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    It has recently come to my attention that some of you - and I know who you are - have been really nasty with your remarks about Mercman in game : NOW GET THIS : 1 You know nothing of the situation - yes we all have trials and tribulations in life and most people who do not receive help have a more difficult time in dealing with issues - I'll admit that I was a bit of a basket a few years ago, but I forced myself to get the help required after several months of depression as I had to give up playing the piano for almost a year after a heart attack. I got through it. 2 Before you can even think or imagine Merc's situation (which is more devastating than you realise - and for those who don't know - with Merc's permission I can tell you this) ..... His partner after several years of a terminal illness recently passed away. 3 How dare you make judgements and assertions that you not know about. GC is about being a supportive community and helping everyone here - whether you like them or not, put up and shut up. THIS NOT A TRASH BASHING PLAYGROUND for your own amusement. Furthermore, those of you who recently bought membership, be warned - $15 per year is a very small price to pay to belong here. If you want to see your membership revoked - that's fine by me. Lastly, remember this - If you have no compassion, empathy or respect, then I will personally take responsibility and perma-ban without warning if I see or hear anything like this again. BTW, for the moment, now that you have been told and if you only joined GC to get a reserve slot and don't bother to come here and read updates etc - NOT OUR PROBLEM if you are permabanned. STOP THIS BLOODY NONSENSE NOW.
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    Sorry to read about this, my deepest condolences to Merc. I have been lost the last month, I share the feelings of many as Merc or Maestro. I reiterate. Don't turn your shelter into another source of stress. Hug for all
  3. 2 points
    Update Enabled Witch Fest support "l4d2_points_witchfest": Survivors will automatically get 100 points when enabled Infected will automatically get 200 points when enabled New joiners should get points when they connect mid-round All Tank related purchases will be disabled Scripted Tank spawns should no longer happen Witch Fest will disable itself after every map change Re-suppressed !buy from appearing in chat after it's used the first time per map (to allow potential new players to know to type !buy in chat)
  4. 2 points
    Update Added functionality to disable any item in the buy menu if the cost is set to -1. It will only tell you it's disabled when you go to confirm the purchase Updated functionality to work with Sourcemod v1.10+ Updated functionality to work with Left 4 DHooks Direct which replaces the old stuff. Re-enabled maybe fixing campaign score with a monster amount of defibs? Added ability for admins to change the total amount of Tanks that can be upgraded to instead of it only being 3. This means that if an admin deems it necessary to, they can raise the cap to 5 (for example) Tanks alive at once...provided the Infected upgrade it that high though. This number will reset to 3 every map as a safety precaution. Convar is "l4d2_points_total_allowed_tanks". Added !buy arguments (IN TESTING). You can now type "!buy ak" and it will buy an AK47 for you. If you type "!buy ak laser", it'll buy both and will tell you how many points you've spent in total. Support for this is pretty limited as it will only be available to Survivors (doesn't really make a lot of sense for most of the Infected items anyway and attempting to use this as Infected will simply not do anything), and only supports mainly firearms (no melee), weapon upgrades, healing items, throwables, and ammo. You'll have to make sure the item you want starts at the beginning. For example, if you want to buy an AK, you can type "!buy ak", "!buy ak47", or "!buy ak2347fruitypoptarts" and all will work. I tried to make it so as many items can be shortened or work with like 3 or 4 letters. The secondary argument is for weapon upgrades only. List of primary "words" that'll work after typing "!buy" are: "pis" = Pistol "mag" or "deag" = Deagle "hunt" = Hunting Rifle "scout" = Scout "awp" = Awp "sniper" = Auto Sniper "rifle" or "m4" = Assault Rifle "scar" = SCAR "ak" = AK47 "sg" = SG552 "m60" = M60 "chrome" = Chrome Shotgun "pump" = Pump Shotgun "ashot" or "autoshot" = Auto Shotgun "spas" or "spaz" = SPAS (I sometimes see the spas referred to as the spaz. shrug) "uzi" = SMG "smg" = Silenced SMG "mp5" = MP5 "molo" = Molotov "pipe" = Pipebomb "bile" or "vomit" or "jar" = Bile Jar "first" or "aid" or "kit = First Aid Kit "pills" = Pillz "adren" = Adrenaline "heal" = Full Health "laser" = Laser Sights "exp" = Explosive Ammo (gun only) "incen" = Incendiary Ammo (gun only) "ammo" = Ammo List of secondary words that will work after typing your primary word are: "laser" = Laser Sights "exp" = Explosive Ammo (gun only) "incen" = Incendiary Ammo (gun only) If for some reason using the !buy <stuff> doesn't give you the correct item or charges you the incorrect amount, open your console and take a screenshot. Not sure how many people will use this as the majority of regulars use their own menu binds anyways and this just requires more typing.
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    Yeah, had to do it this way because it was conflicting with the buy shortcuts. use "/" instead of "!" to make the command silent.
  6. 1 point
    definitely a glitch and not crasx being a derp
  7. 1 point
    Starts in approximately 4 or 5 hours from now - can't make it too much later for me - I wannabe in bed by 2.30am at the latest - lockdown is easing slightly over here - can have up to 6 people if you got a garden big enough and I got to do the cooking : BBQ lamb roast - I'm not fighting the bloody dog again over the bone - btw - he wants to say hi.
  8. 1 point
    You can still ban that way, but I always mix the length and reason up so they get the reason 1400, lol. But you can go into sourcebans and edit it. I usually just pick "ignoring admins" if I can find it quick enough.