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  1. It doesn't exactly match anything around here but you probably can't miss the Discord widget on the side. Discord = pretty much the future of game comms. Text and voice. I think we're gonna move all in and I (we) have plans for some wack bot integrations. Pushing out round stats, special event flares, etc. all into the text channels. Honestly, too much to even iterate thru right now. If you know what Slack is Discord is that - plus voice, in-game overlays, Twitch integration, Battlenet soon, and moar. So you folks might want to get on-board now. Eventually we'll close down the mumbles. Observant types might have heard me drone on over the past year or so about upgrading this forum community and so on. Our tiny little server logo you'll see when you hook up on our Discord server will give you a glimpse of the re-branding. If you have problems joining our server just yell at the usual suspects. Most/all of the board members are hooked up. And yes, since this is a totally wide open combined text chat and voice chat system we'll be needing to get rolling on mod permissions, hosts, and so on. We can make any channel for text/voice that is needed. Just a single for text right now though; more later. Web page app plus native for Win 10/8/7, Mac, and you can keep the fun rolling along on your Android phone too. There is a single bot active (might be naughty at times) which I just threw on to get the party started. Try not to abuse it (or abuse it against GC conduct standards...) Click the button on yonder widget to get going or check it out manually here: https://discordapp.com/
  2. The good news? Mumble server is now 50 slots. Enjoy. The bad news is that the same DDoS attacks nuking Xbox Live and PSN nets the last few days are probably related to any other gaming internets troubles you may have been having; here at GC or elsewhere. From NFO servers: "We are again seeing a very high level of DDoS activity today at most locations. PSN, XBox Live, and BF3/BF4 were also taken offline by large DDoS attacks today and it could easily be the same attacker hitting our customers here. We are working to mitigate these as best we can. Generally, what is happening is that the target has to be null-routed temporarily, and other customers see some packet loss until it fully takes effect (upstream of us)." So, there ya go. Will be the new normal for a time.
  3. Hi Everyone! GC is looking to beef up our MOTD design and we want you to help! Submit your designs from now until September 5th and the best design will be used across all our precious servers. PLUS The winner gets a free year of membership (or admin depending on status)! Some key points about what we are looking for: - It will be rebuilt in html so be prepared to supply assets if you make it as an image - it should be clean and similar (color wise) to forum designs - It should have links to stats, forums and rules - it should have a short list of rules within it (feel free to put placeholders) - should have room for gc name/logo and server name Good Luck!
  4. Someday soon, like real soon, we'll be moving this website to new digs. DONE! Please post any bugs/missings/upload fails/etc. in this thread. Thx. We've been with FutureHosting for a few years now but needs and times change and for what we need they no longer have anything that fits our budget (or at least we can get moar elsewhere) The newness is better of course. Dedicated cores vs shared cores. Same memory. More than double the HD space. Nginx, Zend Opcache, etc. We've upgraded the game servers, time to up our web game as well. That means at some vague unannounced time the web will be down, and then it will be back up. There *might* be some missing things here and there but nothing that can't be replaced. There also might be some of the usual chop as we figure out what to cache and what to use to cache it and all that jazz. SSL certs (blah) need redoing. Ton of junk. But M0M is on a staycation right now so the timing for all this couldn't be better.
