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  1. Dear fellow slayers of the zombie apocalypse. I am here to request that my permanent ban be reevaluated. I realize that a consensus was reached and that I was deemed a "cheater". But I'm going to be brutally honest here.... I WASN'T CHEATING Sorry just had to get that out. I understand that I may have handled the situation upon my ban incorrectly or inappropriately at times but I felt it was necessary to get my point across. I apologize if I caused issues or uproar with my posts and with trying to harm the admins reputation, but I felt that the situation was being dealt with unfairly. I understand you have your rules and/or precautions when it comes to matters such as this, but I would really like to bring it up again and ask that you review my ban once more. I know I may not be worthy, but I respectfully ask that I be allowed a second chance. I truly believe that if you review the videos again you will see that I am innocent. I thank anyone who reads this and anticipate a decision about the matter. Thank you for your time and I hope to kill you all soon!
  2. In that case you could claim that anyone on the server has that same fishy crosshair placement and ban them. Anyone could easily be banned for that same reason and you could just not show the evidence because you believe it should stay a secret? I also stated to let HIGH SKILL players watch the demo, not public for everyone to see. Let people who you know or truly believe not to be cheaters view the demo and ask for their opinion.
  3. There wouldn't be a need to repeat ourselves if you guys had just given clear answers to the questions we asked. It took me having to pm crasx to finally get an answer as to what cheat you thought i was using because everyone else decided to avoid answering the question. And even when i did pm crasx he still didn't give me a clear answer. All i got was my crosshair placement was fishy...like what? When i further asked him what he meant by that he continued to avoid the question. This problem could've been solved a long time ago but all these secrets about the demos and unwillingness to show them just keep making it suspicious. I didn't ask to show the tools, I simply asked to show the clip of what it was that made crasx and the other ones fully commit to believing I was hacking, nothing else. You don't need to show anything else. It would basically be just like a youtube clip just like the ones johnny posts all the time, and you could block out the place where it shows who's name it was that was recording. It's a very simple thing to do.
  4. @Clony "Deadlock has full control over his computer and his stream. How hard would it be to turn off hacks or assistance" This is true, I have full control over my computer and what i do with it and my games, but i am willing to stream and provide sufficient evidence to prove that i am not using any form of assistance while playing and still be able to provide the same results seen in these demos. @zero, why do you think so many posts were created. Every time a logical argument was stated in my defense, an admin decided to close the topic because they didn't want to deal with the problem and just forget about it. @crasx, how about this, you stated that for a majority of the demos you and the other admins decided that it was just "luck" and that it was non conclusive. Up until one was shown to you recently that made you think that some form of assistance was being used. How about just making a clip of that moment like the one that Turbo mentioned that really made you think? You can keep whoever made the demo out it and leave out any tools that you use and just post that moment for people to see. Because like Shafee Said... "This is going to sound harsh, but I certainly believe some (if not most) admins are incapable of judging what a lot of skilled players do. Especially if some of them hate people who use hunters, you simply cannot trust their judgement. In fact, I think a lot of admins don't have adequate judgement skills. Look, the reality is the admins are hard workers at what they do, some have 15k hours in L4D2, other admins you see online 24/7. This means jack for this situation, nonetheless. The situation at hand calls for more substantial discussion and review (NOT exclusively by admins, but by members of high skill too)." I'd bet that many cheaters that you've watched demos of were probably quite obvious and did very clear things that suggested they were cheating. But for me it took you guys a long time to finally decide i was cheating. How about letting high skilled players with an unbiased opinion watch the demo. Nothing will be leaked and whoever made the demo will remain anonymous. I'm sure that there is a very easy way of doing this as its 2016 and many things are possible involving videos.
  5. Hold on, when was i given this time to defend myself? When I first realized i was banned, I came to the forums and asked to speak to an admin about it. Johnny then posted saying that he had clear evidence that I was using cheats and told me that I the option to appeal to the ban by talking about it on the forums. I then said that i would like to appeal, whether it be on the forums or privately through steam, and waited. I was then informed days later that the admins had "discussed it over" and that my ban would permanently stay. I was not given any chance to defend myself. I was not told what hacks I was accused of using, i was not allowed to see any of the demos that you so carefully keep hidden. I couldn't defend myself because i was given no information on the incident whatsoever. And instead of allowing me to defend myself on that post, it was locked and the discussion was ended. So i did what i thought was logical and fair. I made a post informing people about my playstyle, my experience in games such as this and my reasoning for doing albeit questionable things in the eyes of others. The discussion reached a board member and they said they would review the evidence and get back to me about it. But in no way was I given an actual chance to defend myself before being permanently banned.
