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  1. been a few months..... @looneypumpkin
  2. wasn't jackie running all that way back when?
  3. how did it go from 10v10 or higher to that issue? Valve made an update?
  4. what are the IPs? The game trackers show offline
  5. Blast from the 8+ year past all.... Are the servers shut down now?
  6. Soap


    i'm still active, look me up!
  7. @crasx HA! last time I played, the game would crash when we had 10v10 kind of at random. That still a thing?
  8. been a long time since I've been on too :(
  9. why is your game crashing all the time?
  10. ha, long time no see. playing with the new ppl isn't too bad...just start talking and seeing whats what!
  11. this seems like a small and strange reason to remove this item. meleeing while using a weapon in anyway should disrupt the activity. Especially the AWP, that needs to stop the reload all together, good thing it works as it should with the MP5
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