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  1. If there is a bomb inside the pineapple of an extra-brain, double-intestine pizza to tempt the zombies, then yes, otherwise, only in Hawaii.
  2. JC - if it wasn't for you and your perseverance in GC's early days, IMHO GC and L4D2 would not exist without you.
  3. JC - come in one day and get beat up as usual - great to see you're back.
  4. I will be quick if I have the $4K to pay for it, otherwise it will be a 3 to 4 month wait, but by that time, the infection could spread to my other ear and if these new antibiotics don't take control; as a final resort as having to wait for so long, it is only 50% chance that the operation will be successful - unless I have it now, I'll be the new Beethoven for the 21st Century, never get to perform or hear my music again. Until then - if I can't play the piano anymore to an audience, my Soul bleeds a thousand tears and I fear for my life. To change that, I can only offer 1 song if anyone was going to that change humanity : Otherwise, I'm going through the turmoil of never being able to hear music again.
  5. I don't know who eric andres is or what relevance he has, but that's besides the point. As a former admin, you should be aware that we are held to account more severely if there are any infractions. The ban is for 1month at present. but as you have come here to apologise, it will be uplifted soon.
  6. Just got home after spending 9hours in hospital - good news is that infection has cleared, but bad new is that I got to wait for another 3-4 months for operation - I could have it tomorrow if I paid privately at a cost of around $4K, but I'm not going down that route - besides not having the funds, I'm against privatisation of our NHS - and if USA pharma industries get their bloody hands on it, I will incite revolution and pinch our tea back.
  7. I agree, but there was a disparity in 'picking up' from a ledge which was only 1pt when that is seriously more dangerous. However, increasing Ledge pickup to 5points will have it's drawbacks with some players exploiting that on purpose. Therefore we must make this an exploit with a one day ban.
  8. Working perfectly now - cheers
  9. 10th October - 2nd ear operation - and hopefully the final one. The pain and noise is unbearable, told that would last for about 3weeks. That's why I ain't been around for a week, noises are seriously amplified, especially electrical equipment around G# - thus wearing headphones is out of the question - wish I could record the sound, but suffice it to say, put your head inside a washing machine on a full load at fast spin, now you hear that; it's constant unmitigated torture - I haven't got the courage to cut my ear off, unlike van Gogh. Had about 10seconds of wonderful peace in my head yesterday, and no, I don't hear scary voices.
  10. Much appreciation should go to dhun for this
  11. Is there a donation option, I can't seem to find one.
  12. Hey Teddy - long time no see - shout me when I get online or when you join game - I'll sort something out for you.
  13. For Server 1: connect l4d2.gcftw.com:27015 Server 2: connect l4d2.gcftw.com:27016
  14. MPG1770

    New GC VDS

    BTW if you need to disable a server - make sure it is Server 1
  15. MPG1770

    New GC VDS

    Can anyone translate that in simple English lol. Seems to have affected the nfo server - can log in, but no access to servers.
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