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  1. Send thoughts and prayers - or if that doesn't do the trick, a few people have suggested that they would 'chip in' to help the BMs find someone independently to help out, but god knows how much that will cost? IDK, but maybe, just maybe there is something here that can help? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=276173458
  2. In future - could you please respond how it's misbehaving lol - I really hate that song 'Ain't Misbehaving' but it does have a few decent chord progressions using the flat 5 substitute on the dominant with the diminished 7th - but I digress - btw getting my piano tuned on 7th June.
  3. If you don't come to server to read rules about competition - don't be bloody whining when your kill is null and void. That said - as it's fairly difficult to achieve - the competition will remain open indefinitely until someone wins. This will be classed as a 'Custom Night' - so if it doesn't get voted for your kills will not count.
  4. OK, bit of a disaster yesterday. Competition will resume today - however, to give everyone a fair chance I will play as survivor only if there are spots open
  5. btw - Maestro gets to choose the map
  6. As a birthday present for you guys this weekend : 1st person to kill Maestro 3 times during 1 campaign will win 'Membership for 1 year'. 2 RULES - killing me with a tank doesn't count. Server has to be full or fairly full. Admins are exempt - not paying that bill lol.
  7. If only Russia was ruled by music - they would own the planet under the direction of Ricardo Muti - Tchaikovsky would be honored to hear this - make the sound of Russia sing out loud and say 'put-in' your ego to the end and bring peace' to the world -lay down your arms throughout the planet - enough of this destruction - let the destruction be only in 'art-form'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-0RyMnuuxA I DARE YOU TO LISTEN.
  8. Here's the deal when we're overrun with new guys: To make things easy for regs and members : If new people are not listening - treat them like bots - they will eventually be dealt with - if no Admin is around, just send message to any one of us with Name and Steam ID of culprits. And, remember, members can votekick when no Admin is around.
  9. No Bot Left Behind. It means what it says. Stay in Back : if you want to stand in a particular position and not move forward whereby it could result in your death - you will be left behind. Any other suggestions welcome. IMHO - I miss witch fest
  10. Slay people involved then respawn to main group of survivors
  11. There is a post somewhere about the technical side of the server relating to issues - Coding makes no sense to me - something to do with 'migrating' GC to a new format - btw, GC uses Linux. Maybe a BM could briefly explain if they got time :).
  12. They are, but the bigger picture is getting GC fixed first - it's a lot more complicated than previously thought.
  13. Update - my bro has had a serious set-back - after having a metal plate inserted into his skull last week, he's now developed a further swelling - 4 specialists have been called in from around the UK to take a diagnosis - I've offered myself as a 'guinea-pig' for research into 'bone marrow and lumber' transfusions to see if that would help 'kick-start' his neuron-transmittors, but that is very doubtful
  14. Some great ideas going on here - but, alas, until servers are fixed, there is not much that can be done - and we would probably need more input from many more members to ascertain how to update 'survivors and infected' balance. I would like to see tank respawns for 100pts.
  15. Funded by local Arts Council, Open Eye Gallery and The Tate (Liverpool) I became a member of a photo group (6yrs ago) and had this poster "Sticks With Smiles" created
  16. £89 ($120.16) no thanks - I'd rather wait for a steam sale and get it for free
  17. Steam update required - everyone just got to be patient
  18. Don't worry about Server 1 - never go there - not worth the hassle - any Admin can fix those problems - we just got to be quick typing cmds to change map to fix it.
  19. MPG1770


    No - it needs fixing - hence it seems that way, but we're still here - mostly Server 2 (connect - see you around.
  20. Local community arts festival - (indoor/outdoor event) - I was indoors - audience outside - that's dinner paid for - got to be on alert tonight - no going out now - I'm self-isolating away from the EUFA Finals tonight - 66,000 spectators in stadium - give it a month or 2 and we'll probably beat 150K covid infections every day - that's another win for us lol.
  21. Steam has once again provided GC with a major steam update problem - it is being looked into - and until further notice please be patient. However, it seems that because I have no control - and god help those who give me control of computer DNA (i.e. coding) - therein lays the problem. However - until things return to normal - thoughts about allowing mods back on for members only (if that is possible)?
  22. Back online - yay and hopefully I get better ping lol


  23. All questions are zombie related. 15pts to 1st correct answer (if answered correctly within 5 seconds) - has to be typed : you are allowed 3times to answer but points diminish (8 then 3) : also, there will be discretionary/bonus points awarded. Thoughts?
  24. both 1 and 2 need a kick up the jacksy - if anyone is around reading this - thanks.
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