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rookie101 last won the day on May 22 2016

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  1. rookie101


    Is Gc done? I sure hope not.
  2. U guys only play when I am at work!! And I get jealous.
  3. Horde menu is glitched,when I first buy it. It doesn't show an option of hordes,then ounce it's bought it shows options but the mudmen stay on active,wont let u buy more.
  4. rookie101


    Make it more powerful.
  5. Tanks should get more health..that would be nice.
  6. I like every change that's being made,hunters getting upped to 8 points per max pounce is awesome!! But it will still take atleast 5 max pounces to get a tank,unless players don't kill hunter fast and let him get addition damage.
  7. Maybe having fireworks cause damage to everyone will be a better option,it will prevent all of us from standing in the fire.
  8. Fireworks are available to everyone,I don't see the issue here,it's not like it takes skill to buy them.
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