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  1. hey hows it going, i heard you the server owner, it's nice to see that you are a devops and front end person as well

    i am product design with a team of mobile and backend

    i have business questions about game servers in general, what's the best way to talk with you, does private messaging work here?

    thank you

    i am player l33t king

  2. I had a pretty low bar for you to keep your admin - don't cause drama. I feel like drama is all I've heard
  3. for the record it appears the ban was for 10 min and has expired.
  4. So what did i do   ban teh guy who bad mouth the server?


  5. definitely a glitch and not crasx being a derp
  6. Looks like we had a different steam id - maybe from an old account. This has been fixed. Let me know if you have any more issues!
  7. thank you for sending this info. I'm going to lock this until I have a chance to review everything. Please send any additional messages to me as a PM.
  8. crasx

    2020 updates

    Server 1 score swapping should be resolved. Please continue to test it if you can
  9. crasx

    2020 updates

    thanks so much for playing on server 1. i'll check out those issues this weekend and work on resolving them. Server 1 is updated the newest sourcemod Server 2 is running the old version we have run for years A sourcemod update means upgrading plugins and hoping they work. In this case I needed up upgrade the backbone of the 10v10 system. This means things like team management, player defibs, witch attacks, essentially anything that involves the server targeting a player may have issues. I have a pretty good understanding of how this works, I just need time to fix it. Also appologies, I messed up the posts when I merged the relevant thread. From Limi:
  10. Using this to keep track of server updates. Please post issues here. 4/10/2020 - Updated plugins and extensions on server 1.
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