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  1. Update Bots will no longer respawn on a Survivor that is in the end-of-level saferoom...hopefully
  2. Update Fixed bots not purchasing the correct Tier 2 weapons when told to. Update Restricted bot respawning to 3 per round. May still tweak this depending on player feedback. Halved the amount of points bots obtain if the amount of human players on the team is 7 or more. Hopefully made it so bots can only respawn if a human player is not incapped to prevent bots from respawning back in the starting saferoom if there are no human players alive...hopefully better this time. Keep in mind that the only reason I made a no limit to bot respawning was to test the whole system in a large scale and was by no means a permanent thing. I was definitely going to lower the amount of times bots can respawn and other things balanced once I got the bugs patched out. I understand how annoying bots respawning all the time can be, but it was mainly for testing in a large scale because testing by myself in a closed environment is a day/night difference when testing on a large scale. Send me whatever feedback you can on this and I will attempt to tweak as necessary. I intend on keeping bot purchasing a thing, but balancing it to a point where it's not annoying to players on the server.
  3. Update 2.4.2gc: Added Bot purchasing (Survivor Bots only supported for now) Points earned by players will also be added to a team specific bot point bank (value can be seen by typing sm_teampoints or sm_tp, but only if there's a bot on the team) Bots will take points out of the point bank and use it to buy the following items: Respawn (will not go against the team's respawn limit) - Will not respawn on corpse, but rather teleport to a random player on the team Full Heal revive Respawn and Full Heal Revive will be more likely to happen if they are able to Tier 2 weapons + laser sight (if they can afford both at once) Kits Pills/Adrenaline Full Heal if health is at 40 HP or below There's no AI system in place for this, so points may or may not be spent as soon as they have enough to buy something and they could potentially bleed though a bunch of points if enough is racked up by the team at once. There could be potentially long periods of time where bots just simply won't buy anything. All this system is is literally RNG if something happens or not. It's mainly meant to artificially fill in the gaps of a not 100% full server, but at the same time attempt to make the bots a little less useless...in theory.
  4. Update ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°): Smokers and Jockeys can now get points for causing a Survivor to hang from a ledge (finally, amirite?) Survivors get a new Upgrade item: Boomer Goggles - Cost 5 points Boomer Goggles allow the player to remove the "bile screen" effect. It's use is automatic. Must be purchased beforehand. Will break after a single use (think of you taking the goggles off after they get covered in vomit) Can be re-purchased Fixed color formatting typo for achievement "CAN'T TOUCH THIS".
  5. Update Enabled Witch Fest support "l4d2_points_witchfest": Survivors will automatically get 100 points when enabled Infected will automatically get 200 points when enabled New joiners should get points when they connect mid-round All Tank related purchases will be disabled Scripted Tank spawns should no longer happen Witch Fest will disable itself after every map change Re-suppressed !buy from appearing in chat after it's used the first time per map (to allow potential new players to know to type !buy in chat)
  6. Yeah, had to do it this way because it was conflicting with the buy shortcuts. use "/" instead of "!" to make the command silent.
  7. Update Added functionality to disable any item in the buy menu if the cost is set to -1. It will only tell you it's disabled when you go to confirm the purchase Updated functionality to work with Sourcemod v1.10+ Updated functionality to work with Left 4 DHooks Direct which replaces the old stuff. Re-enabled maybe fixing campaign score with a monster amount of defibs? Added ability for admins to change the total amount of Tanks that can be upgraded to instead of it only being 3. This means that if an admin deems it necessary to, they can raise the cap to 5 (for example) Tanks alive at once...provided the Infected upgrade it that high though. This number will reset to 3 every map as a safety precaution. Convar is "l4d2_points_total_allowed_tanks". Added !buy arguments (IN TESTING). You can now type "!buy ak" and it will buy an AK47 for you. If you type "!buy ak laser", it'll buy both and will tell you how many points you've spent in total. Support for this is pretty limited as it will only be available to Survivors (doesn't really make a lot of sense for most of the Infected items anyway and attempting to use this as Infected will simply not do anything), and only supports mainly firearms (no melee), weapon upgrades, healing items, throwables, and ammo. You'll have to make sure the item you want starts at the beginning. For example, if you want to buy an AK, you can type "!buy ak", "!buy ak47", or "!buy ak2347fruitypoptarts" and all will work. I tried to make it so as many items can be shortened or work with like 3 or 4 letters. The secondary argument is for weapon upgrades only. List of primary "words" that'll work after typing "!buy" are: "pis" = Pistol "mag" or "deag" = Deagle "hunt" = Hunting Rifle "scout" = Scout "awp" = Awp "sniper" = Auto Sniper "rifle" or "m4" = Assault Rifle "scar" = SCAR "ak" = AK47 "sg" = SG552 "m60" = M60 "chrome" = Chrome Shotgun "pump" = Pump Shotgun "ashot" or "autoshot" = Auto Shotgun "spas" or "spaz" = SPAS (I sometimes see the spas referred to as the spaz. shrug) "uzi" = SMG "smg" = Silenced SMG "mp5" = MP5 "molo" = Molotov "pipe" = Pipebomb "bile" or "vomit" or "jar" = Bile Jar "first" or "aid" or "kit = First Aid Kit "pills" = Pillz "adren" = Adrenaline "heal" = Full Health "laser" = Laser Sights "exp" = Explosive Ammo (gun only) "incen" = Incendiary Ammo (gun only) "ammo" = Ammo List of secondary words that will work after typing your primary word are: "laser" = Laser Sights "exp" = Explosive Ammo (gun only) "incen" = Incendiary Ammo (gun only) If for some reason using the !buy <stuff> doesn't give you the correct item or charges you the incorrect amount, open your console and take a screenshot. Not sure how many people will use this as the majority of regulars use their own menu binds anyways and this just requires more typing.
  8. Almost makes me want to play the game again.
  9. sm_cvar z_versus_boomer_limit #;sm_cvar z_versus_charger_limit #;sm_cvar z_versus_hunter_limit #;sm_cvar z_versus_jockey_limit #;sm_cvar z_versus_smoker_limit #;sm_cvar z_versus_spitter_limit # Change the # to what number you want. Just copy/paste the entire line and it'll work. Leave everything on a single line with the semicolons in tact. Values will reset every map.
  10. Probably not without replacing the PCB on the case, but that would involve getting in touch with the case manufacturer. I'd recommend getting a powered USB hub (which would require a power source from the wall so it doesn't have to draw power FROM the port to power the rest which would result in not nearly as optimal usage, especially if you would have an external HDD plugged into it) for the quickest, simplest solution. Plug it into one of the rear USB ports and place the hub on top of your case so you'd have easier access to it. Perhaps adhere it as well so it doesn't slide off from the tug of all the other USB cables plugged into it or something.
  11. Jockeys do a max of 15 damage for what a 25 damage Hunter pounce would be.
  12. I reissued your invoice. Use that to renew your membership as it's different than buying a completely new membership. Check your email.
  13. Knowing Steelseries, the Arctis 3 should be pretty good. I've used the Arctis 5 and the only real difference between the 2 headsets would be the connection input (analog vs USB/analog). Offers good sound too. All headset mics leave something to be desired though. Don't think you'll get any in-game audio bleeding into the mic...at least I never had that issue when I used it on my computer. The headset itself felt pretty solid and didn't feel cheap. Never used the HyperX one, but I heard good things about it. Probably a tossup to be honest. (lot of help i was...)
  14. Should be good now. It still doesn't add you through that automated thing because it's broke so I had to automatically add you. Try it now.
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