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  1. If you were in the league last year please check in here so we know you're playing. AS STATED PREVIOUSLY DRAFT DAY WILL BE LABOR DAY NO IFS, ANDS, OR BUTTS (especially big ones) IF you are not in the league but want to be on the list for players who may not show up POST HERE first come first served as a replacement team!
  2. Reports all indicated Rawls would go- Probable tag - reported he participated in practice in full....... all smoke screen ty Pete Carrol how about that pass in the superbowl you friggin.......GHALAGHL:AHGLGAL:G
  3. OK fella's as demanded last year the Draft will be on Labor Day.....its in stone. Labor Day from here on out...... now just looking at the time..... I already have a 11 am est draft @ work I'm thinking 6?
  4. Anyone returning from last year or restarting the GC League??
  5. So far I've heard from ... tbt mustard flitter reomet
  6. Anyone know what happened to Mr. Mustard? I know he's playing fantasy with you guys, so I wonder if anyone is in touch with him. He PM'd me about 8 days ago and I responded, but he hasn't been online since he PM'd me.
  7. Is Week 3 too early to say my team hates me and I should quit? Congrats to the glut of 2-0 teams!
  8. also of note I added a WR/RB/TE slot so keep that in mind I'm setting for the moment August 28th (Sunday) 5 pm eastern.... post disgruntlement below
  9. Ok so everyone has re-upped this year except for Lookback........ Lookback please report to the commissioners office! if you are confused I sent the original request around April. In Lookbacks case I sent another invitation today.
  10. Lawd I hope not. I dont think I can handle 3 GC 2nd places in 2 years.. I needz da win!
  11. Good luck to Omahahaha and Boiler's Team!! A fun season of FF as always! As promised, whoever wins will receive a paid years membership for gc. Ryan or Symon, please let me know your forum tags so that I can get the info and payment to the peeps in charge. Again GG it was fun!!! -MrMustard
  12. At least I go out with a BANG! Highest score I've ever achieved...and the game is still going on!
  13. Drop 150 the week before. First round of playoffs? Just so much suck. A perfect storm of suck. Congrats to the winners and so on, best of luck in yonder final game.
  14. I'm inexplicably facing Flitterkill in both leagues this week. One is a matchup of unbeatens, the other... not so much. Starts tonight! Here's hoping Le'Veon and Steve Smith get ALL OF THE TOUCHES. FK, wanna trade for Smith again this season?
  15. I just realized something. I went to change my roster up a bit, and realized every player not owned is on waivers......WHY? I've never seen a league use this option. No Free Agents??
  16. What is up with all these crazy high scores everyone is getting!? This is my 2nd week in a row with over 140 pts. I see others are over 120 and 130. This is nuts.
  17. #2 There are 9 scoring positions per team. 6 of mine scored, in total, 7.1 points.
  18. I wanted to see if we could change the roster positions to include a RB/WR position so we don't have 6 benches. It'll add a bit more depth to the matchups since we only have 6 players. Also, are there two more ppl willing to join?
  19. 18 posts 1 topics Joined March 14, 2014 Ok I screwed something up and had to recreat the league. Try this on instead! https://yho.com/nfl?...ad1e6ba0cf23119 Like This Back to top Quote MultiQuote Delete Hide Edit Report https://yho.com/nfl?...ad1e6ba0cf23119 provided by Mr.Mustard
  20. Draft September 9th Wednesday @ 9 PM Eastern. I've tried 3 different dates/ times already got negative or no feed back on all 3 so here we go. This date is the eve of the NFL season no backing away from there. Here is your randomly assigned Draft Order
  21. Sent invites to all of last years participants. Check those inboxes ladies and gentlemen!
  22. ...for someone to something something football etc. Training camps start rocking in two weeks.
  23. Boilers of course. In the Deuce. I put up less than a hundred points nine times this year. Boilers only four. In a brutal fantasy weekend for who knows how many, boilers had his QB (Luck) go for just 2 and some change (vs 20+ projected), had a wide miss his projected by a fraction of a point and the rest of his roster rocking all expectations and then some. TBT underperformed at every roster spot. 137.16 vs 71.98 The list of QB's scoring over 20 points this week? Sanchez, Orton, Newton, Rivers, Eli Manning, Romo, Kaepernick, Tannehill, and Wilson. I doubt anyone would have chosen that slate of QB's for championship day. Peyton Manning 16.44 Rodgers 14.72 Brees 13.32 Flacco 13.30 Brady vs. the Jets! 11.28 Luck 2.36 Harsh.
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