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  1. MPG1770


    Do we really have to go back to basic RULES (101)? I have gone out of my way to help many of you get your membership sorted and this is how you repay not just me or the person you offend with racist, homophobic, intolerant language and attitude; it goes against everything this server tries to upheld - we are a tolerant community and if you can't be, then you're out of here. NO APOLOGIES WILL BE ACCEPTABLE (or 'I didn't mean it like that' 'I was only joking') Those are sorry excuses if you are perma-banned for racism, homophobia etc.
  2. MPG1770

    Back After A Long Time

    Welcome back Joda. Unfortunately like many people, I am now out of work due to the corona situation - I will have virtually no money coming in for the next 3 months (lockdown) - this is going to be a severe strain as I have my disabled mother living with me - my bare bones living requirements (food and bills etc) is at an all-time low (approx $50 per week). If the situation gets any better after this period and if I can help, I will try.
  3. MPG1770

    In-Game Music?

    If you haven't already sorted the sound out try this : Verify the game cache then open the console in-game and type the following: snd_rebuildaudiocache and snd_updateaudiocache then exit Let it finish. It will take a while. If it freezes, that's OK, just wait and let it do it's job - hope it works.
  4. As of today in England, because of the selfishness of so many, from tonight, for the next 3 weeks, everyone has been told to stay at home - complete LOCKDOWN

    1. looneypumpkin


      Same here... this is just insane. Stay healthy.

  5. MPG1770

    Turbo Unban - Anubis.

    There has been a lot of discussion about this and we haven't made this decision lightly. First of all, your attitude stinks - as soon as you join and you're on a losing team it's constant whining. As a previous admin, you know how stressful it can be at times, but you flagrantly push the wrong buttons all the time. You seem to be joining the Elias and soda regime and quite frankly with the server now becoming popular again we want this a suitable environment for all and not go back to the old ways of creating so much drama. The perma-ban will remain for 6 months to give you a cooling-off period, come back then we will review the situation. However, be warned, if you intend to use an alt a/c during this period, it will remain permanent.
  6. MPG1770

    server full of members

    !st time in a long time - server full of members - here's the proof (goat in spec and another crashed) but they did come back - at this rate we'll be having both servers full soon no doubt.
  7. If you have paid or someone else has paid for you and your membership is still not working - please post here with your GC name and Steam ID (that's the one that looks like this STEAM_0:012345678).
  8. MPG1770

    Server 2 Mods

    Under careful discussion and consideration, it's been decided that mods will no longer be available to use on server 2 as of now.
  9. MPG1770


    Don't I count lol - 51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60 - I could go on if you wish?
  10. MPG1770

    any pictures?

    I'm a very keen photographer and video geek - problem is - I prefer taking night shots, but don't have a tripod atm and I've forgotten most of the techniques required to compensate in adjusting camera settings - any tips would be great - cheers.
  11. MPG1770


    Is there a maximum number? I'll start - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19 - you can probably guess where this is going - 20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30 - if I win - can I nominate someone for membership? - 31,32,33,34,36,37,38,39,40 - it's 5.30am, can't keep this up much longer - 41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50 - is it anyone of those numbers?
  12. MPG1770


    You got distracted by decision making - whether to fill your wine glass up or drink from the bottle instead so you don't have to wash up. I suppose admins aren't allowed; even if we were, people would start screaming fix if one of us won. Holidays make me crazy - so commercialised spawning Christmas adverts on TV in July, buying crap that no one wants or needs - might as well take your shopping and dump it straight away into a landfill. Then there's all that cooking to do - I got 14 people coming to eat me out of house and home again and get tinkleed - lucky I got a special recipe for the turkey stuffing. A hug and someone to talk to - that's all I want for my present from my dog.
  13. You can spit wherever you want - welcome back.
  14. MPG1770

    Steam Sales and new people

    Hi all - just a heads up about the upcoming sales we're having. If you are going to start screaming at admins to 'do this and do that' with new people and expect us to kick them immediately - then you're mistaken - they have to be warned first, kicked, then banned if they repeat. Admins have enough to deal with as you are quite well aware - but if you start arguing with admins over decisions in game about such matters - expect a kick or ban yourself if you don't stop. Please welcome all new players - but if they DO NOT listen at all, treat them like a bot and you're welcome to leave them and they will be dealt with accordingly. People say this game is dying - no it's not - it's still here and so so is this server - it's still the best regardless - because we know that perma-banned players still try to get in. But why do they want to continually come back? It's because they know it's the best server ever for L4D2 - and they know it - so please don't join the 'Troll gang' and don't argue with admin decisions about warning, kicking or banning; otherwise you will find yourself in the same predicament. Thank You
  15. Hey Revenant - thanks for coming to the server - it's a pleasure when people do this - I will unban you right now - there you go. Please don't rush - you seem like a new guy who likes this server - if you get stuck or have any questions in game - there are quite a few spanish speakers here - just ask. Hope to see you back soon. If you like the server so much - to become a member - you get a few perks - $15 per year. cheaper than a coffee at starbucks hope to see you soon