  6. So there has finally been some truth about my ban. NOTHING CONCLUSIVE. THANK YOU, that is better than leaving me in the dark. However, the conversation itself has many points that should have been read, not simply ignored followed by a post. You use your saturday night's to unwind, from busy weeks, I work in the mornings and I want to relax and play games. And I know i'm a good player, it isn't about me simply wasting time on gc. I find relaxation from playing in the l4d2 servers. When I want to tryhard me and my friend go into cs:go matchmaking where we deal with some really ignorant and childish people. Which can lead to frustration, and then on my offtime I come to relax and unwind and play in a server where there is constant action occurring, that lets me just not worry about anything else. Based on your current situation, I agree, the last thing you should have to deal with is someone you think cheats. You clearly stated that there is no conclusive evidence, yet you continue to label me as a cheater. I can do the same and label you as abusive. Your anger being taken out on me based on what is occurring to you in real life and emotionally. Something that an admin should not be. Clony, someone that agrees with everything you guys say, yet he is free to play. Myself, someone who argues and isn't the kindest person, I am man enough to admit my faults that I could be a better person in the server. But I get banned, where-as clony doesn't? This isn't a matter about admins needing to choose sides, I have stated that I can stream myself. Your accusation of me, was aim assistance. I would go out of my way, to buy 3 cameras, 1 to see me. 1 to see my mouse movement, and 1 that is behind me looking at my monitor, and have all 3 displayed. You can clearly see my entire playstyle, and how I do what I do. Prior to even launching l4d2, I can show you all my processes in my task manager if necessary. I am willing to go to such great lengths to show and prove that I am not cheating. Something I shouldn't have to do. VAC knows I don't cheat, and yet I am banned, abused by your assumptions. I am simply wanting to be unbanned, and I can stream everytime I play in the foreseeable future, so that everytime there is something questionable, you can always look on my stream to know there is never anything fishy. Is that truly too much to ask?
  7. For any of you who believe yourself to be highly skilled or better than a majority of the players who play on the Gamers Coalition 10v10 L4D2 Server, beware for there is a high probability that you will be banned by the admins.... Even if you had a video camera behind you streaming everything you were doing and showing how good you were, you would still get banned because according to the programmer and board member of the L4D2 server streaming does not prove anything. 5:54 PM - Deadlock: yo 6:12 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS is now Online. 6:12 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: sup 6:17 PM - Deadlock: wanted to talk about my ban 6:16 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: mhm? 6:18 PM - Deadlock: well first i wanted to exactly what cheat you thought i was using 6:19 PM - Deadlock: noone ever specified what you guys claimed i was using 6:19 PM - Deadlock: know* 6:21 PM - Deadlock: because the fact that noone ever said anything about it is kind of weird considering the fact that every other ban about someone cheating always said specifically what they were using 6:21 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: i saw aim assisance. others said wall hacks but i didnt see that 6:24 PM - Deadlock: okay so you think i use aim assisstance 6:27 PM - Deadlock: now i can get that you and others would think that but i can assure you that i have never used any form of cheating 6:32 PM - Deadlock: okay so if you really think that im cheating why not let me prove to you im not 6:32 PM - Deadlock: i know my friend talked to you about this and i cant exactly remember what you said but i know you said that that you were not going to allow it 6:33 PM - Deadlock: but i dont exactly see the benefit of saying no 6:33 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: streaming doesnt prove anything 6:34 PM - Deadlock: how does it not prove anything? 6:34 PM - Deadlock: its literally the next best thing to proof other than having someone come to my house and see that i dont cheat 6:34 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: because its possible to be good and cheat. we have demos with proof you are cheating. the only thing that can change that is reviewing the demos and finding something else 6:35 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: please dont waste my time 6:35 PM - Deadlock: but thats the thing though 6:36 PM - Deadlock: you dont have proof 6:36 PM - Deadlock: you're "proof" is just an opinion 6:36 PM - Deadlock: you don't know that im cheating 6:36 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: correct 6:36 PM - Deadlock: you "think" im cheating 6:37 PM - Deadlock: im trying to show you that i dont 6:43 PM - Deadlock: why are you so afraid of letting me stream? 