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  1. Forum upgrade and server move for website. That latter portion means sourcebans and game stats db's will be non-functional during the flip over. Hard to write to db's when the domains, ip addreses, and firewalls are all afluttered. This is happening... uhhh... real soon?
  2. I am posting this in the L4D2 forum and I understand many GC members are members because of our L4D2 server. However, this post is to remind everyone that GC is more than a L4D2 server. The membership is more than a reserve slot on that server. Once you are a member, we expect you to not only follow GC rules, but to help promote and enforce them. This does not just mean to yell out when someone is rushing or tell them to stop cursing, but you also have a responsibility to uphold our anti-cheating rules. If you know someone is cheating or a previously banned person is playing on the server, it is your responsibility to let an admin know. Purposely helping to hide that information is not something a GC member should do and can result in loss of membership and/or a ban from servers. A copied portions of past information posts from other board members regarding this: From Jackie: What do GC members get over non-GC members? Member reserve kick protection - You won't get kicked to make room for members anymore AFK protection. You won't be kicked for going AFK, but getting moved to Spectate will still happen High Ping Protection Hats!! Access to vote kick commands plus vote kick protection Gain "for fun" RPG levels! Gain an infinite amount of levels, but the amount of EXP you gain per level increases with each one you earn plus fake items that are obtainable for comedic purposes. Just because you're a member doesn't give you free reign to be a jackass (for lack of a better term). You can get your membership revoked without a refund. If you think the rules are a joke and you disrespect them, by all means make your own community/server and run it how you please. The community rules aren't very complicated. Just because you can be a troll, doesn't mean you should be. From Flitter Welcome to Gamerscoalition! In one form or another, Gamerscoalition has been around for a while. Ten years at least. We're a community of gamers (not a clan) that find value in good sportsmanship (and competition), clean and mature gaming, teamwork, and comradery. Things are good when everyone in the server shows respect, has fun, and works together. Admins and Board Members receive no pay; all dues are for the servers, keeping our forums and website rocking, or used for community enhancement. Our rules (condensed): - No swearing - No porn sprays - No racism, bigotry, or other disrespectful comments - If you don't have nuthin nice to say, don't say nuthin at all - Don't argue or debate with admins in game. Use our forums, please. - All of the above goes for both voice and text comms in-game (or over Vent) - No Hax. We have zero-tolerance for hacking, auto-aim, etc. - Just because a game is "mature" does not give you leeway to break any of the above rules even if the game characters do or say "stuff" This is not a complete list of our rules. A complete list does not exist. You are asked to use your best judgement. GC does reserve the right to remove any member at any time with *no* refunds. Seriously. Good people have been caught red-handed with hax. And they have been shown the door. If you need hax to have fun, this is not the place for you. Also, do not think that being a dues paying GC member cuts you any slack on these rules. If anything we hold Coalition Members and Coalition Admins to *higher* standards.
  3. ADMINS VERSUS MEMBERS ON SATURDAY NIGHT CUSTOMS! We may even throw in some VIP or some other shenanigans like low gravity and stuff! Saturday, July 29th, Server 2, 5 PM EST. The admins have been practicing. Mostly Peanut. Especially Peanut.
  4. A little birdie told me that today is your birthday! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. L4D2 is on sale for $1.99 This is good news. For those of us who still enjoy playing this game on our servers, we should always welcome more players. Try to have patience, try to explain rules, buy system and strategies without yelling or being condescending. Please dont yell or type "SPIT AND DIE!" "WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!" "DONT GO THAT WAY" "DONT GO IN THERE" "ASK FOR POINTS!" "BUY A HEAL!" These things do not help, and only chase people away be nice or be quiet Please remind others and let me know if any admins are not being helpful also. This always goes for myself, feel free to tell me if you think I am coming off as sounding annoyed.
