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  1. Soooooo I went crazy and I’m building another PC. Who is still alive here? I’ll install CS:GO or course but open to other games. Basically the rig will play anything, but would be fun to play with old GC members. Let me know
  2. iamakamatt add me flitter and i can kill ya online again
  3. akaM2

    GO on a MAC

    I run it on a Macbook Air randomly. Nothing like a desktop but it handles a decent framerate. Depends how old your Macbook is
  4. Saying someone did something or something happened because they didn't have religion in their lives is the exact same as the other person saying something happened because religion was in their lives. If someone believes that Jesus Christ is their savior and they try to live their life better than they were in the past, that is a great thing for them. If I say my Father or Mother is my savior and I try to live my life better because of him then good for me. If another person believes some inanimate object is their savior, good for them. As long as someone is trying to live their life in a positive way, I dont see what anyone has against that. I dont know why more people cant be happy with what others believe and leave it at that. When either side starts stating that the other person is wrong because they dont believe what that person believes, you are in the wrong by trying to force your beliefs.
  5. Ok, so my Dad is into photography more than I ever thought he would be, seeing how good he is I decided to make a portfolio for him for Christmas. http://www.tjmpix.com I would appreciate anyone to take a look at this and let me know what you think, good or bad I would rather have the feedback. **site descriptions are completely off. I just added photos for filler. I will change the category names once i finalize the site and organize the photos as I have 300+ and only loaded 25 pics.****** Some main things that I will be working on no matter what Improving the shamrock logo to be a bit ghosted and have TJM in it somehow, it was a quick import just to have one. As it stands right now, there is not any description for the photos so I would like to add that so he can say where or how he took the photo. Main thing is finding a template or a way that I can post his photos without someone just right clicking and saving it for themselves, I know he might not be that good but he has been published in local newspapers and contacted by businesses to have his photos be released just from flickr so we might as well protect it right away http://www.flickr.co...s/malaneystuff/ Just to add this isnt my creation, just a template changed to my style. So if you have one you think is better feel free to post it. Oh, btw this is all with a point and shoot. We are getting him a DSLR this xmas as well.
  6. That last pic is only half of their selection. Same size and amount on the right side. Basically bottles like the pic on the left, then 50 taps in the middle, then same amount of bottles on the right. All organized by type.
  7. Do you have one in your area? If not, try and get one. This place has turned me into a worse alcoholic than I am. 50+ taps, plenty of bottles from all over the US and across the pond. Sorry for the pictured turned the wrong way, im lazy and dont want to fix it. Current favorite that I found is the Greenflash Brewey West Coast IPA. If its in your area and like IPAs, give it a shot, amazing. http://www.greenflas...m/our-beers.php
  8. For once in 7 years I agree with him
  9. akaM2

    Yo Yo Yo

    That's just energetic clapping. Fatty....Im in Ohio now, lets get a beer....or 6
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