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    Music - of course, 1950/60s horror/sci-fi movies, photography, theatre, reading - horror and sci-fi mostly.

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There is nothing more profound when I sit at a blank piece of paper
  1. MPG1770

    It's been 5 years...

    Especially busy during the steam sales and school holidays - welcome back
  2. MPG1770

    Hordes are now fixed

    15pt Hordes are available
  3. MPG1770

    Ok this is serious m8 unban me.

    OK THIS IS SERIOUS M8 UNBAN ME - are you serious with this demand. There's no real apology for your actions and a failure on your part to adhere to the instructions when you were perma-banned - trolling, griefing, entering server on alt a/c when your were banned and knowingly being devious playing with banned people - IDK how other Admins feel about this, but quite frankly - we are better off without you and your crew. It's up to the Board Members whether you're ban is lifted or not. However, with 5 bans already they would probably take a dim view of the situation. Besides, until SourceBans are fixed there is nothing an Admin can do to unban - you just got to wait for a BM to sort this out - and as it's been nearly a year that things haven't been right with the server, you will have to wait patiently. See this for your recollection -
  4. MPG1770

    Unben me plz eye apaulogize.

    Your sorry excuse is a paradox to me - do I care - no - you are sorry for a glitch that you tried succeeded - you knew it was a glitch - you tried - don't be in denial. Many of us have seen you in here on several occasions since that ban using alt names/account. Until BM intervenes, you are banned - come back in 6 months and try again.
  5. MPG1770

    Unben me plz eye apaulogize.

    If you did not think it would work - why would you do it ? You know it's an exploit - you cause enough trouble as it is - your fault. Even you realise, when you are banned - you don't come into game using an alt - which you have previously done on several occasions. Ignore the rules at your own peril.
  6. MPG1770

    Long Shot - need an editor

    I do a lot of proof reading and editing with music - I'm an avid reader - if you could provide a brief outline of story to begin with; then email me with your script - I'd be happy to help - but I'm very busy this week - got a major gig - but I'll help if you still need it
  7. MPG1770

    Client Timed Out Disconnected

    Hi Dadoo - this is what I do to fix it - follow steps in this order 1 close all steam and games 2 turn off router 3 clear all history and cache 4 restart computer and wait for re-boot - let it load then turn on router 5 wait a few mins before you start steam Let us know how you get on
  8. MPG1770

    Safe in Ottawa after tornado

    Glad to hear you're safe - now go clean up that mess you made.
  9. MPG1770

    Seems a little unforgiving...

    Please - I'm taking that as a rhetoric question - let's not debate the minutiae of the details - you were asked to stop spamming multiple time and you didn't, you were warned, then kicked, came back and started doing it again - you were banned - end of. Any infraction of rules is always met with warns, kicks then ban - I gave you so many chances to stop - enough already - take your ban and we will welcome you back after 24hours - storm and teacup come to mind - going to lock this.
  10. MPG1770

    Seems a little unforgiving...

    Welcome to the forums BlackKitty - you were banned for 1 day for spamming the bot vocals - I warned you many times in previous rounds not to spam. You were consistent throughout each and every map of every campaign - there are /hsay (messages) Please DO NOT SPAM bot vocals that show on screen, in chat and I verbally warned you not to spam. If you like this server so much, please listen to admins and don't ignore rules. I would unban you as you have come to the server, but sourcebans are down atm as GC is undergoing a major update. As the ban is only for 1 day I suggest that you peruse the server and read upon what we expect from people who want to play here. Hope to see you again soon, and if a Board Member could unban, I'm sure they will.
  11. MPG1770

    buff bomer plz

    The boomer has been buffed - don't think it needs anymore - the boomer can infected a survivor and does get points with common infected hits.
  12. MPG1770

    100X Zoom

    Took about 90 minutes to get this shot - didn't have a tri-pod - and it was very cold - first day of summer
  13. MPG1770

    The Gamers Coalition Pet Thread

    This is Buster - he's a rescue - neighbour abandoned him when she got evicted. I was only supposed to have for a few hours until the RSPCA could find him somewhere else to live - had him 3yrs now. He loves sticks, bones, playing football, chasing pigeons, squirrels, going for long walks and an enormous amount of cuddles.
  14. MPG1770

    Eating between respawns

    Now I know why you don't talk - you eaten your mic
  15. MPG1770

    Midnight Feast

    ok - here's the opening title sequence finished - taken virtually a week to string 1 minute together - good job there's no rush https://youtu.be/Bq5kVEBAH2g