6:43 PM - Deadlock: if you're so sure that im aim hacking then why not see for yourself when im playing 6:43 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: because it doesnt prove anything and its a waste of my time 6:44 PM - Deadlock: how does it not prove anything? 6:44 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: if I robbed a store yesterday and the police were trying to prove it was me, me sending them a video of myself today not robbing stores does nothing to prove I didn't rob a store yesterday 6:45 PM - Deadlock: that analogy has nothing to do with the problem right now Now i would like to let you know that these admins are not Valve. They do not have a program like VAC that catches when someone is cheating. There was no anti-cheat program that actually caught this so called "aim assistance". All of their "proof" is based off of what they saw and what they believe is some form of cheating. And when I say aim assistance , i dont mean aimbotting. According to our esteemed Crasx, he did not think I was using aimbotting, if fact he even admitted that there was no legitimate proof that i was cheating in any way. All they had were opinions from him and the other admins who viewed the demos. Opinions from some admins who I can confidently say were slightly if not completely biased towards believing that I was a cheater. 6:46 PM - Deadlock: you're assumption that im cheating is based off of you seeing me hit a shot or multiple shots that you thought were questionable 6:46 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: no its based off crosshair movement i saw 6:46 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: not kills 6:47 PM - Deadlock: what crosshair movement? 6:47 PM - Deadlock: me flicking my mouse around? 6:47 PM - Deadlock: i do that in every game 6:47 PM - Deadlock: i explained that 6:47 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: nope, other stuff 6:47 PM - Deadlock: like what? 6:48 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: like how your crosshair moved in certain situations 6:49 PM - Deadlock: yeah but like how? 6:49 PM - Deadlock: how does crosshair movement prove that im aimbotting 6:49 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: i didnt say aimbottintg 6:50 PM - Deadlock: you said aim assisstance 6:50 PM - Deadlock: what other aim assisstance is there? 6:50 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: i guess thats technically the same term 6:50 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: but really, wasting my time here So according to Crasx, my ban was enforced because my crosshair movement was fishy. But what does that really mean? My first thought was that he thought I was wall hacking by moving my crosshair to an infected when they were ghosted, but he had already confirmed that wasn't the case. So I asked him what he meant by that and instead of answering the question he said this... 6:51 PM - Deadlock: you never answered my question 6:51 PM - Deadlock: how does my crosshair movement probe anything? 6:51 PM - Deadlock: prove* 6:53 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: mhm 6:54 PM - Deadlock: and? 6:56 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: and? 6:56 PM - Deadlock: are you gonna answer? 6:56 PM - Deadlock: what does my crosshair movement have to do with me cheating? 6:57 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: no, i tend not to answer dumb questions 6:57 PM - Deadlock: how is it a dumb question? 6:57 PM - Deadlock: im genuinely curious 6:58 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: well, when a person cheats it sometimes affects their croshair movement 6:58 PM - Deadlock: okay...like how? 6:59 PM - Deadlock: what was i doing? 7:03 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: nothing this is all just a giant conspiracy 7:04 PM - Deadlock: whats a conspiracy 7:04 PM - Deadlock: im asking a question 7:04 PM - Deadlock: and you're avoiding it 7:05 PM - Deadlock: if its not a conspiracy then answer the question 7:05 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: it is a conspiracy 7:06 PM - Deadlock: uh huh 7:07 PM - crasx.gc #BLACKHAWKS: gues you will just have to play csgo So instead of answering the question, he completely avoided it and replied thusly. Now interpret this however you like but I guess I can't play counter strike in gc either, since my "aim assistance" will just get me banned anyway. Wouldn't even matter if i streamed it, the admins have spoken. For those of you who have been called a cheater on the server, you may want to be a little cautious, because the next time to do anything wrong or slightly out of line, the rulers of this server may just decide to kick you out of their precious server. And forget trying to prove your innocence. because apparently any attempt of proving yourself as skilled is just a "waste of time". For those of you who would like to see the full conversation, you can check it out on my profile here ---> http://steamcommunity.com/id/RockandRebellion/ Here are screenshots of the steam conversation here as well...
