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  1. So today i was playing with a few friends on your csgo servers, when my friend was suddenly banned permanently for saying the following: "My house is a Christian Establishment" commenting on his personal life, NOT the server. So basically he wasn't breaking ANY rules. Now i really didn't like this admin very much anyway. Later, I continued on the server. Until this happened: So now I'm confused. First, my friend is banned for talking about his own life. Then, he starts slapping somebody repeatedly for about 2 whole rounds, and for no good reason. Hope that this gets resolved ASAP. To be honest, some of my least favorite people on servers are abusive staff, which basically kills my mood to even play on that server, and what good's a server with no players? Just doing my part to make this community better.
  2. This topic is to gauge interest in seeing if any of the L4D2 side of the community would like to ascend to the promise land of CSGO. I KNOW some of you have this game but never play it. I play just about everyday on death match which is instant respawn on death and there are plenty of new guys on that mode so you don't have to feel ashamed if you only get one kill and 15 deaths. If anyone wants to practice, I'm down. Send an add. You can't play L4D2 forever.
  3. The server went nuts when it dropped for me. Sold for nearly $100 in less than 2 minutes. Shaftiel
  4. Valve has decided to limit everyones max download capabilities. They left a way for you to increase it though Why is that important? We cannot run all the maps we want to if you cannot DL very large and sweet maps like de_haunts. So do this..........or you'll be on the sidelines! So how do you fix it? Go to your Steam game library right click on Counter Strike: Global Offensive and select properties Then Choose "Set Launch Options" In the launch options box you should type/or copy and paste: -maxdownloadfilesizemb 250 QUICK NOTE the command line in the first screen shot is incorrect. The one typed above and shown below are correct! kudos to Flitterkill for finding this
  5. We need a discussion about our map rotation and voting practices on the GC pub. *We're all here to have fun. Please don't get mad.* I think we need to simplify our map rotation. Cut down on the number of maps and put in a solid rotation of popular maps like office, contra, nuke, etc. to increase the amount of people coming and *staying*. I don't think the map voting is working well. Too many options, and things like dust2 always win. I feel like I'm playing the same 3-4 maps over and over. I'm sure other people can jump in and say stuff. I'm not alone, am I? Can we add rock the vote?
  6. Keep an eye out for this guy. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198151572825/ "kerfuffles" STEAM_1:1:95653548 I believe Sant has a demo.
  7. go1.gamrs.co:27015 go1.gcftw.com:27015 Both will redirect correctly to the primary GC CSGO pub server. Longer version if you need it: gccsgo1.game.nfoservers.com:27015 Other CSGO servers still being built up. Also, the Gametracker monitors are a bit wonky right now with some IP swaps. It'll get sorted soon enough.
  8. Please help, I've been banned from your CSGO server. I threw a grenade and hit friendlies. I must have TK'd one of them but I didn't notice before I was kicked and banned. This mistake most likely happened because I was getting about 80% choke and very high packet loss at the time. My ping was hitting about 300. There were about 2 or 3 other people in my house using the internet, so I shouldn't have been playing under those conditions in the first place. I was banned on June 1st @ 7pm on the map entitled Inferno. I apologize for the mistake. I'm often a team leader, not someone who attacks teammates. This was entirely a mistake. If you're able to check, I was likely leading the team in kills when I was kicked/banned so you know I'm not one of the those people who TK's others. Can you please allow me back? Your server has sweet ping!. My steam name is Sgt. Taylor I believe my ID is STEAM_1:0:62187652 Thanks so much for your time.
  9. I saw the L4D2 thread and decided we should have one too. Off the top of my head some people I haven't seen in a long time. Mookie Koreanheat Dom Dragonfire Peklz Stanley Staemer Lousiest CID Mr Monkey Mrs Monkey The Cheat Markie Feel free to add more and get them to play if you can! Sorry, if I forgot anyone. There was a lot of players when the CSS server was up.
  10. I have some basics questions to be asked. I think it's just 2 atm. 1. Team killing : Yesterday late afternoon some guy killed at least about 4 people in spawn. Never saw if he was automatically kicked/ban by console for TK, but he left because someone tried to initiate the votekick so he most likely left. Question is, are TK's automatically banned by console or whatever or only by admins? 2.) "Stats" damage dealt to an enemy (when you have been killed) : Not a request but is this defaulted by a game that is shown basically for 1 sec or so? Thanks
  11. Not sure if it will happen again but just now when I went into first peson view the person is frozen and cannot move. I went on to spec different people and they will just stop moving.
  12. As some people know, I've been trying to use smokes more and wondering if one-way smokes are allowed? Is it considered an exploit? Example http://imgur.com/a/eRpZl
  13. why there is no fadetoblack in gc CSGO server?
  14. I know you guys have said that since dropping down to 64 tic that your 'hits' got better... But ever since then my gaming has gone down on the GC server.. I've played a few times on a 128 tic server, and I was a lot better.. I was registering a lot more hits, even against really good players. So I dunno, that's the only thing i can attribute my horribleness now on the GC server. Because I was doing ok, then all of a sudden I took a nose dive, then I found out that you dropped it to 64 tic the same time that was happening to me... Anyhoo, I strongly urge you to be sure you've researched all avenues and information when you say your registration is a lot better, not sure what all of that would entail. Just want to be sure your information is accurate in that statement. Because I seem to be the exception for some reason lol Thank you
  15. Just a reminder that it is a ban-able offense to shoot me on GC servers. Please remember that since I may start playing again. Oh, and P-90's are made from the Devils own defecated vomit. That is all. Shaftiel
  16. Yes, you read that title right. As many of you currently know, I've got two knifes. I've only been using my StatTrak M9, so I figured there's no need for the other one to collect dust. Here are a couple screenshots, didn't want to put them in here because they're huge. Condition is "Battle-Scarred". http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3300312291146584170/E5C7206B7611C6D89D3E3357CCFC5F53962D3BC7/ http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/3300312291146586047/A1C7ADBEDDE3FD9460D6DED39D9F1142F4ED9494/ The Contest - Best CSGO Screenshot What and who defines best? I've reached out to a few non CSGO players to act as impartial judges on my behalf. As for the what, that's really open to interpretation. Funny body placement on a kill? Triple TK nade? Flashbang kill? You make the call! The Rules: The contest will end on Tuesday, February 11th at 11:59 PM Eastern Time. Limit of TWO entries per person. Only the first TWO entries will count toward the contest, so make them count. Adding a caption to an image IS allowed. Screenshots MUST be taken on our CSGO Competetive Server. Contest is not limited to paying members, it's open to everybody in the community. The winner will be announced Saturday, February 15th to allow plenty of time for our judges. If you have any questions post them up. Rules are open to be tweaked if absolutely necessary. Start posting those screenshots anytime, contest opens now! Oh, also, second prize will be a one year membership paid by me. Admin or member, doesn't matter.
  17. I just tried Altpug today when CMM servers went down, and had a pretty good experience! Just 5 minutes to setup. Jumped in a scrim of mirage and season. 128 tic servers organized by loc. I might be doing this more.
  18. We're going to be testing a CSGO server in Dallas out for at least a month. Right now it's max 8v8 with 2 reserve slots, classic casual, scopeless. gccsgod.game.nfoservers.com I'll be uploading maps in the near future. What would you guys like to see? Switch to competitive? Allow awps? Let's hear some suggestions!
  19. I made a youtube channel just to share this. It's pretty stupid and shows how bad I am, but my teammates were cracking up like mad when it happened. -- Bara
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