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  1. Hey everyone. I was kidding around about Corona Virus about it being Mexican, which happens to be my favorite beer, but was banned for my comments. I do apologize about this during this sensitive subject / time, and it wont happen again. Also pretty shocked its a perm ban.
  2. I like the Hunter as it is. No more nerf needed.
  3. Do you know how hard it is, to boom a single person 5 times? It should be a achievement.
  4. Mae its a discussion. Jeez man.
  5. If games are unbalanced, send me a PM. Ill balance them. I feel games are much more fun now. Much longer, and I see hunter players actually playing other classes.
  6. Jackie, the rounds are longer and the team who does not have the ace players are playing much better or at least lasting longer. Why would it not be permanent?
  7. I have to agree with Zero on this Anzul. That comment is for players who don't belong in this community. We don't need psychopaths. Usually I find people who play like that usually don't have much going in real life and tend to live at their computer and try to bring others down with them.
  8. I played a few times lately. The nerf is not that much less. But I have not played with the high pouncers either.
  9. No one is arguing really. The servers have been peaceful. But the new gamers are getting slammed by high pounces.
  10. We should rocket jockey for 12.5 pts.
  11. The fact that the high pounce members - point abusers are defending it show how the game is stacked in favor for hunters and they dont want it changed. Lets be serious. It takes more skill to do a boom spit charger than waiting for 2 min for a 26 pt pounce. It takes more skill for coordinated attacks than a hunter pounce. And while the team is struggling to do this, Hunter players just wait and wait not contributing at all at that moment. Example. New rookie players join the server and most of these "top tier" hunter players always go for them first. So what skill are we talking about? To defend this shows how ridiculous the logic is. It seems Jackie will Nerf it. Lets Nerf it for 50%-75% of the points and damage now.
  12. Yortz, sorry I missed your comment in game if I was on, But on a full server we are not going to babysit the AFK's. Sorry
  13. I say scramble every round. Who cares about points?
  14. Zero, You remember that CS team that was busted cheating about a year ago (11-2014) with toggle hacks etc? They played in front of everyone with recordings. Cheats can be extremely sophisticated now. And toggled and a good player can use them correctly. http://kotaku.com/top-counter-strike-players-caught-in-big-cheating-scand-1662810816 Now back on topic.
  15. And for the record. Board Members have final say on all Perma Bans when it comes to cheats. For many reasons. I like the hierarchy because some Admins do not know cheats unless they are obvious.
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