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  1. Same thing happened to me, was charged to oblivion.
  2. Great! I am hoping that lots of people are playing on Christmas weekend, that's my weekend off..let's do this
  3. I Agree, hopefully changes could be made. The game is still fun.
  4. rookie101


    Is Gc done? I sure hope not.
  5. U guys only play when I am at work!! And I get jealous.
  6. Horde menu is glitched,when I first buy it. It doesn't show an option of hordes,then ounce it's bought it shows options but the mudmen stay on active,wont let u buy more.
  7. rookie101


    Make it more powerful.
  8. Tanks should get more health..that would be nice.
  9. I like every change that's being made,hunters getting upped to 8 points per max pounce is awesome!! But it will still take atleast 5 max pounces to get a tank,unless players don't kill hunter fast and let him get addition damage.
  10. Maybe having fireworks cause damage to everyone will be a better option,it will prevent all of us from standing in the fire.
  11. Fireworks are available to everyone,I don't see the issue here,it's not like it takes skill to buy them.
  12. Why are we starting this again?? Lets just have fun. Yes Carlos....vanilla booms,i know how much you hate those...
  13. I think were just going a little far with this,anyone can can use walls to get high,people just have to learn. Whats next? Not being able to fly in the air with boomers?
  14. People will always find something to complain about,if u don't want the hunter to get extra points then pay attention and kill him fast.
  15. I do agree with you on this zero,the games are longer and better,but can we just stop the hunter bashing? There's no reason for it. I play here cause it's fun.certain people people like to play smoker,boomer,chargers and hunters it's fun,let's stop bashing a certain class.
  16. Why do you hate hunters so much merc? All you have to do is look up and you won't get pounced..lol it's not hard.
  17. From what I've seen, hunters distract players who are constantly looking up for hunters.in my eyes that is great teamwork,I often get charged or boomed because am looking up.lol
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