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  1. I agree with Joda on this issue. I feel like admins have been lax with policing ourselves.
  2. This ticket has been closed as: "Working as intended"
  3. I'm with Hanster on this. The website changes broke enough that it's killing the community. The fact that there's no one both capable and willing to address this is not good. I think this is the death for GC L4D2 unless something changes. It's especially frustrating because it's not even totally clear what benefit was to be had from changing the website in the first place. EDIT: Oh, it doesn't help that Steam changed it's UI a few weeks/months prior, and now it's harder than ever to just join in on a friend's game, because over half the time it doesn't show them as online, much less playing the game even when they're in the GC server.
  4. I don't know if I'm just now hitting the wrong address, but I still can't get into the sourcebans section... https://gamrs.co/sourcebans/index.php?p=servers&s=0
  5. Anybody have feedback on the new Charger points?
  6. I have a mod that makes it so I can't hear Peanut... seems like an unfair advantage to me.
  7. KARSENTYSAGI was kicked for swearing too much Player KARSENTYSAGI <STEAM_1:1:126843619> has left the game
  8. Speaking of ol school... Anyone remember Quake LMCTF? Loki's Minions Capture the Flag? Those were good times.
  9. How about a limit (or cooldown) on buying heals as infected? I don't see that it's helpful to have a situation where chargers are punching incaps and getting points faster then they spend them, even spamming heals.
  10. Why did you never play on the GC server when we had one? Nobody did, that's why we shut it off. Never even knew we had one. When was it around? I just started playing 7 days comparatively recently, and just with buddies, not on "public" multiplayer servers. I'm not even really advocating that we *should* have one, it just occurred to me when I saw the post when I was browsing around.
  11. Late to the game here... but 7 days to die is a fun game (zombie survival game) that is maybe an option.
  12. I thought he did it because he's sick of doing all his own stunts in movies?
  13. Dance, monkey, dance!!! I can't imagine what you could have to do that would be more important than spending large amounts of unpaid time doing work for the benefit of other people. Get to it!!
  14. "Ledging" someone with a smoker, or even just causing "fall damage" could have increased points value. Those are both often very helpful things to do for the team, as infected, so it makes sense to reward good gameplay.
  15. I'll be twitching... as my body goes through its death throes. :/
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