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Patrolling the Mojave Almost Makes You Wish For a Nuclear Winter
  1. If by several you mean 3 or less then the member sync script is to blame. I'll try and jack in your steam_id today manually.
  2. Flitterkill


    There was a 100 message limit. I nuked it and set to unlimited. If it gives you trouble report back otherwise this should fix it.
  3. Flitterkill

    Site Newness

    alas, not patched in yet
  4. Flitterkill

    Site Newness

    Site upgraded. Yes, a hot mess in many places - no need to tell me about font colors, backgrounds, titles bars, and so on. This will be a work in progress for many days ahead. Expect the auto-server reserves, source bans, and l4d2 stats to be wonky for a few days too. BTW, the text editors are from this decade of functionality. That means when you hit return you are completing a paragraph and spacing afterwards will be as expected - unlike ye olden days of hitting return and it just starting a new line immediately below the one you just finished.
  5. Flitterkill

    Choppy waters ahead...

    Forum upgrade and server move for website. That latter portion means sourcebans and game stats db's will be non-functional during the flip over. Hard to write to db's when the domains, ip addreses, and firewalls are all afluttered. This is happening... uhhh... real soon?
  6. Flitterkill

    @Gamerscoalition.com not working?

    Patched. PM sent.
  7. Alas, if only there were new online server games. So much is corporate-hosted now. CSGO with the match-making... Can't really think of anything to run with these days.
  8. Flitterkill

    GC Fantasy Hockey Roll-Call

    So, looks like at best draft pushed off til after the first week of games. Boo. Also we need moar.
  9. Flitterkill

    This still exists and my logon still works!

    That's just for relic Board Members; maybe we can think of something relic Server Admins.
  10. Flitterkill

    Pour One Out for Dean Domino

  11. Flitterkill

    Tried Renewing Membership but nothing happens?

    Give it a shot now. I've deleted all the pending transactions to clear the way. If it still errors out DM me on Discord and we can work through it.
  12. Flitterkill

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Anyone still not having this, Amazon is carrying the "boxed" version (yes, you get shipped a box with the code in it) for a constantly lowering price. It was $16.30 on Friday and I've watched it slowly trickle down a few cents every hour in my cart. $15.30 currently. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ZPZQKIG/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&th=1
  13. Flitterkill

    GC Fantasy Hockey Roll-Call

    So 4 plus 1 who won't set his roster. I guess that's five. We need moar!