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  1. Using addons that give an advantage is cheating, and 'scantily clad' survivors would be an issue considering we get children in here?
  2. Let's get this 'unhijacked' FENIX welcome back
  3. Can't answer 1,2,7,8 - haven't had enough time to evaluate yet. However, the re-charge time for the smoker seems to take so much longer.
  4. In the immortal word of Mr Burns "Excellent"
  5. Smokers need an upgrade - not many players use them because they are so weak by comparison. If they are not going to get extra points for 'smoke damage', then allow them to walk when they have snagged someone.
  6. I know we're still at early stages 'revamping' the server so to speak, but one thing that would be useful to have back in the short-term for admins is to 'speak' to server via chat when we can't be in game and deal with naughty people without having to be there, if that's possible? Cheers and thanks for your help keeping GC alive, much appreciated.
  7. Complication, gtg for MRI scan, damage due to re-infection, another bloody 3months to wait no doubt.
  8. Another $10 donated

  9. Going to hospital today 3.30pm - hopefully they will operate, if so, don't expect me to be around much in the next coming week
  10. Kill me 3 times in one game and you win membership: Prize is for GC members only, sry but Admins are not allowed. RULES: KILLING BY TANK/WITCH DOES NOT COUNT. NO KILL STEALING or you will be disqualified. If you are an already paying member and you win, remind me before your membership expires; that's if GC is still here? To give everyone a fair shot at winning, I will play survivor only.
  11. Thank you Soda for stepping up to help. If there are no objections to handing the reigns over to you, then it is up to FlitterKill and other BMs to discuss the next stages.
  12. do you have a disc for l4d2?
  13. The only other thing I can think of is that your AV and/or Malware software is refusing to allow steam components to be installed - turn them all off including Windows security and firewall and make sure that there are no steam components running in background - open Task Manager and check on Processes, startup and services and uncheck Steam - you can also use Revo-uninstaller which is more thorough. Then retry the steps above. If that fails, I'll keep checking for possible solutions.
  14. You probably need to delete Steam entirely from computer - there will be 'left-over' files still in your computer registry that are causing the conflict. Best all I can suggest is download Revo-uninstaller - the free one is good. Uninstall L4D2 first. Highlight L4D2 then click on uninstall - you will then see something like this: Click Advanced then scan - it will take a min or 2. Choose Select All then delete - restart computer to remove any left-over files. Then do the same with STEAM. If computer asks if you want to add to System Restore - don't - make sure the box is unchecked. After scanning is complete you will see something like the 2nd pic - choose Advanced then click Next You will see something like Pic 3 - choose Select All, then delete, then Next Any remaining files will come up on next box - Select All then delete. Anything that remains will be deleted when you restart computer. You should be able to reinstall Steam/L4D2 without any problems. Hope that helps.
  15. My fav is the Military Sniper just because it looks cool to me. I have tried the AWP quite a few times to realise that it has been nerfed too much as sometimes it seems to take a full clip to kill 1 SI bot.
  16. Ear operation cancelled - surgeon doing private work no doubt. Hearing so bad my compound triple time is syncopated on a double dotted semiquaver performing a diabolical fugal counterpoint arabesque in the style of a fast spinning washing machine about to take off into orbit
  17. If there is a bomb inside the pineapple of an extra-brain, double-intestine pizza to tempt the zombies, then yes, otherwise, only in Hawaii.
  18. JC - if it wasn't for you and your perseverance in GC's early days, IMHO GC and L4D2 would not exist without you.
  19. JC - come in one day and get beat up as usual - great to see you're back.
  20. I will be quick if I have the $4K to pay for it, otherwise it will be a 3 to 4 month wait, but by that time, the infection could spread to my other ear and if these new antibiotics don't take control; as a final resort as having to wait for so long, it is only 50% chance that the operation will be successful - unless I have it now, I'll be the new Beethoven for the 21st Century, never get to perform or hear my music again. Until then - if I can't play the piano anymore to an audience, my Soul bleeds a thousand tears and I fear for my life. To change that, I can only offer 1 song if anyone was going to that change humanity : Otherwise, I'm going through the turmoil of never being able to hear music again.
  21. I don't know who eric andres is or what relevance he has, but that's besides the point. As a former admin, you should be aware that we are held to account more severely if there are any infractions. The ban is for 1month at present. but as you have come here to apologise, it will be uplifted soon.
  22. Just got home after spending 9hours in hospital - good news is that infection has cleared, but bad new is that I got to wait for another 3-4 months for operation - I could have it tomorrow if I paid privately at a cost of around $4K, but I'm not going down that route - besides not having the funds, I'm against privatisation of our NHS - and if USA pharma industries get their bloody hands on it, I will incite revolution and pinch our tea back.
  23. I agree, but there was a disparity in 'picking up' from a ledge which was only 1pt when that is seriously more dangerous. However, increasing Ledge pickup to 5points will have it's drawbacks with some players exploiting that on purpose. Therefore we must make this an exploit with a one day ban.
  24. 10th October - 2nd ear operation - and hopefully the final one. The pain and noise is unbearable, told that would last for about 3weeks. That's why I ain't been around for a week, noises are seriously amplified, especially electrical equipment around G# - thus wearing headphones is out of the question - wish I could record the sound, but suffice it to say, put your head inside a washing machine on a full load at fast spin, now you hear that; it's constant unmitigated torture - I haven't got the courage to cut my ear off, unlike van Gogh. Had about 10seconds of wonderful peace in my head yesterday, and no, I don't hear scary voices.
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