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  1. Hey, that happens when your invoice expires. I recreated it for you. Let me know if you have further issues
  2. crasx

    Not recognized as a member

    looks like the invoice system didn't mark you as a member for some reason. @Flitterkill any update on this?
  3. hey vicktor0. renewed it for you
  4. you should be able to renew now
  5. crasx

    When should we run another SNC?

    May 18?
  6. crasx

    The Gamers Coalition Pet Thread

    this is my buddy Jack, enjoying the sun while he can
  7. crasx


    The system should handle this automatically. Let me know if you have any problems and welcome [back] to GC!
  8. crasx

    Swear filter going amusingly awry

    now I want some cucumber
  9. crasx

    Swear filter going amusingly awry

    lol. It picked up the word arse. Dang brits ruin everything with their weird spelling
  10. crasx

    GC Fantasy Hockey Roll-Call

    I DONT LIVE IN A FANTASY WORLD TBT... I live in a virtual one
  11. crasx

    GC Fantasy Hockey Roll-Call

    meh. if you need me i'll join
  12. crasx

    Come, give me a hug

  13. crasx

    Responsibility of GC Members

    I had a good chat with san this morning and we had a good reminisce on when Fatty (one of the founders) was around and running the show. I'll admit those days were before I joined, but I did get a chance to hang out with Fatty and Mom at fragfest about 4 years ago. GC was meant to be a place where gamers can get together and game without the drama. One of the rules fatty laid out was "don't be a dick". Plain and simple, even though I'm pretty sure dick is changed by our forum swear filter the idea sticks. Don't come around here and start drama, because it sucks to have to deal with. Don't be unfriendly, don't be elitist, don't do things that you would hate to have someone else do to you. PB&J has been doing a great job handling drama and keeping people happy, but if this was still a Fatty-run GC a lot of members would be flat out banned, without question, because of the drama they have caused. BUT- No matter what you are/were banned for, Fatty also showed us there is a chance for redemption. In fact two of our active board members were banned before for various reasons. They were also forgiven and became an important part of the community, and I'm going to let you in on "one little secret that board members HATE" (not really, we love this). The secret/not so secret way to get unbanned is to apologize and show you are worthy of being unbanned. Basic skills that we all should have learned in elementary school. The solution to being unbanned is NOT to make a post yelling at everyone, posting private conversations, and accusing everyone of being corrupt. If I were banned for hacking when I did not hack my post would be something like "Hey, I know I was banned for hacking, but there is a misunderstanding here. I don't ever cheat and I have done my best to live up to GC standards. I'm sorry if I stepped on any toes in such a way that I might be targeted, if there's anything I can work on to be a better part of GC while I am banned please let me know" Not only would this show me how dedicated you are to a community, it would help YOU grow as a person. You can't go around as an adult arguing with and backstabbing everyone you disagree with. It makes you look extremely unprofessional and nobody will ever trust or like you. So please, everyone who is involved with the current drama take a chill pill. Take a step back and decide if you can live with not being a dick. If you can't, then GC isn't for you. There are hundreds of other servers you can play on and I respectfully ask you to leave.
  14. crasx

    GT New Horizons

    I remember watching someone play that. Looks like lots of fun