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  1. san`


    Wow I remember you from so long ago, holy crap. Didn't have to throw that number in there, now I feel old...
  2. Membership expires after one year and does not automatically renew. Feel free to go through the trouble of canceling your card though. On another note, you could have easily just jumped into the other server if you didn't like what the admins were doing on whichever server you were on. Finally, last I checked these are our servers and if the admins want to do something special and fun once in a while they are more than welcome to. I highly doubt there's no normal gameplay ever.
  4. Somebody that's been around as long as you should know better by now. No idea who banned you, but I'm not going to remove it at this time.
  5. No idea. Stuff is still broken from the update and I don't know how to fix it. @Flitterkill might
  6. I've asked FK to take a look as everything I checked appears to be correct.
  7. I'm just going to go ahead and put this out there. For those of you who have been permanently banned but still feel it necessary to come here to play with your friends, keep it up and we'll just ban your friends too. That way you guys can go back to your normal accounts and IPs and play somewhere else. Those friends who play with banned people, maybe you want to reconsider.
  8. You seem to be forgetting that you've already been banned 5 other times. Let's look at the reasons: bad spray, rushing, swearing, stacking teams, and the last being for intentional suicide and leaving the game. Maybe this thread will refresh your memory http://gamrs.co/forums/index.php?/topic/46952-i-was-banned-i-regret-my-mistake/ Especially take note of this part: And this: This was almost an apology, but it's pretty damn hollow. Obviously you don't get it. It doesn't matter if you don't think the spray is wrong, you were asked multiple times not to use it and yet you just couldn't stop yourself. And here's where you pretty much throw away the half attempt at an apology by saying you'll do the same crap again. You're obviously not looking to improve the community. The only thing you've contributed is three forum posts all asking for unbans. All you care about is your own amusement. Plenty of people like that have come along throughout the years, most are gone now. Defense not accepted. I'm not going to entertain another unban request for a while.
  9. Multiple previous bans, check. A post that can only be described as an offense to my eyes, check. Making me read through it multiple times to figure out what the hell happened, check. Oh I found the relevant part: Later dude.
  10. Sadly CS:GO doesn't lend itself well to communities like this anymore. Too many people play the build in 5v5 competitive mode and it essentially killed communities. It's been, I dunno, 6-8 months since the last Saturday Night Customs.
  11. See, you had to take it from a little friendly banter and turn it political. Now I'm gonna have to lock this thread so it doesn't spiral out of control.
  12. People eat weird crap all over the world. Your weird crap isn't special!
  13. If it weren't for us you'd be speaking German right now. Also, pretty sure cars were invented in Germany, where they drive on the same side as us. Maybe it's you and your backwards colonies that have it wrong.
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