  5. UPDATE: 645PM EASTERN WE ARE REBUILDING CSGO SERVERS. GONNA BE A BIT LONGER FOR YOU GUYS. If your favorite server is offline for a bit this afternoon don't fret! You guys are so awesome we feel like we need to reciprocate. We've got two VDS game servers with NFO; one for the L4D2'rs, the other for CSGO folks. Both of them are dual core machines with dedicated memory and cpu and honestly we don't put either of them to their full use as is. But that's no reason not to DOUBLE OUR PLEASURE!!! Each machine is now has a dedicated (to us) Quad-Core, 4 gigs of RAM, 400 GIG of RAID-backed HD, and a ton of bandwidth! Gives us room for a TF2 server easily enough and space for more servers of whatever we desire (immagunnamakealegacyUT2K4ONSserveragain). Provisioning and movement take time. Hour or two. Servers offline during this period. Might not be perky when they come back online until admins poke things. That is all. -Fk
  6. Well hello there! Let's keep this to the point for the time being. 1) Flat, squared design. 2) Enhanced menu system. More to come there. FYI the Member Center option has a lot of nulled links. Gonna tighten up some posts and a pages before opening them up. 3) Yes pages! For each server. And some other stuff too. Source Bans easy to get to; ditto for l4d2 stats. And so on. Minecraft page has the DynMap and so on. 4) Awards? Yep. Some for being a GC server veteran (going way back too, got one for 1.6). And so on. Turn it on tomorrow? Something like that. Small text bits for now. Maybe make it fancy flashy later. Maybe. You'll see. 5) Some mods didn't make the cut. The flashy member icons up top on the front page? Those will kinda come back in a bit. Want to get your new topics freak on? The view New Content choice has always been the bestest option. 6) Quotes system! That bit on the top left is a random pull from the quotes db. We, meaning you and I, will be adding to it with quotes and info bits from the games we love to play and choice community quotes from our times together on the servers and such. You'll be able to get access to this tomorrow-ish sometime. 7) The right side of the above is just a bit to keep you up to date on whatevers related to GC. 8) Uhhhh, vague mutterings about CSS and other template edits to be made yet... etc... Work in progress muter mutter... 9) Member Map is working again. The dickery of Google has struck again when they changed their maps API a few months back. Mod author has it up on Bing Maps now. Swanky, but the mod rewrite is in beta still meaning we're stuck with the circle map markers for now. The add/delete/change buttons do work but I have to poke the css or something - click the bottom of the buttons to get them to click. Also, once you change something give it 5 to 10 seconds to refresh on through. 10) The skin collapses and displays well on tablets *but* some of the server pages I need to adjust the div sizes to get them to float correctly on smaller tablets (1000x1000 resolutions and lower, meaning my Androided HP Touchpad) 11) Forum changes imminent. Tightening up, mergings, etc. Tommorow-ish as well. 12) Google ads. After the first post in the topic. Currently for everyone experimentally; might/probably will be turned off for Coalition Members and above. Maybe. Since its Google, the ads seen are going to be determined by your surfings not so much our content. If you see something you don't want to see click the "X" in the top right of the ad. That tells Google that they kinda missed the mark and you'll never see that one again (probably). 13) Backgrounds. Hit the paintbrush in the top right. Skyrim winter default choice out of four. The rest are stock. Those will change with the times. 14) The Steam/Xbox hovers will be back. Just not right now. Other news = Rust server is live, the tournaments mod we have is finally getting into action with community 3v3 CSGO ladder and a 4v4 L4D2 ladder. This stuff will be mostly casual, no more than one match a week, probably less. We'd rather have you on the pub servers mostly; not looking to make everyone all scrim scrim scrim. Good enough for now, lets turn this thing back on... -Fk PS: Don't like someone's signature? When you hover over the sig you'll see an "X" appear over on the right. Click it and you will never see that person's signature again. PSS: Typically gaming communities rock dark forum skins. Old Man Clueless wants a light skin. I reversed the colors on this skin in Photoshop and it t'wernt bad. But that's a thing for much later. PSSS: Forgot one other neat thing. Right above the author's name and avatar on the first post. Two small icons. You can turn off all the user profile stuff and just have the forum text displayed.
  7. I've got a handful of large FragFest tee-shirts coming back at me (tomorrow?) and those will be going in the store. Shipping is a go but I do have to get the account stuff set up on this end. And I should probably package some of those pints up and get some shipping costs set up eh? That's be a good idea. Store has been refreshed, work that needed to be done regardless of any impending web server move and IPB upgrading - figured I'd just do it now. SSL connections are working but for some reason when you are browsing it drops back to regular HTTP. You're still fine when checking out though so no worries. PayPal and debit/credit with Stripe as usual. FFO 2013 photos are trickling into our gallery - check check it here: http://gamerscoaliti...fest-ohio-2013/ Days away we are from 500,000 posts. What else... Been a bit with all the FFO stuff since we've culled the member and admin herd of non-renewals. Needs to be doing that soon. Baloosh! Baloosh - I think we need to get you back up to speed. Be proud though, a permanent store item is named forever in your honor. Uhh.... Stutters stole someones rightfully earned Galaga badge so I would make him one for pinballs. That's not nice. If you haven't read the FFO afters threads you should get in on that to see what you missed. People are still vague regarding tournaments and games and who won this or that. We've given them a couple days now to recover - time for them to make with the details right? Skyrim is fun and has distracted me from my Fallout New Vegas second run through so I could hit all the DLC. Gonna be awhile... Does anyone have a real solution to the CS:GO server? Would anyone like to start running other servers? Lord knows we've got the juice. Probably more to say but it's been two days of store work and no Skyrim. Let me rectify that now... -Fk PS: Contributing Members and Admins get one week of "dibs" on all new merch in the GC Emporium. Regular forum members won't even see the items in the store until then. That's a quality perk.