  6. I feel the need to post again on this issue. Remember, GC offers gaming servers to everyone. We welcome all. We provide a fun place to play. We provide a place where players will not be subjected to ridicule, name-calling, etc. I know it can be tough when new players are on a team with a lot of regulars. The regulars get annoyed because the new players do not use the buy menu, or do not follow strategies the way the regulars have been doing after playing the same maps thousands of times. But GC welcomes all players. If you want to be a regular on our server, if you want to be a member of GC, if you want to be an Admin of GC, then help new players, don't chase them away. Yelling "use the buy menu!" or "ask for points!" to new people is not a help. Either leave them alone or bring them along slowly. Certainly do not scream at them, do not talk down to them. If you want to only play with other members, play during times that the server is full of members. Admins, make sure to police this on the server. No one should be treated in a rude way. Kick or ban when this happens.
  7. Please see this post for info on our new Rust Server http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/topic/46779-new-gc-rust-server-is-up-and-running-like-a-champ-join-us/?p=563314
  8. We have no tolerance for treating new players poorly. New players are always welcome to GC, our games and our servers. Lately I have noticed more and more people complaining about new people in game talk or chat. This is just a reminder that you will be kicked or banned for this behavior. Everyone should be welcoming new players and trying to teach them how to play. Getting more people to learn this game and become regular players is important also to help keep this game thriving. As long as someone is not rushing or "griefing" in some way (on purpose or unintentionally), they are welcome to play. They do not have to use the menu, they do not have to communicate, they do not have to "spit and die", they can "shop" all they want, etc. If they are purposely allowing themselves to be killed or consistently refusing to make forward progress or actually heading backwards on the map, then they are griefing and should be dealt with by an admin. Other than that, they can play how they want. You are not required to send them points, save them if they are not listening and if saving them will wipe out your team, etc. But you definitely are not allowed to ridicule them. Also admins should be helping them. If an admin is ridiculing new players or encouraging players to ridicule them or to allow them to die, the admin will lose admin privileges. Please feel free to ask me questions if this is not clear.
  9. Obviously rushing messes up the game for everyone in the server. Generally our admins warn the person, wait to see if they come back, kick or ban if necessary. The problem is that once someone rushes too far, even if the person is kicked or even if they intend to return when they are told the rules, they end up getting killed by the infected. This messes up the round for both teams, as it makes the survivor team have less people and the infected team get tank points faster than they should. Just a note to everyone that admins will try to teleport rushers back prior to kicking or warning them. This may sometimes result in an infected losing an easy kill, but understand this helps balance the game for everyone. Also, if a rusher does die, admins can respawn them also. We just dont want 1 or 2 people who do not understand the rules to mess up a round or campaign for 20 people playing.
  10. Customs night is back! This Friday 12/16/16 Starting around 8:00pm EST (might be a little earlier or later depending on how maps are going prior) SERVER 2 (hopefully it will be working!) Map Choice is up to Elite Gandalf, because he got me to do this post. If you do not have all the custom maps, please go here: http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/topic/44980-custom-campaign-list-updated-102015/?p=540746 If you have a problem when joining, try: 1) make sure the custom campaign you are joining is selected in your add-on menu 2) if still not working, exit game and rejoin 3) if still not working, exit steam and rejoin (this usually works for me) 4) message me! (i will probably just reply: LOL, but once in a while I actually try to help) Also: A couple of options - All Talk? and would you guys want to scramble at end of each round?
