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  1. JackieChan

    USB port dying

    Probably not without replacing the PCB on the case, but that would involve getting in touch with the case manufacturer. I'd recommend getting a powered USB hub (which would require a power source from the wall so it doesn't have to draw power FROM the port to power the rest which would result in not nearly as optimal usage, especially if you would have an external HDD plugged into it) for the quickest, simplest solution. Plug it into one of the rear USB ports and place the hub on top of your case so you'd have easier access to it. Perhaps adhere it as well so it doesn't slide off from the tug of all the other USB cables plugged into it or something.
  2. JackieChan

    Current Jockey/Charger Meta

    Jockeys do a max of 15 damage for what a 25 damage Hunter pounce would be.
  3. JackieChan

    Coalition membership issue

    I reissued your invoice. Use that to renew your membership as it's different than buying a completely new membership. Check your email.
  4. JackieChan

    Headset recos?

    Knowing Steelseries, the Arctis 3 should be pretty good. I've used the Arctis 5 and the only real difference between the 2 headsets would be the connection input (analog vs USB/analog). Offers good sound too. All headset mics leave something to be desired though. Don't think you'll get any in-game audio bleeding into the mic...at least I never had that issue when I used it on my computer. The headset itself felt pretty solid and didn't feel cheap. Never used the HyperX one, but I heard good things about it. Probably a tossup to be honest. (lot of help i was...)
  5. JackieChan

    Discord server

  6. JackieChan

    Membership broken on Server

    Should be good now. It still doesn't add you through that automated thing because it's broke so I had to automatically add you. Try it now.
  7. JackieChan

    Membership broken on Server

    ffs. can you post your steam id just so i can make sure it's the right one?
  8. JackieChan

    Membership broken on Server

    Went back to check on it and noticed I accidentally made it expire in 2019 instead of 2020. Amended it and manually added you back on the servers.
  9. JackieChan

    Membership broken on Server

    Try it now, @Architect. I manually added you to both servers. I can only imagine it hasn't been working for a long time, so I extended the membership date to expire on 9/16/2020.
  10. JackieChan

    Problem Buying a membership

    Attempted to send you a re-issue of your old expired $15 membership invoice. Check your @gmail.com.
  11. JackieChan

    Who is still here? CS:GO

    Hiya M2. I'd love to play with you again...despite certain past circumstances...but that's in the past.
  12. Let me know if it's still happening to you.
  13. Ever since the transition to this new IPB version and I think web host xfer, I don't know what the hell is going on anymore. No communication, no old links work anymore, people going AWOL... I added you manually to the admins.cfg file in hopes it doesn't kick you anymore.
  14. JackieChan

    Saturday Night customs / mods

    for the liquid make it vodka or whiskey Oh if I could I would! The point is to shrink my liver so they can operate easily laparoscopicly. Yesterday I was smelling tacos everywhere. You say that as if that's a bad thing...