  8. Well, maybe not available yet. I still need to arrange, sort, prep shipping, price, etc... But yes. They're real and they're spectacular. How many? Went with 200 for our first run. That gives us 50 sets of four which is the quantity these will probably be offered at; possibly a few sets of two. We'll see. 167 black. 33 white. Call the white limited edition special collectors versions if you like but that's all there is (Lies! There were two misprints. One black. One white. Not sure what will become of those...) Due to the limited number of the white pints those will probably be limited to 1 per order (if you want a white one that is) Let's go to the pictures... You'll notice the logo was slightly altered. You may have noticed this earlier as the revised version has been up as the forums logo for a few weeks now. Added another key in the lower right. Better centered the keyboard on the circle skull. Tweaked the grunge effects all around. Made the WASD stars the same style as the top and bottom star lines. Oh, and the historian in me decided to invoke my inner Futurama bureaucrat and changed the established date from 2004 to 2003. It was early/mid December 2003 when GC arrived. Rounding to 2004 makes sense. But then again, screw it, technically correct is the best kind of correct so 2003 it is. Also changed the established font style. How do they look? For the white ones, which came out a lot better than I thought they would, if its a dark liquid it's really spectacular. If it's a light colored liquid it is a resounding "meh". Part of the reason why there are fewer white printed pints than black. Black though, of course looks great with light colored liquids and with dark liquids within the logo becomes this barely perceptible dark metallic grey sheen. I approve of the look though it will not be visible from long (or medium) distances. That's a half-coffee/half-milk concoction on the left in the above pic btw. Here's some more looks. So these will hit the storefront "soon". Ideally I push out a tee-shirt order call-out for odd sizes and garments in a few days and hold off on letting these glasses move until the shirts arrive so as to "combine the shippings" as it were. Then again, if people want to eat shipping for the pints now and again for the shirts later who am I to judge? Prices? Prices? Ehh... Let me mull that over a bit once I get the shipping arrangements boxed/weighed/priced. Obligatory non-continental USA residents warning! Your shipping will probably suck. Sorry. That's it. Thanks for looking. Xmas is coming. Just saying...
  9. http://www.gametracker.com/clan/gamerscoalition/ We've had this awhile and I've not checked it as often as I should. Updated: newest logo, added all lingering membership apps, updated news better pointing to our forums. If you use gametracker and want to be added to the GC group just hit that link above and add yourself. I'll make a point to approve apps more regularly. I still need to claim and add the CSGO, match servers, and the MC server to our group. As for our GC steam group... That's a mess right now as no one on the board (possibly currently in GC) actually run those (There might be two of them). Not JC's L4D2 Steam group; the over-all GC group. Yeah, we do have one (or two) of those.
