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  1. Looks like my team got auto drafted. I dnt have time to manage it this year. If someone wanted in this year, they can have my team. I'll see about adding them as manager.
  2. Hey guys, I'm out this year. Too much other stuff going on. Sorry for the non existent notice, just saw the email regarding the draft. Good luck this year and have fun. My team was IR All stars. Hopefully someone can fill the gap.
  3. Is Week 3 too early to say my team hates me and I should quit? Congrats to the glut of 2-0 teams!
  4. Great participation in the draft tonight! It's awesome that we only had one auto-drafter in the league this year. Definitely makes things more interesting and entertaining. As I predicted in the draft, Yahoo hates me and for the second or third straight year I have been given a C draft grade and predicted to finish dead last in the league. Huzzah!
  5. Any chance we can push back the time a few hours? 4pm is too early and I'll still be stuck in a car from the holiday weekend
  6. I'm good with 9 on a weeknight, except Tuesday and Friday
  7. Late to the party here, I know, but I can't do Saturday the 3rd or Friday night before either. Stupid out of town wedding is screwing up my schedule. I could do this coming Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday the 4th. Hell I could still do tonight at 5. ETA: Is League 1 not a thing anymore? Looks like it hasn't been renewed.
  8. I got screwed every other conceivable way last week for both teams, so I'm not surprised by this. I really hate fantasy football sometimes.
  9. I'm inexplicably facing Flitterkill in both leagues this week. One is a matchup of unbeatens, the other... not so much. Starts tonight! Here's hoping Le'Veon and Steve Smith get ALL OF THE TOUCHES. FK, wanna trade for Smith again this season?
  10. Guess we'll need to reschedule the draft and drag someone else in here. I'm free any of the next few evenings except tomorrow (Monday). The other league drafts Wednesday night at 9pm eastern, FYI.
  11. So, like, I thought the draft was happening in 25 minutes? Looks like it was changed to auto draft or something... Hm, it appears there is an odd number of teams now and the league won't start. Is one more coming?
  12. Earlier Sunday would be fine (5 is pushing it for me), Monday would possibly be doable as well.
  13. I would prefer not Sunday if at all possible - I have in-laws over for dinner that night and can't disappear for an hour at 7pm. I also joined the other league, which I see drafts at 3pm on Sunday. That's fine with me, but I can't do the later time for this league.
  14. I'm in league 2, was also in league 1 last year. I'll join this one as well if it needs numbers to fill up the league, but won't take a spot if someone else wants one that isn't in league 2.
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