  11. Hello All Peanut has agreed to be the target for a month. So once again who ever kills him the most between Friday Sept. 30 (6 pm eastern Standard Time) and Monday Oct. 31 at midnight (12 AM eastern Standard Time) Will win a year membership to GCFTW. ----------------->( Provided this time frame is good for Peanut)<----------------------- If it can be done I would also like to give a membership to the one who kills him the most as infected. Hopefully every body will have a great time Killing Peanut!! I know I do
  12. This Saturday (10/15/16, i think) around 8 pm eastern Since we havent had custom night or admin vs member night in a while, why not do both? Custom map Server 2 All admins get on one team, other team and balance of admin fill up with whoever joins As a bonus, other team gets more chances to get kills in Kill Peanut contest
  13. Map is Diescraper If you need the map, go to our forum post here for information, it is easy to get, map is fun! http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/topic/44980-custom-campaign-list-updated-102015/?p=540746
  14. One of the reasons I was elevated to "board member" status was to help get the L4D2 servers and community to follow the standards and rules of GC. With 2 servers and the popularity of our version of the game, we have a very large community playing a game that can easily frustrate all levels of players. In the past two weeks, I had to deal with several examples of members and non-members allowing their own frustrations to cause them to break our rules. The first thing we all need to remember is that this is a game. Whether or not you are winning or losing, on a stacked team or not, having a hard time competing against top players, on a team with new people, there is no excuse to show anything but good sportsmanship. If your aggravation in this game is too much, my suggestion is to leave the game and play it another time when you have cooled down, or find another game to play entirely. Going forward, I expect all of our admins to enforce our rules, no matter who the player is (brand new unheard of player or long time member or gaming friend). Admins have guidelines to follow when enforcing the rules. These rules do not handle every situation, so there is judgment required as well, but for the most part they are common situations that will be handled consistently amongst admins. Here is a partial list of the rules they follow: Players Arguing (we will not allow arguing in the server, it disrupts the game for everyone else) Admins will ask players to stop. If they do not, the players will be kicked. If they return and persist, the players will be banned 1 week. Also if a player argues with an admin, the admin should remind the player to either make a forum post about it, or discuss the problem with me. If the player continues, the player will be banned 1 week. Harassing/Insulting players (this will never be tolerated on our servers) The admin should warn the player we do not tolerate this. If it continues, the player will be permanently banned. The player can then make a case on the forum as to why they should be unbanned. Rushing will receive a warning, then a 60 minute ban Inappropriate Sprays, Team Stacking, Spamming (including music, sounds, bot spamming, etc), Bad Language, will receive a warning, then a day ban. Griefing, Racism, Rushing (then dying, then leaving server) will receive a permaban and the player can make a case in the forum as to why they should be unbanned. Players with multiple offenses will probably receive longer durations of bans and be much less likely to be reinstated from a permaban. The actual situation may dictate more or less punishment, but in general, I want admins following this. If you are experiencing a problem with an admin or another player, do not retaliate. Get a demo or screenshots. Send them to me and I will handle it. If you have any questions or want to discuss a situation, please get in touch with me. You can add me on Steam Friends list, or send a private message through our website. Regarding admins. Personally I don't appreciate general statements in forum posts from a minority of our members criticizing our admins. It is very difficult to play a game they love and at the same time handle everyone's problems, then get criticized unfairly on top of it. There is a lot of chaos and confusion, hearing 20 people, seeing their chat and trying to watch for every possible rule that can be broken. Also, not only do they not get paid for their work, they contribute more money than regular members to GC for running the servers. I know them all well and whether I agree or disagree with them on certain issues, I know they are all dedicated. If you have a specific problem with a specific admin, send it to me, and it will get dealt with. If you want it to be confidential, that is fine too. Remember this is a game. Have fun. Members should be helping new players learn the game. Without new players, this game will die. Members should also be helping admins keep the game under control.
  15. Players are no longer allowed to purposely stand in open spots where they can be pounced. If you are covering or helping a team mate(s), please do so and then move to safety. Standing in the open on obvious pounce spots on purpose is now considered griefing because you are deliberately and willfully feeding the infected team points where they would not have otherwise gained if you are in a position of safety. Some examples of such spots are in the Carnival finale and standing on the car in the Dead Center finale. You will be warned to stop and then further action will be taken if you do not comply. if you want to practice deadstopping, please do it on your own time.
  16. What: Custom Campaigns Who: Everyone, except Dixie Where: Server #2 When: every Saturday night, 9 PM until Midnight (EST) ( converter: http://www.timeandzone.com/) How: type “connect” in console Please bring your skillz (and lack thereof *cough* Carlos ) for a few hours of fun. Mad at Johnny? Well, here’s your chance to beat him up. Bring some friends to help you! Make sure he dies in the most ridiculous ways possible. We will have a lot of laughs and/or sweet, salty tears. List of customs maps available here: http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/topic/44980-custom-campaign-list-updated-102015/?p=540746 _______________________________________ Disclaimer: Your (more likely mine) epic fails and/or triumphs may will be recorded and uploaded for the entire interwebs to judge and ridicule.
