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  1. Lunk

    Head Hunters Challenge Team Sign Up! Rosters here!

    I'll be on your team Monkey. Just out this weekend.
  2. Lunk

    With the wipe on the horizon.....building plans

    Looking at the first floor, it appears there will be triangle inner walls at the ends to re-enforce those ends. Correct?
  3. Try again. You should be good to go.
  4. Thanks Stutters! I think I'll give the tomato firmware a try.
  5. While I'm here asking questions today. What's a good AMD CPU & Motherboard these days? I haven't kept up with all the changes. What's a good Vid Card also?
  6. What's a good gaming router for under $100? If possible one that I can throttle thru put for certain users. I'm tired of my ping sky-rocketing every time my wife or daughters hop onto FB, YouTube or whatever other place they deem important on the internet.
  7. Lunk

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my GC family, from an old timer!
  8. Lunk

    GO on a MAC

    Should have known, I'd hear from the peanut gallery.
  9. Lunk

    GO on a MAC

    Has anyone tried playing GO on a MAC? Specifically a MacBook? Just wondering if it's worth my time to install it on mine. Just figured it's newer than my pc and was hoping I might get better results. Let's hear it.
  10. Lunk

    The Great Member Purge

    Would someone please explain what happened to my admin access? As my name is not on the list and I received no notification.
  11. It will probably run exactly the same as Source. Surprisingly it does!
  12. Ok, I'm downloading this game atm. Will give it a shot. Hope my 7 year old pc can handle it. Somebody gift me a new pc.
  13. Lunk

    What GC member would you like to fight with.

    I would suggest you pack a lunch. Let me take that back. You wouldn't last that long......... Hey, I may be old. But, I'm no push over.