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  1. 1 I know some of you like the new map, but there are those of us who don't, I think it's stupid. Besides, after the map is finished, it crashes and when you reconnect it goes back to that map on restart. Therefore, unless there is an Admin around to change map you'll be playing that all day. 2 Have the decency to type !teams and make sure it's balanced - I am not prepared to keep asking the same people who volunteer to swap to balance, it's not fair on them. If you crash and rejoin on wrong team, DO NOT CHANGE TEAMS without admin permission if it's unbalanced. Playing 7 v 4 IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, especially when there are 7 members against 2 with new people. I will endeavour to put you back on your right team, but it takes a min or 2 to sort it out at times. Be warned, if you change teams and make them stacked (like some people always seem to do) you will be banned for a couple of hours. PUTTING MY FOOT DOWN ON THIS. Just have the bloody decency to acknowledge teams are stacked when they are.
  2. There are 67 plugins - GC uses Linux OS - it's finding the culprit - not easy when one thing gets fixed it breaks another plugin. Apparently, it could be that the bot !points are causing this, but only Jackie knows that code and he hasn't been around for several months. He has been messaged about this, but until he responds, it's left to Flitterkill, Crasx and Archer (when he can or is asked) to try and sort the problems out. Just got to be patient.
  3. GC/steam/Linux updates got compatibility issues somewhere along the computer language barrier - hence bit of a meltdown - don't ask how long it will take to fix lol.
  4. Hi Soap - long time no see - welcome back. Server 1 - main problem - most times it only allows 8 people max on server. Type in console: connect Server 2 - connect - lag is a bit of a problem - but it is getting looked into - don't know how long it will take to resolve problems as there are 67 plugins in total to check. See you in game soon.
  5. I shall re-boot Server 1 for those who can't get in and the noobs even though it only sometimes allows a max of 8 people in - I will be on hand if there are problems, but don't expect me to be there very much :).
  6. We will - maybe tonight if you guys are up for it - I'll throw up a vote in game.
  7. That was a bit of a success if you ask me - totally stress free - makes a change and it was fun - would members and regs like to do it again?
  8. There will be a sort of custom night when server is busy with Members and regs - and recent new people who seen to enjoy the server who abide by rules - to give us admins a bit of a break so we can just enjoy the game - because have of recently there have been a lot of 'newbies' spouting racist abusive potty-mouth language, rushers and trolls etc, it's impossible for us 3 admins to play and just enjoy the game normally without the crap going on and having to spend so much time in spec in dealing with issues- a new custom night will be voted for when server is full to purge the server of all new guys to give us all a break from the stresses and strains and just have fun. Admins will just kick new guys immediately on joining - Members need a break from sales people also - they cause so much damage it stops being enjoyable. The 1st 'Newbie-free' trial will happen tomorrow as an experiment for Custom Night.
  9. Hi, and welcome back. Thanks for your offer, but I can't say anything about that - I'm only an Admin not BM lol - and apart from anything else, my coding is basic goto10 lol. The problems I gather is that the coding (LINUX) is having a problem with updates & plugins, and server ISP is having connecting issues with their server providers. I'm sure someone will be in touch if they need extra support. The problems are being looked into and hopefully they will be resolved sometime soon. Until then, we just got to put up with lag issues.
  10. Competition weekend - that's if you want it
  11. Accordions and bagpipes would be worse
  12. Send thoughts and prayers - or if that doesn't do the trick, a few people have suggested that they would 'chip in' to help the BMs find someone independently to help out, but god knows how much that will cost? IDK, but maybe, just maybe there is something here that can help? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=276173458
  13. In future - could you please respond how it's misbehaving lol - I really hate that song 'Ain't Misbehaving' but it does have a few decent chord progressions using the flat 5 substitute on the dominant with the diminished 7th - but I digress - btw getting my piano tuned on 7th June.
  14. If you don't come to server to read rules about competition - don't be bloody whining when your kill is null and void. That said - as it's fairly difficult to achieve - the competition will remain open indefinitely until someone wins. This will be classed as a 'Custom Night' - so if it doesn't get voted for your kills will not count.
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