  17. Exploits such as these not allowed. Anyone caught using them or any other exploits for an unfair advantage will receive a week ban.
  18. Just saying. For those who know of that one night. Long ago https://www.facebook.com/viralthreaddotcom/videos/824362224372288/ By the way, I had a lot of fun last night on customs.
  19. You see that title? It's a shame it doesn't seem to be more prevalent in the community. I've had the thought to post this topic for a while, and last night had me decided that it was high time someone reminded people of this. We're meant to be a welcoming community, one that allows players of all kinds to come and play in a friendly server that isn't heavily modded to a ridiculous extent, where the players will teach you how to play, and you can make friends that you'll spend hours a day playing with. Not just lately, although it does seem to be getting worse (or at least more noticeable as of late), I see well-respected members, regulars and even some admins act like complete jerks to new players that join the server. These people might be joining completely blind, having no experience of Left 4 Dead 2, or they might have some campaign/versus experience, but nothing compared to a 10vs10 modded server. Rather than be welcomed and taught, they're shouted at, berated and insulted. I get that it can be frustrating, having someone so new that they're acting idiotic in the server, but we were all new at some point, and I sincerely doubt that any of you could have played well enough to please your team if you only had 5 hours total L4D2 played. Perhaps you weren't taught at all by members, and you stuck around and learned by trial and error, but that's not the way you should expect other people to be treated, and definitely not the way you should treat them yourself. If you see someone new doing something that's dumb, you tell them politely that they shouldn't do that, and they should do something else. Explain to them "It's best not to go in that house, because you can be ambushed away from the rest of the team" rather than having three different people yelling "DON'T GO IN THE HOUSE" repeatedly, and then saying "screw it, just leave him to die if he's going to be an idiot." I've been with GC on and off for over 4 years now, and if this was the kind of behavior I found when I first joined, I wouldn't have stayed. I'd have thought to myself "You know what? Screw this server, if people are going to be jerks to a new guy, I'll find somewhere else." We don't kick for skill, so that person has just as much right to play here as those of you who have thousands of hours, and they shouldn't have to be treated like poop. Sometimes, people aren't going to listen to you, even if you politely tell them what to do. Some people just don't listen, and it happens. It's frustrating, but you know what you do then? You keep your fingers away from your mic key, and you don't activate all/team chat to type something out if it's not going to be productive. Talk poop about that player to your friends if you want, via Mumble or PM, but keep that behavior out the damn server. It's not helpful, and it's not the kind of community that GC is. To sum this whole wall of text post up, I'm going to point out the #1 rule in GC, and I'd advise that some of you take note of it and try to follow that rule a little more, because I am personally tired of seeing new players treated like dirt, and I'm going to start cracking down as of now on players that consistently create a toxic atmosphere in the server. http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/topic/34619-gc-rulescode/?p=421793
  20. Jackie put another custom map on the server I Hate Mountains http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/topic/44980-custom-campaign-list-updated-102015/?p=540746 Friday night, 10/23/15, will be running the map on server #2, around 8:30pm or 9pm est Download the map now, go to link above for information I will almost definitely be there, but if I am not, can another admin please post if he/she will be available as well?
  21. We should get something when we hit certain milestones, like say 500,000 infected kills, 10,000 survivor kills and such. I was thinking along the lines of a very temporary special benefit, like invisibility to anyone with over 1MM points in server, or a special hat (like the bus!!!) Just a thought.
  22. Which do you want tonight? around 8:30pm EST, server 2
  23. Hey L4D2 friends!! Plan on joining Server 2 tomorrow night between 8:30 EST and 9:00 EST (that's 7:30 CST and 8:00 CST) for a custom night! We'll be playing either a custom map or two, or maybe The Passing with the VIP/Jackie Pathing mod. Everyone is invited to join. First come, first served! Come practice your skills! There will be plenty of people there to guide you through the map(s) and any questions you have!! Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible for a couple hours of fun and laughs! IF YOU NEED THE MAPS, GO TO THIS POST: http://gamrs.co/foru...42415/?p=540746 xoxoxoxoxo DiXie
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