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  1. Back online - yay and hopefully I get better ping lol


  2. All questions are zombie related. 15pts to 1st correct answer (if answered correctly within 5 seconds) - has to be typed : you are allowed 3times to answer but points diminish (8 then 3) : also, there will be discretionary/bonus points awarded. Thoughts?
  3. MPG1770

    L4D2 Servers Down

    both 1 and 2 need a kick up the jacksy - if anyone is around reading this - thanks.
  4. MPG1770


  5. Just got to wait for a BM to respond - sorry about this - I'll keep bugging the BMs


    1. MPG1770



  6. MPG1770


    I note that it says Mercman has banned you and 2 others. Have sent out an urgent request to BMs. Please be patient Thanks
  7. MPG1770


    Looking into it now - I'll get back to you ASAP
  8. MPG1770

    Not going to be around much

    I'll do my best - thanks
  9. MPG1770

    Not going to be around much

    My younger brother recently had a stroke - he is brain dead on his left side and severely paralysed on his right. Will know more tomorrow when surgeons pull his breathing tube out whether or not he can breathe on his own. Hope you can understand and forgive me if I have to sit in spec for as long as I need and unable to deal with situations going on in game due to this devastating news. Thanks Maestro
  10. MPG1770

    Servers down?

    We're looking into it right now - please be patient. FIXED.
  11. MPG1770

    Hijacked again

  12. MPG1770

    Hijacked again

    I just don't what to do now apart from wait for Steam to respond.
  13. MPG1770

    Hijacked again

    Been hijacked again - idk how long it will be before it can get fixed - steam account suspended until further notice.
  14. MPG1770

    Im banned on l4d2 server

    The answer is NO. You overstepped the boundaries too many times, the ban will remain.
  15. MPG1770

    Im banned on l4d2 server

    Sorry, the answer is still NO unless a BM deems otherwise.