  8. I get that a few people may think that I have been using cheats during the time i've played, and I can understand that my playstyle can add to that, but let me tell you something... I. DO. NOT. CHEAT. Nor have I ever cheated in any competitive multiplayer games. In fact I hate cheaters. I play with them all the time in csgo, and if I had the power I would ban them instantly when I see them, but even if I did I would still allow them to make a case for themselves and allow them to argue that they do not cheat. Me on the other hand,I was given nothing. I was not told what kind of cheats that people accused me of using, I was not able to see exactly what "evidence" you had on me to rightfully accuse me of cheating, and instead of asking me if I cheat you decided to just ban me and give me two responses stating only that you thought I cheated, and that you "discussed it over" and still thought I cheated and ended the discussion of the matter at that. Now I play A LOT of first-person shooter games. I've also played several hours of l4d2, over 2500 to be exact. That is a lot of experience for one game. and I'd bet that about half of those hours are from playing on gc, thats still over 1000 hours playing on one server, playing with all the same people, doing all the same maps and attacks. Now I'm the type of person that can notice patterns quickly and figure out the kind of playstyle that other players have. So when I see who I'm playing against I have a pretty good idea of what type of attack they are going to do and where they are going to do it. Now you can argue that this sounds a lot like someone who uses walls, but its not. A majority of people who play usually have several spots on each map that they are comfortable with attacking from and they know that they work because they have used them many times, so its very understandable that they are going to keep attacking from that spot because it works. So when I play I anticipate attacks from places because I've seen them used countless times and I know who used them. But I don't just stand in one spot waiting for someone to attack from a certain area. I anticipate attacks from everywhere. I constantly look around searching for an SI that is coming in to attack. But maybe you don't think that I am wall hacking, maybe you think think i'm aimbotting. Well i'm sorry but i'm not, I really am that good at aiming sometimes. I have my off days like everyone else, but some days I'm just on and I can aim like a csgo pro. Like I said, I've played A LOT of FPS games. One of which is counter strike. I have quite a few hours of counter strike and anybody who has played csgo knows that it is widely based on aim and angles. When you play csgo for a while you learn all the different angles people use and if you've ever watched a person stream the game or if you've seen any professional games then you'll notice that players tend to flick their crosshair around to each spot because they've either been killed there before or they saw someone else get killed from there before so they anticipate it and check it to make sure its clear. Well that's how I like to play. If you've spectated me in game you've probably noticed I like to flick around checking several places while I move around. Well that's not because I cheat. It's because I've got countless hours playing games like that where you check one spot and see that its clear only to get hit from there the second you look away. I have never cheated before in a competitive game and I never will cheat. I actually like to gain skill by actually playing the game. In fact i usually take complaints about me cheating as compliments. Now I hope you take the time to read this and use this to reconsider permanently banning me. And if you'd like, I can stream myself playing the game to show you that I do not use cheats, although my stream may not be the best quality as well as my performance may not be the best considering my computer isn't built to stream and play games. But I am willing to show that I am innocent of these offenses. Have a good day!
  9. Hello again, i was wondering if anything was being done about my ban.
  10. I would like to appeal. Doesn't matter to me if its here or privately. Also, if its allowed, i would like to view this evidence myself.
  11. Hello, i was wondering if i could speak to an admin about my ban. I was banned for "cheating" and i would like to be unbanned. Thank you STEAM_1:1:13264361 Banned by: Johnny Reason: "various forms of cheating" Why i should be unbanned: I don't cheat.
  12. Deadlock


    When i'm on it typically happens after the saferoom closes or as its loading the next chapter or map.
  13. I never said I was helping the team by doing these actions. I said specifically that i was doing this for fun. I don't care about showing off to other people that i can do it. I'm simply against the notion of banning someone and calling it griefing when its just a few people wanting to do something different than the usual running around protecting teammates and doing their best to survive the finale. Like many other people on the server i have over 2,000 hours in this game. Sometimes I get bored of doing the same routine over and over in every game and I want to try something different. How about this, do not put yourself in the situation to begin with. Nothing can happen without a catalyst, no? If you put yourself out there obviously hunters are going to try and pounce you to get points. You cannot get Sky Diver if there is no one to pounce, yet you say you prevent them from getting it or are trying to prevent them from getting it by putting yourself out there? Don't go out there, and they will never get it, its very simple. Rather than "Try to deadstop," because no one is perfect and will miss sometime, how about never giving them a chance to pounce by removing yourself from the line of fire. The purpose of me and other people doing is for the hunters to attack me. If they do not want to go for me then that is their decision. I'm not putting myself out there as a target so i can keep them from getting "Sky Diver" , I'm doing it because its something I find fun and its different than running around in a finale that is probably pretty boring considering most finales are rather easy. Anyway if you support it then that's fine, by all means support it. I just find it unnecessary to ban someone over something as silly and harmless as this.
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