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Soap last won the day on June 30 2012

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  1. Soap


    i'm still active, look me up!
  2. Soap

    2020 updates

    @crasx HA! last time I played, the game would crash when we had 10v10 kind of at random. That still a thing?
  3. Soap

    Who is still here? CS:GO

    been a long time since I've been on too :(
  4. Soap

    O...M...G It's happening!

    do these still go on?
  5. Soap

    New Points System Addition

    why is your game crashing all the time?
  6. Soap

    I miss you guys

    ha, long time no see. playing with the new ppl isn't too bad...just start talking and seeing whats what!
  7. Soap

    Remove MP5 Weapon

    this seems like a small and strange reason to remove this item. meleeing while using a weapon in anyway should disrupt the activity. Especially the AWP, that needs to stop the reload all together, good thing it works as it should with the MP5
  8. shame i missed that one
  9. Soap

    Zero's witch farm

  10. Soap

    CUSTOM CAMPAIGN LIST [Updated 10/20/15]

    I dislike this.
  11. Soap

    CUSTOM CAMPAIGN LIST [Updated 10/20/15]

    WHAT IS THIS. I ASKED FOR YEARS JACKIE! Then poof i disappear to play BF3/4 and you change your mind!?
  12. Soap

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    what happened on the server? or if it can't be written can someone PM me?
  13. Soap

    It Exists...

  14. Soap

    [How To]Manual Witch Spawning

    god you have a nice voice
  15. Soap

    Less awkward witch placements?

    ooooolongjohnson please do it. can you add in that little thing with bride witches...too pretty please?