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  1. MPG1770

    Hijacked again

    Been hijacked again - idk how long it will be before it can get fixed - steam account suspended until further notice.
  2. MPG1770

    Hijacked again

  3. MPG1770

    Hijacked again

    I just don't what to do now apart from wait for Steam to respond.
  4. MPG1770

    Im banned on l4d2 server

    The answer is NO. You overstepped the boundaries too many times, the ban will remain.
  5. MPG1770

    Im banned on l4d2 server

    Sorry, the answer is still NO unless a BM deems otherwise.
  6. Don't do it again, happy new year.
  7. MPG1770

    Naughty Shrimp

    Your 1 week ban is almost up. Please be aware : Any further infraction on your return that is deemed inappropriate will be met instantly with a perma-ban WITHOUT WARNING. There will be no 'if's, buts, I was only joking' excuses - THIS IS YOUR FINAL NOTICE.
  8. The insults, smack talk is uncalled for. There are many options in cmds, takes me longer to type - not my fault. There are many contributing factors that we have to take into account in dealing with certain problematic serious problems - that you guys think it's that easy. Well, it's not. STOP INTERFERING - PLAYERS WILL EVENTUALLY BE DEALT WITH. Anymore - you will be severely dealt with.
  9. MPG1770

    Stop telling admins how to do our job

    edit gone wrong - pressed wrong button
  10. MPG1770

    Maestro got hijacked.

    If you have clicked on any link - change your Steam Password - that should sort the problem out.
  11. MPG1770

    MOTD Competition

    Here's my version, if any members would care to have a go, think you can do something better - post yours here Winning Entry gets 1yr free membership. Board Members are not allowed to win lol.
  12. MPG1770

    MOTD Competition

    Revised version
  13. MPG1770

    2020 updates

    FIXED Thanks Crasx
  14. If you have paid or someone else has paid for you and your membership is still not working - please post here with your GC name and Steam ID (that's the one that looks like this STEAM_0:012345678).
  15. MPG1770


    MOTD; !rank !mrank; and auto-scramble at start of new campaign would be good to have back.
  16. MPG1770

    my old friend maestro

    I have supported and defended you so hard and so much - much to the detriment of myself being abused by members complaining that I wouldn't go against you and calling it 'favouritism'. I have always respected you and thought that you were not just a good friend here, but someone who could uphold GC standards and make this a better server. It was not my doing - I had no choice in what went on - I defended you as much as I could, and now I think you're looking at someone to blame and I'm the easy one because I will let you do that without any discourse or remorse, not because as you think 'I went against you' as you implied in game, and that's what upset so much, it made me feel so sad I had to leave; and if that was your sole intention, then you succeeded. In all sincerity, and I mean this speaking as a composer, the sadness that you made me feel has brought on an emotional turmoil within myself that I've never experienced before, that there are no words to express this sadness I feel. Do you really think afterall these years I wouldn't support you as much as I could? And in that regard I have to thank you for this emotion I've never felt before as it brings forth a new composition in order to deal with this turmoil you have put upon me.
  17. MPG1770


    Mercman No. We do value your service here, but it's not a single-related issue here. It's been an on-going issue for several months with you (previous to your ban) - you're constant whining, moaning, berating players with "Trolls this" "Trolls that" etc it is incessant and after a 4 month break I thought it would have given you 'pause for thought'; but no. As soon as you were re-instated, this barrage of moaning and griping towards people you don't seem to like didn't stop - immediately after you came back as admin, I thought I'd give you the benefit of the doubt, but you continued with your 'old ways' and made this server unbearable to play. We all have hardship stories, and I desperately pleaded with other BMs and Admins to give you another chance. No one wants to hear in-game the constant griping an Admin has to make about people - we gave you that opportunity to cease and it saddens me to say, you couldn't grow with that and kept on with the witching and unwarranted complaints about the same people and had a detrimental effect on this server: 1 first of all, some people have just given up because of your stance and just stopped playing; 2 the negative attitude it has on the server. This negativity is all-encompassing : it makes the regs and members not want to play here; it's so uncomfortable for the rest of us admins, we don't like to be involved or seen as 'taking sides' - that is not the case; and, it's extremely bad, embarrassing on part of GC when new players are in game - it shows no respect whatsoever. You are a good player Mercman, and everyone has learnt the 'smoker strength' with you here; BUT, I'm sorry to say, for the time being, your admin is revoked and will remain that way until a BM deems otherwise. Please be rest-assured, this is not a personal attack against you. An Admins responsibility is towards GC and all those who play here, and I'm afraid and sorry to say, it couldn't go on much longer like this.
  18. MPG1770

    Unfair Perma Ban on a new player?

    His previous ban was 7yrs ago 30mins for rushing. Yes, we have banned people for saying things against the server, but in those situations most were kicked then came back using extreme profanity (including homophobia and racism) against not just the server or admins, but against members who were trying to explain to them the rules. It's not an easy task learning to become an Admin, afterall, it took me about almost a year to be fluent with commands etc. Please don't think he's doing 'nothing'. As for Meng, he's earned the trust and respect of most people here and just because an Admin is not in server 24/7, doesn't mean to say they neglect their duties towards GC.
  19. MPG1770

    You have to be kidding another patch??

    Don't worry - the steam update is being patched into server as we speak - when that's complete - I'll send you all a message - because you will all have to restart steam
  20. MPG1770


    I don't live in a town - small settlement outside Norton Village called Castlefields - amazing heritage museum here - Norton Priory - Europe's most excavated monastic site - goes back to 12th century - acoustics is out of the world
  21. MPG1770


    I'm good to go : but if you're ever unsure if it's the real me ASK me this question : What's the name of your dog and cat? If you don't get this answer "My dog is Buster and I have no bloody cat" you will know it's not me.
  22. MPG1770


    Welcome Sleepie - good to see you around again
  23. MPG1770

    Maestro got hijacked.

    if you clicked on that link - change your password and run a scan
  24. MPG1770

    Maestro got hijacked.

    If you can - get me the guys details - thanks