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  1. Any GCers playing Legion?

  2. All future maps and heroes will be free.
  3. Turn hates it with a passion so we don't speak about it in public.
  4. Most important thing is the sensor. http://zowie.benq.com/mice No gimmicks, plug and play Pre 2012 Razer deathadder is actually good if you don't use their new driver platform. Logitech sucks!
  5. Swap the 980 for 1070 or 1080 when they come out.
  6. Extra Tales from the Borderlands key for Steam, PM me

  7. 3 hour work commute. A new record!

  8. I would play as John Redcorn or Kahn.
  9. Anyone playing the Division?

    1. JackieChan
    2. onyxdragoon


      Someone gifted it to me, uplay name is jvbuoy

  10. Farb account hacked?

  11. Gender Lock works in their lore though. The ninja class is split into Ninja/Konuichi, they have a lot of similar moves but a few differences. Valkyrie are usually female throughout different games and norse mythology. After playing the game for a bit, I like it for everything you can do but not enough free time to actually get into it.
  12. Thanks, I actually got one earlier but I know someone who would like use it
  13. I'll take a guest pass if you still got one
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