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  1. Yeah I was capable of writing as far back as 30 years ago but it is a daunting task to write the first word and purpose to make it to completion. I wrote it all in two weeks about a year ago. I have been revisiting it about every 3-4 months and revising it and changing stupid mistakes. I've had several test read it but I need a critical eye that understands the creative process and not just corrects my grammar. I know fantasy and fantasy readers will find every plot-hole, complain about anything that doesn't make sense and spot every mistake. Fantasy is all about the small details This is why I am seeking help before I shop it around and have them tell me it still needs work lol. It's 86500 words aprox. so this is not a proof read of a short story.
  2. Hey guys, it's been a long time! I'm still pastoring, now in Texas. My CS days are long behind me but my kids carry on the tradition lol. Anyway I wrote a book. I know it's sort of a long shot but does anyone know someone who is an experienced copy/creative editor for large projects and won't kill me with cost? I'm wrapping up my third and final self edit in the next day or two and then will need someone who understands the ebb and flow of the fantasy genre to rip me a new one lol. Thanks in advance
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