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  1. updated a setting so this shouldn't be an issue for invoices that haven't already expired
  2. got it! You should be all set
  3. crasx


    Woah 8758
  4. thanks for the ping. try now!
  5. Hey, that happens when your invoice expires. I recreated it for you. Let me know if you have further issues
  6. crasx

    Not recognized as a member

    looks like the invoice system didn't mark you as a member for some reason. @Flitterkill any update on this?
  7. hey vicktor0. renewed it for you
  8. crasx

    When should we run another SNC?

    May 18?
  9. crasx

    The Gamers Coalition Pet Thread

    this is my buddy Jack, enjoying the sun while he can
  10. crasx


    The system should handle this automatically. Let me know if you have any problems and welcome [back] to GC!
  11. crasx

    Swear filter going amusingly awry

    now I want some cucumber
  12. crasx

    Swear filter going amusingly awry

    lol. It picked up the word arse. Dang brits ruin everything with their weird spelling
  13. crasx

    GC Fantasy Hockey Roll-Call

    I DONT LIVE IN A FANTASY WORLD TBT... I live in a virtual one