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Soap last won the day on June 30 2012

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    Dead Center
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    Nerd Life: CS1.6/CS:S/L4D2/
    BF3 name: FxSoap
    RL: Food, health, fitness, family, friends, loving everything in life.
  1. Soap

    O...M...G It's happening!

    do these still go on?
  2. Soap

    New Points System Addition

    why is your game crashing all the time?
  3. Soap

    I miss you guys

    ha, long time no see. playing with the new ppl isn't too bad...just start talking and seeing whats what!
  4. Soap

    Remove MP5 Weapon

    this seems like a small and strange reason to remove this item. meleeing while using a weapon in anyway should disrupt the activity. Especially the AWP, that needs to stop the reload all together, good thing it works as it should with the MP5
  5. shame i missed that one
  6. Soap

    Zero's witch farm

  7. Soap

    CUSTOM CAMPAIGN LIST [Updated 10/20/15]

    I dislike this.
  8. Soap

    CUSTOM CAMPAIGN LIST [Updated 10/20/15]

    WHAT IS THIS. I ASKED FOR YEARS JACKIE! Then poof i disappear to play BF3/4 and you change your mind!?
  9. Soap

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    what happened on the server? or if it can't be written can someone PM me?
  10. Soap

    It Exists...

  11. Soap

    [How To]Manual Witch Spawning

    god you have a nice voice
  12. Soap

    Less awkward witch placements?

    ooooolongjohnson please do it. can you add in that little thing with bride witches...too pretty please?
  13. Soap

    Less awkward witch placements?

    perhaps make it so it has to be a certain distance from any human players
  14. Soap

    What are all these errors in the log?

    i don't like that you don't agree. forgetting I read anything
  15. Soap

    What are all these errors in the log?

    That is a Zoey model reference. IF you have custom models it means the model isn't working correctly at all times when you play. IE, animation to pickup someone when they are down, may not be working and you may see just a frozen/erect model of Zoey at that time.