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  1. Rocket Jockey (pounce) damage should DEFINITELY be nerfed significantly. I’m fine with Jockey players keeping the same number of points they earned. I just need the damage itself to be nerfed. I think it’s ridiculous how your health can go from 90 HP instantly down to 58 HP just because you were unlucky enough to get hit by a rocket Jockey outside (without even factoring the extra damage you take 1-3 seconds later being ridden around). Even with an accurate eye for SI headshots, Jockeys are STILL pretty difficult for me to shoot in the air. As for the rest: Pain Pills are like 5 points, which is a completely fair price. That can be your lifeline when your health is critically low, and have limited points. Tank heals being worth 30 points is also fair. You gotta EARN that tank heal while playing as Infected (whether as a Tank player or as a different SI player). Not everyone is able to heal as a tank anyway with each playthrough. It’s not a cheap price anyway. Smokers? I honestly don’t care. I easily spend the least time playing that SI class out of all the others, so it’s pretty much fine as it is already lol Hunters having 25 as the maximum pounce damage is also fair. It’s not too much health taken away from a survivor, but it’s also not too little health taken away for the skilled Hunter player either. Yea, my main issue is pretty much just the excessive damage that rocket Jockeys make on this server. I’m cool with ambitious Jockey players keeping the same number of points they make even WITH the theoretical nerf in damage 👍
  2. I mostly play the M16, or the AK47 (not counting the given Tier 1 weapons in the safe room); so I can't speak for any of the AWP players here
  3. Yea, I fixed my resolution last week, Soda. Here is a recent clip post-change: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1943813097 Do you know how to make my mic volume louder? For some reason, my streams capture the voices of everyone else on Discord perfectly; but yet the volume of my mic is MUCH lower compared to my Discord friends + the actual gameplay. It's a desktop computer (Mac 10.15 Catalina) btw.
  4. Hey, I just wanted to double-check because I have this as recorded proof: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1936254278 I finally got caught within the last 30 seconds of this fun clip, and I CLEARLY bought an emergency escape here; but it didn’t work. Normally, I’d ignore this error because the buy menu isn’t always going to function or register; but this is the 3rd time TODAY that the emergency buy failed on me. There were no nearby 2nd SI attacking me when I got pinned for at least 2 of those 3 instances; so I should’ve escaped here since I spent those 10 points. Does the emergency escape suddenly not work now?
  5. Lengthy gimmick rounds can be quite fun when they aren't cut short. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1922606187 For the record, that wasn't the stream being laggy. The server was REALLY laggy, and it legitimately came close to crashing a few times xd
  6. There's also the fact that we can now see everyone type !buy and !up on the chat whenever the buy menu gets used.
  7. Welcome to the GC servers btw, Lego Post Malone! It's been cool seeing more new(er) regular players become an active part of the GC community lately.
  8. I know this may be off-topic, but welcome to the GC servers! It's always nice seeing newer players join our servers and (quickly) become regular players in the game who could potentially end up being GC members nearly a DECADE after the 1st server started Anyway, you can hide in the safe room when the door is open, but at least you know now that we can't spawn inside the safe room when the door is closed
  9. Witchfest was easily the most fun game mode of the night! It's fun for both teams, and we should definitely have that mode more often on the servers. I guess the mode where the Infected were set on low gravity was 2nd place for me
  10. Alright, I've tried to be mostly silent about this over the past few years, but what just happened moments ago finally pushed me to make a thread about it here. I've been called a "troll" by a certain admin since mid-2018 (at least) for using different gameplay tactics than his, or just for playing well in general. I could be earning myself tons of points playing as a Boomer for my team, but yet it's somehow unacceptable because Boomers "don't do much damage" on the Survivors (even though blinding them allows the other SI to pin them with their attacks more easily). I could be setting up for some high pounces (and possibly landing them too for bonus damage/points), but yet it's somehow wrong because you're apparently "not doing anything for your team" if you're pouncing your way up to a high point of the map. Hell, I'm not as fond playing as on the infected side as I do playing as Survivors; but there's something I really do look forward to every time I play on the Infected side, and that's playing hide-and-seek inside the ending safe room as a Hunter. I don't do that to intentionally troll my team at all. I only do that because I think it's fun to do, especially when you're on the Infected side and you're getting dominated by the Survivors. Apparently, you can still get kicked for finding some way to have (more) fun playing on (the) Infected side. I might not be the strongest player on the GC servers, but I do think that I'm good enough to do plenty of damage in the game and I do try to have fun playing in the servers after playing there for nearly 6 years now. However, Mercman claims that I'm a "troll," which is why he's kicked multiple times over the past couple of years and it's usually for petty reasons too. Anyway, back to the question for this thread for anyone here who's reading this. Am I seriously a troll, and was I really trolling my team intentionally on this round down below? Here is the round i'm talking about on the 4th chapter of The Parish: I apologize for the lack of audio here, but you can still see everything that went down from MY perspective; which is really important here since my status as a "troll" is under question. I ended up getting kicked by Mercman DURING this good round I had, so I didn't even get to finish it. I had 40+ SI kills too, and I was one of the handful of players that was making the most points on the Survivor round while Mercman spent most of the 2nd half of that round doing nothing to help us in the back. We ended up getting stuck on that chokepoint for several minutes due to multiple smokers, several Jockeys, and a few Chargers too. No matter how hard I tried to cross that bridge, I STILL couldn't make it across because I had bad luck getting caught. Hell, I even rushed the bridge at one point, and I STILL somehow got caught and dragged down. I wasn't the only player who was struggling in the back too, so if I can't be the only "troll" too (and they're not trolls too). For the record, it's pretty funny that Mercman keeps calling me a "troll" (along with a few other players too), but yet he can never come up with a valid/good explanation each time he makes such a bold claim. Unfortunately, my highlight clip doesn't show it, but Mercman was talking some serious trash to me, Joda, and Meng throughout the 2nd half of that Survivor round; which will be demonstrated soon by Joda (and anyone else) who recorded soon on this thread. Plus, there's plenty of witnesses that saw Mercman abusing his power by kicking out Meng too for standing up for Joda and me . That wasn't even it too. He even banned Meng permanently (for being an "donkey hole") , and he banned me for a week (for being a "troll'); which is further demonstrated by the banning databases. I can't speak for all of you, and I don't know what everyone else thinks of me as a player; but I am NOT a troll. Mercman, you're an old, corrupted, bitter admin who continuously abuses your power as an admin, and you DESERVE to have your adminship revoked (especially recently). You're a big reason why Meng (a beloved admin of ours) doesn't play on GC much nowadays. What just happened to me a few moments ago is without a doubt the most ridiculous kick (s) I've ever witnessed out of the entire 6 years I've played on the GC servers, and definitely the most classless act I've seen by an admin. I get along with pretty much all of the admins on the GC server EXCEPT for you, and I'll be damned if my time as an active GC member finally came put to an end because of your terrible attitude and your horrible behavior. PLEASE pardon my crude language here to everyone else seeing this, but f*ck you, 'pal'.
