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shaftiel last won the day on April 21 2017

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    Brea, CA
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    Period Rapier (Fencing), Armoured Combat (Medieval)

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  1. shaftiel


    8756 (Hey Xterminator! NOFX!) Shaftiel
  2. shaftiel

    Who is still here? CS:GO

    M2..... here?! Shaftiel
  3. So much fun playing CS with so many old friends :) Hope to do it again sometime!  Thanks Turnbull!

  4. shaftiel


    Had a great time! Thanks Turnbull! Shaftiel
  5. shaftiel

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Been playing this again, having fun @shaftiel01 (bought the game again, lol, couldn't figure out what the hell I used as my log in/email on the first copy, so I couldn't use 'Shaftiel' ) Shaftiel
  6. Anyone else a bit sad about the consolidation of company owned gaming servers, and the resulting errosion of player side gaming communities?

    1. looneypumpkin
    2. san`


      Yep, it's a big bummer that something so great has faded so much.

    3. turnbullTeRRoR


      a little late to this party but yes very sad 

  7. shaftiel

    This is hard for me

    Any news? #Worriedfriends Shaftiel
  8. Just wondering why my gamerscoalition.com email is bouncing and seemingly no longer working? I have it forwarded to my main email, and the last time I received an email from that address was 12/7/17. When I try and send an email to shaftiel@gamerscoalition.com it comes back as a bad address now. Any info/help would be much appreciated <shaftiel@gamerscoalition.com>: 550: 5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try 5.1.1 double-checking the recipient's email address for typos or 5.1.1 unnecessary spaces. Learn more at 5.1.1 https://support.google.com/mail/?p=NoSuchUser j62si988370ith.5 - gsmtp Shaftiel
  9. shaftiel

    JULY 1ST Saturday Night Customs !(Reunion)!

    I may show up. Shaftiel
  10. shaftiel

    This is hard for me

    Anyone heard from Dragon? -Shaftiel
  11. shaftiel

    Wolfsblood's transition

    Very cool, looks like you are doing well and happy! Shaftiel
  12. shaftiel

    My membership refund

    Membership is what... $15? ZD must have gotten pretty tinkled about something to demand a refund lol. Shaftiel Not that I can talk... <------- not a member. lol
  13. shaftiel

    This is hard for me

    Hmm.... take this for what it is lol. If I were in your position, knowing that I was going to be living out of my car, and that there was very little hope of friends or family being able or willing to help improve my position. I would accept it. It is what it is. Now, You happen to live in America, so: We have food stamps - get them. We have welfare - Use it. There are food banks - find them. There are campgrounds, parks, or other locations that you can cook food at. Some supermarkets have microwaves available. There are inexpensive cooler/refrigerator units that are built for cars. Get a Gym membership for like $20-$30 a month, possibly less, and use their showers. Wal-Marts generally allow overnight parking. Its well lit, patrolled and videotaped. Go where you want. Work odd jobs, move on. See the country. Or go somewhere you want to be, sign up for all the benefits you can, food stamps to buy food, welfare to pay bills, buy gas and clothes. Sign up for Section 8 housing. The line is long, but it doesn't hurt to get in it. If you don't end up needing it, all the better. Apply for jobs, sign up at temp agencies. If you need an address, get one at a mailbox store. Some give physical addresses. Move to where you can breath. Start fresh. Start working, keep your head up, and change your world! But never stop looking forward! The past is dead, the present is dying, the future is alive. Shrug. Its going to be different. Its going to be difficult. Its probably going to be scary at times. But I think you will be just fine. <3 Shaftiel Edit: Found this http://carliving.info/101.htm Its a good read I think. He doesn't like the idea of Gym membership, but hes talking about it costing $55 a week. That's insane lol. Mine is $29.99 a month. shrug, take it for what its worth
  14. shaftiel

    This is hard for me

    I'm a bit tight this month, but I'll see what I can do in April. Stay strong, depression is tough. Get enough money for a bus ticket, pack a single bag with 2 sets of interview clothes, 4 sets of climate appropriate casual clothes. In the 3 weeks you have left, decide where you are going. Colorado has mountains, California has mountains, most states have mountains lol . Just make that decision, it might be hard, but you need to do it so you can actually move forward with a new life. Then once you do that, you can explore destinations within that state/location, and find a cheap place to stay, maybe a hostel. Check out local job boards and such. But you need to figure out where you are going first! DO IT! <3 Shaftiel