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  1. My main focus isn't so much on balance changes, more so performance and stability improvements first. That said, assuming the server performance is in a good and stable state, I'd probably look at adding quality of life to either the points plugin (like allowing a buyable ammo refill for the whole team, or a set of boomer goggles for the whole team), or other aspects of the game, like the 'worldmodel turn rate fix' plugin I posted about in the L4D2 section. If those two areas of focus are in a good state, then I'd look at balance and actual gameplay changes. Of course, I'd want to hear community opinions regarding balance changes - so I'd probably propose my ideas and gather feedback prior to changing things. My general philosophy for L4D2 versus is that the game should be fun from all perspectives, regardless of winning, losing, survivor, or infected. There's a couple tweaks I made to infected messing with my local server, such as making smokers more of a threat by increasing their survivor pull speed and reducing the latency of the tongue, or increasing the damage a boomer does when it scratches a survivor (they should be kept at distance 🤓). Stuff like that is what I'd be looking for community opinions on. Another thing that I think would be interesting would be setting up a fast download file server and have it linked to the game server, which essentially enables custom content to be used on the server and all players would automatically download it when joining (FYI - I have proven it works as a concept already). E.g. custom sounds (like a radio playing to all players), weapons, maps, etc. - lots of possibilities there, but more of a back-pocket idea for now. One more I almost forgot about - stats and stat tracking. I know source stats was used previously for GC, and I've experimented with reading and writing stats to a database in my local server. I did actually get it working, and I could track as many stats as I wanted, enabling things such as 'personal bests' for round performance, or time to earn a certain achievement, for example, and could even track stats by map, if desired. Players would be able to check their stats in game in real time, and track their development over time. That's all I can think of right now. Let me know anything else you may be wondering, or what your thoughts are!
  2. Throwing my hat in the ring, as I'd be happy to maintain the web and/or game server(s) into the future. I'll list a few things about me that I believe would be relevant for people to gauge whether I am suitable. For the forums and web server, I have experience building and maintaining websites either from scratch in with HTML/CSS/JS, from templates like Bootstrap, or on Wordpress or similar web-building services. When I graduated from college, I made my personal and portfolio website that I still maintain to this day, and it is built on a Bootstrap template. For game server(s), I have experience working on Source servers (L4D2 mostly) and developing plugins of my own, or working on other people's plugins built in SourcePawn. For accountability and leadership, I have a full time job working as a software analyst specifically working in corporate compensation systems. I also am the Chairman and leader of a professional growth network for the IT sector of my company, through which I've initiated and hosted virtual events to over 900 people at its peak, and many smaller events with around 40-120 attendees. I also am a co-leader of a Manhua Scans (Chinese comics translated to English) group for over two years, which has around 30-50 volunteer staff at a given time. In that group I have been responsible for assigning work, delegating tasks, maintaining our website and discord server (~4k members), all of which I enjoy very much. For finances, I don't mind having to provide funds when required and reasonable for site and server upkeep. That said, it would be my preference to have the community fund itself through valuable products or services, similar to the membership system. I like engaging with individuals or communities and working on cool and interesting projects, and creating spaces that I can enjoy with others. I've been in and around GC for many years, playing on the L4D2 servers for the first time back around 2014. I was quite a moody teenager for a while, going through some bans and fights, all while playing games a bit too much back then. My personal philosophies and priorities have evolved quite a lot since then, and since returning to the community in the last few years, I've been supporting cici and Archer where possible in maintaining the L4D2 server and its plugins, and I'm happy to help foster a good community here in GC. I'm happy to chat when time allows, and I am quite fast in responding most of the time, so please feel free to reach out! Discord (best way to reach me): xxnoobslayer Steam: Link
  3. AlliedModders Link - WorldModel_Turnrate Basically this just makes it so players models face the direction they are actually looking. The vanilla L4D2 turn rate is super slow and makes players seem less responsive than they really are. I think it would be good to add as a simple quality of life addition to the servers.
  4. AWP only needed an ammo count nerf to be balanced. e.g. 20 -> 10 bullets / mag Only a few players could perform better with an AWP than an AK in the past, considering the difficulty of landing shots on moving targets like rocketing specials. You'd get one chance to land the shot or you missed your chance, whereas other weapons like Hunter/Military or AK/M16 you get plenty of chances to land the shot(s) you need. My opinion: AWP should do 250 damage - therefore 1 shots spitter and boomer anywhere, smoker and hunter in the chest and head only, and requires multiple hits to kill jockey and charger. Should have 10 - 15 bullets / mag, 10 would probably be best. Alternative method of balancing would be increasing AWP bloom while moving/jumping.
  5. That looks 1000 times better, nice work I'm not sure which application you stream through, but in OBS it looks like you can boost Mic volume: Just click the three dots next to the level and click Advanced Audio Properties: Here you can increase or decrease either the Desktop Audio or Mic, either by Decibel or Percentage: Hope this helps
  6. I just made some changes to the code and tested it with Archer, should hopefully be more responsive and consistent once it's live.
  7. Carlos mate I BEG YOU to stream in at LEAST 480p - if not 720p30 - I see you getting decent frames in game so I think your system can manage That was tough to watch lmao, if you want some help with OBS reach out to me I'll help u out no problem For the emerg, yea idk what happened there - isn't there usually a confirmation after you purchase that says you activated it? Looks like it subtracted your points but didn't activate for whatever reason.. Could be an issue in code with how it's being activated and executed.
  8. NEW POST!!!


  9. NEW VIDEO WITH INSANE COMMENTARY COURTESY OF THE ONE AND ONLY I wasn't developing over the last few months so it took me a minute to get the server set up and start working on it. This video covers some of the tweaks and changes I have made to date on the infected side. This server plays and feels really good with the higher tickrate and my custom buy options. Changes like the tank balancing and hunter/smoker tweaks would make GC so much more fun in my opinion - personally I can't stand the tank heal spam lol but anyway that's just me Things like Team Boomer Goggles would be super nice to have in GC, so feel free to reach out if you have any questions! If there's anyone who wants to play on it for themselves, let me know and I will make sure you get a chance to try and break stuff - considering I have no QA Testers, so I am the only one testing things lmao https://discord.gg/zwbGzFmwM8 - this discord is quiet but it's a place where you can always reach me and discuss anything server-related
  10. SI Fire Extinguish Showcase:
  11. Fire extinguish showcase and uncommon chance increase showcase coming soon. Been focused on helping with GC's plugin recently so haven't added many new features to mine. If you have anything you'd like to see added as a proof of concept or to see how it plays, let me know and I can probably make it happen. I'm going to be adding infected bot point storage and usage soon.
  12. Wake up babe, gifts just dropped: This thing taking forever to process so if it's not 1080p60 you can prob just come back later and it'll be done
  13. My latest creation, took me a whole 10 mins to write the code thanks to an SDKTools function and a L4DStocks function lol.
  14. Playtest #2 on my server :
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