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  1. Socks

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    You do get a point for it, but it's not specifically labeled as a "Chain Charge". That's good to know. Back to the topic at hand if people are still in the mood: There are plenty of other ways to "solve" the charger punch "problem". For one, the cost of melee weapons could be reduced. Another way would be to increase the cost of heals for the chargers. We can also entertain the idea of increasing the cost of upping charger spawn. For example, the charger spawns could cost a few points more. Furthermore, we can reduce the starting charger spawns to one and make the infected earn their punchy chargers. Of course, we would also need a "vote to kill" options just in case a newbie holds on to the only available charger. Really, the world is your oyster.
  2. Socks

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    I always assumed that you got a point for chain charging because you are technically "charging" a survivor. Now that I think about it, I don't think I have ever paid close attention to chain charging points.
  3. Socks

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    I think the intent was to prevent the chargers from farming points for a heal. Before the update, a charger could 1v1 a survivor because it could farm enough points with punches and buy a heal, or at least reduce the cost of one. The charger could incapped the survivor with this tactic if they were good enough. Of course, the survivors could have countered the charger with a melee weapon or a shotgun. For example, the survivor could have used a rifle + melee weapon or a shotgun + deagle combo to counter the punchy charger. And since tier 2 and melee weapons are littered all over every single map, the survivor only has their hubris to blame if they succumbed to charger punches. The downside of these two combos is that they can also counter every other infected as well. The survivor would feel less danger and thrill as a result. I also believe the survivor has the option to cheat by sticking with their team and using teamwork to kill the charger. But I am not aware of any players who debase themselves with such shameful tactics on this sacred server. In fact, I am not sure why I even uttered such blasphemous words like "team" or "teamwork". Just forget what I said. Now, without the sarcasm; I don't think the new update effects the gameplay that much, at least for the infected. I am not aware of anyone farming tanks points with charger punches. It does, however, further reduces the importance of teamwork for the survivors.
  4. Socks

    Saturday Night customs / mods

  5. Socks


    I see. Well, in that case, the hordes do seem underpowered/overpriced. Anyway, if hordes are going to remain in the game it should be given a distinct appearance at a minimum. Like if player-bought zombies had little hats or something you would at least know that the hordes you bought did in fact spawn.
  6. Socks


    After all these years I am still confused how hordes (the ones bought from the !buy menu) work on the server. Am I buying a specific number of hordes, like 20, 50, 100? Or am I buying a crescendo event? Also, do booms affect how hordes spawn?
  7. Minecraft server is not members only is it? I lost my membership long time ago and now I can't connect to the server. My minecraft ID is hgblob. :s
  8. Socks

    Plugin Additions

    Or jockey spawns should go all the way up to 11.
  9. Socks

    Make everyone a main?

    Voted yes for one reason. Bot mains. Bot mains are worse than Ben.
  10. Socks

    What do you do when you cant play L4D2?

    Oh man. I made a mistake of playing Walking Dead couple days ago thinking it was just another zombie shooter/RPG. I was caught completely off guard and by the end of the episode two I was emotionally exhausted. Honestly, I think the only thing that kept me going was Clementine. Just had to make sure she was alright, you know...? Anyway, I haven't played the new DLC yet. I am interested, but I want to wait for the rest of the season one DLCs (if there are any) and season two. I kind of want to replay the season one again and I think playing season one, two, and the DLCs all at once would be a better, game experience wise.
  11. From what I can judge 'charger dodgeball' goes against two server rules: Be polite by: not intentionally disrupting gameplay Show sportsmanship by: being gracious as a winner and as a loser There is also a lesser rule of "don't be a dick". So I guess you are tactically on right (or at least more correct). Of course this doesn't mean admins will actually enforce the server rules that they themselves set and/or agreed to follow. Like what was ultimately decided on the other thread, they could simply disregard the violation as harmless fun or dish out 'stern warnings' that doesn't really deter anyone. If you really care about this issue I guess you could try grabbing a demo next time and make a request for a reprimand. A demo will prove if everyone did agreed to play the death race or the charger dodgeball or whatever kids a doing these days and show if there was an actual rule violation. Otherwise it will be a hodgepodge of he said she said. Anyway don't invest too much into this. There will alway be people who gets on your nerves by griefing or semi-griefing. But there are also brave souls like Chick and Mae who switches teams and tries to balance things out... although I have to say that usually results in them rage quiting... but my point is just try to relax and enjoy the show. If you just stop and look around you will realize admins are doing everything that they can do to help you. From time to time they may seem contradictory or even incompetent, but they can't change L4D2 being L4D2.
  12. Can someone point me to the original thread? Thanks.
  13. Socks

    Is it worth RACING to get that present ?

  14. Socks

    Is it worth RACING to get that present ?

    This is brilliant if true! Are you sure it wasn't Jackie using a present survivor skin or some other shenanigans?? @Avanger Avengers If we are going to add disadvantages to the presents, i think survivors should at least have a choice not to pick up the presents. Right now some presents are obtained almost instantly because survivors just happens to be right underneath the infected (i.e. hunter pounce, charger grab). Perhaps dice rolls and/or betting mod akin to what you see in CS is a better solution?
  15. Socks

    Server Exploits?

    However, this may be an exploit. link