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  1. ESEA client maxes out your GPU when computer is idle, to mine bitcoins. *read: non-consensual SETI@home for profit *Since mid-April
  2. 4-core i5 (TDP 95W), mid-range video card, 3 HDD, 1 optical; 600W OCZ PSU failed about 6 months ago. FWIW, I would recommend spending the extra $20 to get a better* PSU. *moar watts
  3. I don't think Robbob can read this thread.
  4. Charter jacked up the price on my internet service last month, which leaves me to wonder, how much are people paying out there and for what quality of service? I'm especially curious about international people; I've heard that ISPs in Europe don't get monopolies the way they do here. Nominal speed here is 30mbps. Actual speed to the actual internet is about 6mbps. Price is $48/mo (~36 euro per month) for internet only.
  5. Imagine someone trying for 12 minutes to explain tickrate and interpolation in terms that bros understand. Keep in mind that 'network engineer explains CS interpolation' is essentially the same as 'mailman explains how Netflix decides which DVD to send you'.* *2007 called
  6. Blue and white are common colors for ethernet jacks; orange is less common. As long as the cables are punched down the same on both ends, there should be no compatibility problems. One possibility is that there is something wrong with the cable running to one of the jacks. It could have become distressed at some point and stopped working. It could be missing, or it could've been cut. Another is that it is not connected to anything. Generally, your description of the problem does not make sense to me. Your router should be connecting over ethernet to a modem. All the jacks could be connected to a switch, with the modem also connected to that switch, but that would be unusual for a home setup. All the jacks could be connected to another router, with that router connected to a modem; that would be more likely but still unusual. The key here is that you need to know how each jack is connected to the network. The orange jack could indicate that there is something different about it. It could be connected to fiber, it might not be punched down straight-through, or it might just be connected to another jack somewhere that is also orange.
  7. p90 nerf is a lie, I hear nothing but dinks when someone is using that thing. tec9 has been ruined though; 50% price increase and now wildly inaccurate.
  8. mookie

    CS GO Maps

    maps lists all valid BSP files; it is only valid from the server console (i.e. RCON), otherwise you're running it against your own maps folder.
  9. In my testing, the threshold seems to be about 150 damage, with a very slow quota regeneration over time.
  10. Most likely, it can't be configured, like the auto-kick for teamkilling, and we'll just have to stop using the inbuilt autokick entirely. I'm not sure how flaky the AFK kicker in SourceMod is. Praise be to VALVe.
  11. Typically it's just done with one entity, I believe game_player_equip is the one. A good deagle5 would almost certainly be used here. Historically, most other aim maps (except hegrenade maps) don't scale well to a 12x12 server; if they are large enough to support the players, their size and design tends to promote slow and tedious play when it gets down to a handful of players. To put a general spec on what kind of aim/fy (non-objective) maps have been passable, they have almost always had a single main area (deagle5, scoutzknivez, he_dodgeball), or a shape that at least allows players to see clear across the map which prevents players from running around for a long time without seeing each other (iceworld, etc.). The single biggest hurdle is the blur. A map with no buyzones absolutely cannot leave some players' views blurred. That is a 100% dealbreaker. Unfortunately I haven't been able to spend the time yet to track this down to a specific entity that creates or prevents this issue.
  12. I'm 80% sure I activated this on Tuesday, so probably STEAM_0:1:5037446 is not your Steam ID.
  13. People have been joining, even within the last few seconds.
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