  10. Well it only took seven-plus years to actually get around to turning these things out. Sure, there were FragFest Ohio shirts, but, not the same. These will be up in the store sometime in March. The store is not live yet. We've just secured an SSL certificate (not producing our own, this is, ya know, legit and stuff) meaning any page we kickout in https: format will register as and actually be secure. Meaning your credit card info is safe in transit. Yes, we will now be taking credit cards along with paypal for payments for not only the shirts but also membership dues as well. As you've noticed the top of the forums has changed (again...). The game server browsers can no longer live in the upper right corner of the forums. The top of the forums is the global header and is used on every page in the forums. Including the forthcoming store front. Meaning SSL sez "Hey now!" and marks any https: page they are on as insecure as those banners are hosted off-site at GameTracker. So they had to be moved out of the header. For the moment, they are only on the board index. I'll push them to the other forum pages as I can. If you get any weird formatting errors while cruising the forums you'll need to just click refresh in your browser to force the new CSS formatting over. You may need to do this on each type of page (board index, topic index, topic view, posting page, etc.) It'll clear fast anyways if you don't. So yes... Tee-Shirts. Coinciding with our March Membership Drive. This is just a preliminary callout. Looking to get some rough numbers on quantity and sizes mainly. That will determine the how many and when of production. These will be real screened shirts, not digital whatzit. They are only one color after all. That color may be black ink or it may be white or perhaps both; depending upon shirt colors. If you are looking for long sleeves or hoodies that stuff is doable as well. Prices shipped to you (lower 48 states, elsewhere more) will vary depending upon the what and the quantity of what. Short-sleeve tees shipped to you will *probably* be in the $10-$15 range. Everything else will be more. As with all things GC we aren't looking to swim in a large pile of money but we must cover costs and would like to rake in a tiny amount of jack to sprinkle upon our gameservers (I mean, you do realize what will happen around here when CS:GO drops right?) All we need from you at the moment is to take a look at the mockup and if you are interested post up number and sizes. I'll tally in this post as a rough guestimate we'll use for production (if anything, just for the ratio of M-L-XL-Bloaty) There will almost certainly be extras avail after initial production in the store but once we get through the first wave of people who actually pre-order, sizes and colors remaining will vary... So welcome to the first GC Tee-Shirt Pre-Pre-Ordering. The stars will be better grunged as will the wasd keys. Outside of that, there it is.
  11. Just a heads up on some store changes. We're using Stripe now for Credit/Debit charges. MC, Visa, AmEx, etc. All good. International cards as well. Advantages? Cheaper swipe fees meaning more of your money stays with GC. Also, your credit card numbers are NOT stored by us. Technically, your number will never even hit our server. Swipe is a pretty sweet thing; I approve. 2co, what we had used before, had security/fraud checking built in. To pick up a some of that slack, I've got us hooked up with MaxMind. They will address check cards, and so on and so forth. So much for your skeezy credit card scam. Really, I just don't see any fraud happening here - we don't really attract the type but safe is safe. We are *still* SSL secure when you check out - however, since the gametracker server monitors are in the forum header again, those graphics come from off-server, meaning you won't get the full green secure icon when checking out. Just whatever your browser displays for partially secure. It's still all good though. No worries. If this still wigs people out too much I can move the game server monitors down out of the header but things won't look as good and I'd probably leave them on the forum index only (otherwise I have to replicate the code in two more templates and change the code in three places anytime a server is changed/deleted/added) Fixed Store back up, see other post as to why pint glasses are not up yet (next week once FedEx is squared away)
  12. NOTE: Still pushing up backgrounds. There are more than three... Also, not sure why the background for the div segments is missing from the view new content page. Looking into it View New Content patched. ------------------------------------------ The truth is, I kinda took an hour or so and ate some food and watched some football. So, took a little bit longer than it should have. My bad. Off we go... 1) Bigger avatars. 120px wide. You can upload larger stuff on your profile page. The forums will resize as needed. You can also crop when you upload the image. 2) Xbox/Steam/Battletag hovers/links beneath avatars. Just look to the left at mine (I have no idea who Joe is - not me...). Just add the needed info on your profile page and they will appear. None, one, all, whatever. The Xbox and Steam buttons will not only bring up a hovercard displaying your info when you hover your cursor over the buttons, but clicking through will kick you to your respective Xbox and/or Steam profile pages. The Battletag button is just an image title hover for the time being. There isn't a unified Blizzard community profile thingy. You'll have to make do with just your Battletag popping up. Playstation and Wii are doable - if the demand is there I'll make it happen. 