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Keralis last won the day on February 15 2014

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    Zurich, Switzerland
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    CS:GO CSS Bioshock Metro Assassins Creed TF2 CoD Battlefield
    Pretty much an all around gamer
    Don't count one to be good at any of those games though
  1. Keralis

    CSGO Knife Giveaway Contest

    I hate you... I opened 10 winter offensive crates; all I got was a couple stattrak galils, a few m249s. and a nova rising skull...
  2. Keralis

    I disagree

    Great job Marvin. You've demonstrated how sophisticated and smart you are through the use of google dictionary. And if anyone here is being ignorant, it would be you. Firstly, I said that I don't follow your logic on how me asking you if you banned me was complaining, not if making this post was complaining. And no, I still don't follow your logic on how asking you if you banned me is complaining. Now you're just trying to sway off to me making this thread, which is in fact, a complaint because I disagree with the reasons of the ban. I never said I wasn't complaining in this thread, but you said I was complaining when I talked to you in chat. Secondly, yes, this is to complain about the way you handled the situation because I feel that it is blatantly ridiculous how you handled it. I'm quite sure I made that clear from the beginning. Regardless, I'm not going on this thread anymore, for this is starting to actually offend me. P.S. If you can lock this thread, that'd be great. I think I've made my point now.
  3. Keralis

    I disagree

    I don't follow that logic. All of the sudden asking if you were banned is complaining? LOGIC!
  4. Keralis

    I disagree

    So saying dude did you ban me (which was a legitimate question as I thought it might have been a mistake) is all of the sudden complaining?
  5. Keralis

    I disagree

    Apparently, THIS is complaining...
  6. Keralis

    I disagree

    "complaining"? That's a bit ridiculous, I don't that that conversation was anywhere NEAR complaining.
  7. Keralis

    I disagree

    I'm trying to say this in the most respectful way possible: I don't comprehend how you can take a position on this, cat. You weren't there, so I don't think it's fair for you to take a position on this. Also, hate to be that guy, but doesn't this clearly say "If you weren't involved, DO NOT POST". I can understand how marvin can take a position in this as he was there (even though I don't agree with him). You've probably already heard this many times before, but this seems like a clear example on how admins are sticking up for admins blindly. Sorry if I sounded rude in this, I was only being honest.
  8. Keralis

    CS:GO Latest Update: WarOwl video.

    "Increased Desert Eagle accuracy recovery by 2.5%" That's actually a nerf if you think about it, it's increasing the time you have to wait before you shoot another bullet. Sneaky valve
  9. Keralis


    yeah but esea costs money, and i'm broke
  10. Keralis

    I disagree

    Being a team player... There's a reason I just derp around on pubs, it's because it's a pub. It's not like it's hardcore serious gaming or anything. No idea what you mean by "bad attitude", but whatever. Agree to disagree, right?
  11. Keralis

    I disagree

    OK, before you even start reading this, I'm going to let you know that this is going to offend some people. Sorry, but it's how I truly feel, so if you don't want to know be offended, I recommend you don't read this. Also, another disclaimer. This is not going to be an apology because I find the reason I got banned to be a load of crap. This is just to let you know that I disagree with the reason I got banned, nor do I expect to be unbanned by this. Basically what happened yesterday was that I was derping around on the server. Someone asked what GC stood for, and I jokingly said "garbage collecotrs". Apparently, (here comes the offensive part) some admins have an inability to understand humour and jokes. Clearly, this server is 100% serious and no jokes are allowed. (more offensive parts coming up, turn away now if you want) Sure, you can argue that it's "disrespectful" or something, but let me ask you, are you actually offended that I said that? You see many comedians say racist things but no one cares. Why? Because people know he is joking. And I'm not going anywhere near being racist with that comment. Basically, it's socially acceptable for comedians to be racist but not acceptable for me to make a barely even offensive joke. Seriously, I can't even begin to understand how someone can take such a trivial statement like that as an offence, but even if you were offended, I'm pretty sure you knew it was a joke. I think some of you admins need to get a sense of humour
  12. Keralis


  13. Keralis

    Happy Valentines Day

    Happy forever alone for another year day
  14. Keralis

    CSGO Knife Giveaway Contest

  15. Keralis

    CSGO Knife Giveaway Contest

    Congrats Marvin...