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  1. This is not of my design. I'm generous, not crazy.
  2. Be ever so thankful that during this years Steam sale, L4D2 is $20. Maybe that's just too much for some folks to pay. And by folks I mean horrible players.

    1. Sky


      Curses, it'll drop to 4.99 at some point, and you'll have to suffer the insufferable epidemic again.

  3. I'd say "The Passing" was at least. That pic is dead-on (pun intended).
  4. So while reading a Cracked.com article about abandoned sites, I ran across this about the Seattle Underground. Look familiar? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Seattle_Underground_Tour_04.jpg (can't post the pic, but that's a clean Wikipedia page) -Cink
  5. I like the improvements, but I agree with no changes. Example: adding an argument to the !buy is an improvement. Not a change. Fixing the "!sp cink heal" feature would be nice too.
  6. Are we.... Are we really putting PS/2 ports back on MBs? Nice setup. Pricey, but nice. I would go with only 2TB secondary storage with a primary SSD drive for my programs. Its a noticeable difference.
  7. I think we proved yesterday in the Parish Graveyard that the witch thing is just an alternative to multi-tanks, not a game breaker. It allows the tank-tarded like myself an alternative. What is a game breaker, is 12+ defibs being counted as 2.
  8. Don't nerf the witch thing... The Director nerfs it enough with bizzare placement variables anyway. There's always a good chance that 30 pt witch is going to spawn on the roof of a building well outside the map. Telling the Survs its even on is nerf enough. I've fought a well made team that designated a "Crowner" to handle them. Worked very well. And that was even a "daytime" team. As for the ammo... That's gonna bite me hard. My tactic of Buy and M16+laser and hold the trigger would have to be adjusted.
  9. Nothing fancy, just email.
  10. Wait a week or so before you buy it if you're out to get it. There are a few game-breaking bugs in it they're working on. But from what I *have* been able to play, its a great game. But its got so many bugs it looks like the Dept. of Health and Human Services produced it. -Cink
  11. After a few waves of nausea, I got the hang of it. You just don't look directly at the side monitors and keep them in your per... side vision and you're all set. I found it very useful. And that's my setup at my office. I already had a 3x1 + 1 setup for my job. Just added a new active DP adapter to get the Eyefinity going. And thanks Merc, I'm sure you could smoke like crazy in Dark Carnival with this setup. Overall: +1 Would play again.
  12. Pics because it happened.
  13. Finally got my Eyefinity 3x1 setup and working. Even got a mod that puts the HUD back on the center screen (hopefully that works on our server, haven't tested yet). I'll post a pic soon. First run through a single player map I got a little dizzy. Its really disorenting at first. The side screens stretch the image so that if you stare solely at the center, it simulates perefer... preif.... side vision. -Cink (still not an admin)
  14. Just wanted to say.... That is, if any of you yoots get that reference.
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