviews on it. I have it but haven't had time to fire it up.
  15. I like it. Anything to make some fun and new-ness.
  16. Sorry to hear that. I am wishing you all the best.
  17. Open Beta starts Dec 17th! This looks AMAZING. I hope when it comes out next year that we can get a server for it and that it has verses! Gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQVz0dsd3k8 Beta application: https://back4blood.com/en-us/alpha
  18. Also plz bring back !charge
  19. We think it was a script with automatic reply. Except the time he tried with "mate" anyway. I think at this point if I try and message him it just goes to you. Run a scan, make sure your PC isn't infected with some backdoor.
  20. Change your password just to be safe, all should be fine.
  21. I told him to at least act English if he was gonna try to impostor you. So he started calling me "mate" lmao Hope you can get it sorted out though.
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