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  1. tengra

    Membership renewal

    Can we no longer renew membership?
  2. tengra

    Banned appeal

    dude.. type something like, I am sorry for the spray and wont do it again.
  3. tengra


    I do not know who guts was and we member cant even use !who command anymore so if you use a different name I cant even tell who is who
  4. tengra


    Ban reason Knowingly playing with a banned member. who is that banned member?
  5. can I change my forum name to tengra please?, thanks in advance.
  6. tengra

    Best Kill On Johnny Wins 1 Year Membership

    Let us know your Death Schedule
  7. hi there I was playing on gc`s competitive csgo server and got banned for excessive team killing. at the moment I was playing there was no one on, while waiting for people to join I started to kill enemy teams bot and mine. I knew killing your own team is a no-no but didn't know killing bot is same. sorry for that. steam name : shu-fari steam id : STEAM_0:0:42310707 your help is much appreciated.
  8. please add tengra. I would love to do some mining.
  9. tengra

    Please ban this griefer

    I am not sure if he is a member or not stab.
  10. tengra

    Please ban this griefer

    Thanks peanut, chick I took those screenshot after the map was over.
  11. tengra

    Please ban this griefer

    my steam name was bagra when I was playing
  12. Player Ashy Larry <STEAM_1:1:35783911> so we were playing cold stream finale, Ashy Larry tried to stack by switching on the team I was on, I tell him not to stack than he was kinda cursing me out on chat 10 minute after that 3 people from Ashy Larry`s team left, it was 10v7 so I volunteer myself and move to the other team. After joining Ashy Larry`s team we were on one of the first waterfall drop, rest of the team dropped and I was about to drop aswell right than Ashy Larry decided to heal me (I had 95hp I told him to stop via mic chat) stopped mid way of healing and started to heal again than stopped again he did that for about good 10 times than I got smoked and he jump of the waterfall. I died few second later one of the teammate who watched it happen ligs Kongurin asked ashy why did he do that no response were given to him. there were guts, greenheart lvl3.0 some other who can tell that ashy was griefing and wanted to get revenge for calling him out on stacking.
  13. tengra

    ADMIN VS MEMBER NIGHT - Saturday 7/12 6pm est

    count me in
  14. didn`t know we had a bf3 server, that would be awesome to play bf3 with gc players