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  1. May the fourth be with you CSGO Saturday Night Customs!   9:pm eastern  thats May 4th for all you non-nerds who miss the reference!

  2. turnbullTeRRoR


    Bump so will show on forum front
  3. turnbullTeRRoR

    When should we run another SNC?

    How about May the 4th be with you. Good promo stuff right there. April 20th is no good for me. Got lots going on.
  4. turnbullTeRRoR

    When should we run another SNC?

    I need at least a week or two window to promote said event. Anything less and I don't think we get enough peoples attentions. p.s. I'm asking because I've been asked by a few people. This is basically me checking the CSGO pulse.
  5. turnbullTeRRoR

    TbT's History of FAIL.....my list of enemies

    Redemption at last! 2019 Fantasy Hockey Champion is this guy
  6. turnbullTeRRoR

    It only took 6 years....

    After numerous runner-ups I've finally broken through with a championship. This is a sign of the apocalypse prepare my friends... prepare
  7. turnbullTeRRoR

    Been awhile...saying hi

    We've fractured into mini groups that play games other than CSGO. L4D2 still has some life though. Most GC activity non l4d2 wise happens on Discord.
  8. turnbullTeRRoR

    Our Rust server is deactivated

    Our Rust server has been deactivated( for a long while now) Just posted this here because we still have an IP address under the forum title. We have no plans regarding a future rust server at this time.
  9. turnbullTeRRoR

    Who is still here? CS:GO

    will run another SNC in the future. I feel like I gotta give them plenty of space to make sure nostalgic interest is thriving to ensure a good turnout when it happens.
  10. turnbullTeRRoR

    Who is still here? CS:GO

    We run planed SNC on set dates, but those are few and far inbetween. Unfortunately the pub seesno action during the week and/or weekends anymore. If you'd kept up with CSGO you may know that now most CSGO players play competitive match making exclusively. As far as GC goes there are only a select few who still even play that. Most have melted away or moved to other games. I'd advise getting hooked up with us on our discord.
  11. turnbullTeRRoR

    CSGO Ban?

    Let us know if anything has changed
  12. turnbullTeRRoR

    !i!i!i!i CSGO NEW YEARS BASH! Saturday 1/5/19 !i!i!ii!i!i!

    Friday server testing complete: all systems are a go. Will recheck Saturday.
  13. turnbullTeRRoR

    !i!i!i!i CSGO NEW YEARS BASH! Saturday 1/5/19 !i!i!ii!i!i!

    It's Thursday......that means only 2 more days till Saturday!
  14. turnbullTeRRoR

    The Gamers Coalition Pet Thread

    Here is Moses, the leopard gecko, growth pics from Mid September till today