  11. I’m fine with the point system for the current Chargers atm. They still do plenty of damage on the survivors to compensate for the reduced points (from charger punches before the update years ago). As for the Jockeys, I just wish they were easier to shoot and to shove away. How much damage do they even make from a rocket Jockey anyway? It feels like they take away a good chunk of your health off a lucky landing
  12. I've been getting large ping spikes lately on the servers. I could be playing normal for one moment around 60 ping, but then instantly freeze the next moment with a sudden spike to 1000+ ping. There's been plenty of times where my game would freeze for 30+ seconds with 1000+ ping during a round before my ping finally falls back to under 100, and I'm back to playing normal temporarily. Plus, my game loads more slowly during the loading screen, and sometimes the rounds would have already started by the time I finally load in. I don't think the awful lag with the high ping spikes and the slow loading are coming from my end because my game was already running fine for YEARS now (for the most part) before any of these problems started happening 1.5 weeks ago; which is around the same time that server 1 started having even more issues. I'm not the only one who's been lagging badly too on the servers btw. Plus, server 1 keeps swapping scores 80% of the time each round too.
  13. I'm just hoping that we end up getting more new players to stick around in order to become regular players (while also keeping our servers full). I think there's been more newer players lately, which is a good sign! Plus, I'm hoping that this website revives soon with a positive update. I remember this place being a fun forum that had plenty of activity years ago.
  14. Alright, I'll participate because I do like and respect you, Looney Plus, I do appreciate this fun idea of yours. I'll keep it simple. Let's see: - I like playing Left 4 Dead still (even in small doses) - I like playing on the GC servers with plenty of you folks - I like playing on the GC servers when there's a good portion of players - I like using the M16 and the AK-47 as my favorite assault rifles to use in the game - I like killing a lot of zombies - I like earning my headshots in the game - I like surviving with my team for a long period of time - I like killing the Special Infected in mid-air - I like buying the Death Check for the BENEFIT of the WHOLE team - I like spending most of the time playing as the Survivors for a game session - I like playing Dark Carnival, The Parish, The Sacrifice, Swamp Fever, Dead Center, Hard Rain, sometimes Crash Course, and sometimes No Mercy (ESPECIALLY the first 3 campaigns I mentioned) - I like earning multiple achievements in the game - I like using the Boomer and the Hunter as my favorite 2 Special Infected in the game - I like puking on multiple survivors as the Boomer without rocket spawning (aka "Vanilla Booming") - I like attempting to rocket spawn in unusual curves in the air as the Boomer too while also successfully blinding the survivors - I like earning my high pounces as the Hunter (preferably 20+ damage pounces) - I like playing hide-and-seek with some of you fun peeps in the safe room - I like streaming on Twitch while I play on the GC servers (but I still need help getting the audio to work) - I like playing with you folks around the weekend time - I like buying Witches when the server is mostly empty, when both teams have a decent/good number of bots, or when the other team is CLEARLY vulnerable and weak (to the point where buying anything more severe is unnecessary) - I like throwing rocks at the survivors and successfully hitting players with it Anyway, the holiday season makes me feel warm, comfortable, and happy since I spend more time with my family along with other folks I care about. Having more days off because the semester has finished is always nice. Plus, I can play on GC in peace around Christmas time knowing that there aren't any assignments that are due (or that I must remember to do). The number that I will pick as part of your challenge is 69. For the record, if I SOMEHOW manage to win this challenge, I would like to donate my newly won GC membership to Dr. Sunshine because I sincerely believe that she deserves it, and I do genuinely believe that she's earned it for YEARS now. With that being said, Happy Holidays you maniacs
  15. ^ Can we get this please? Also it would be nice to get points by doing chain charges, that would encourage players to do some chain charging. With all the nerfs that the chargers are getting, can we maybe at least change the 0.40 per damage to 0.60 maybe? No, there's already enough chain charges in the game already. There's no need to encourage players to do any more of that. Besides, these chains weren't even intended to be in the game to begin with.
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