3) Graphical Tweaks. Member category icons you see underneath your avatar have been font altered. No big change there. I have improved the "view new content" link and the background picker icon to be much more visible. Yes, you can change the backgrounds here if you didn't already know that. Graphics next to the server monitors have been tweaked. Online in the forums bit is dithered green. Wow right? Uh... probably some other stuff too. EDIT: A lot of changed graphics have the same name as before. You'll need a forced page refresh or wait for your cache to recycle before they show up. 4) Featured Content. On the board index. Can't be missed. You'll try to ignore it... but you can't. So don't. 5) Xbox mod out, Gallery and Chat back. The Xbox community mod. Great idea, had 20 or so people put their stuff in, and.... that's about it. Not getting anywhere the use out of it we should. So out. Gallery is back. Mainly to serve as a FFO photo archive but it's wide open. Have fun. 5 person chat active as well. If there is demand we can easily open it up to more users. 6) Corner Graphics. See that graphic in the upper right of this post? I've got the Galaga high score. That graphic reminds you of that. If there are other "king of the hill" things you can think of I've got room for more of these things. Might have a corner badge for forum mods. Maybe. You want that Galaga one? Beat my high score. There can be only one. BTW, there will be a forums/etc. achievements awards thingy showing up "soon". Will be underneath your forum avatar. Just not now. 7) Store has Gifting. I need to clean some stuff up there but yes, you can gift other members store credit now. Which is good because people just buying memberships for others is a giant pain in the... 8) Usual Speed Improvements. Etc., yadda, blither... Aren't there always speed improvements? Do any software companies promote software bloating and slowdowns? 9) New Backgrounds. Self explanatory. 10) Obligatory Bug and Still Tweaking Bullet Point. II'm still putzing with some stuff. If you see any obvious bugs or things I've missed let me know. I know that board index sidebar block that announces the last few forum joins has had its formatting borked. Same with the Member Map popups. Post prefixes need some love. On my punch list.
  13. Substantial jump in version number: 3.2.3 to 3.3.4. Just in time for IPB 4.0 to start hitting beta. Still, best to let things settle in bug-wise before making the jump - especially since I hack at our underlying skin; a big pain otherwise for point-revision upgrades. I'll save the big list of new/improved stuff for that post. This is just a heads up that I'll lock the forums down while this is shaking out. You'll get the usual forums closed message, etc. Probably start some vague time after Noon Eastern. Probably finish some vague time afterwards. New backgrounds, faster performance, etc. again, I'll save it for later. Once this gets pushed out, the backlog really starts to get hammered down (if that is what one does to backlogs...). Membership drive, FragFest date, membership cull and dues catch-up, second L4D2 server?, Minecraft back in shape, tee-shirts (good lord...) and so on... A tease? Sure... I did make the view new content and background switcher just a touch more obvious... And we finally have hover popups *and* links connecting your xbox live and steam profiles... I also made the "you are online in the forums" green bar dithered. Sooooo..... BAM! Also we're going bigger with avatars. Other stuff? Nothing earth-shattering but a few new features, tweaks and mods. Oh, and if you want to gift memberships to other people you'll be able to gift them GC store credit, then they can buy the membership themselves. No need for any staff to get involved. That's a good thing. EDIT: Oh yeah, you notice that the game servers and voice server graphics next to the server monitors on the board index were missing this last week? Yeah, that was me. I actually had those image files linked to my sandboxed forum testbed. Instead of pushing them out into our production forums. And since we're done with 3.2.3, I don't really need that sandbox anymore. So I nuked it. making those images disappear. Sorry bout that.
  14. Ahhh March. Unseasonably warm and blissfully quiet; at least around here. Nice to see folks just having fun on the servers (or maybe everyone is still playing ME3...) Regardless, things will soon be hopping around here; above and beyond the insanity that is L4D2. May brings Diablo 3, June or July brings the train that will be CS:GO. Fall has Guild Wars 2.... Hell of a year. Tee-shirts are more or less set. We'll grab 40-50 of various sizes and colors and also one or two specific color combos. Lots of short sleeves; a few long sleeves. Specific styles if you pre-order. So, that said... All this gaming probably gonna make you thirsty. Clearly you need to rehydrate in style. Clearly. The graphic would be that large (perhaps just a smidge smaller) and of course the black and white would be glossy. A vague amount of approval would move these from the realm of "maybe" to "they're in the store now" -Fk (PS: March membership drive ends in two weeks. If you are looking to lose weight you can score some rewards - check out the thread down in the Fitness Center. Also Battlefield 3 lives again.)
  15. STORE IS FULLY LIVE! dues@gamerscoalition.com IS GONE! If you PayPal money to that address nothing will ever happen. It will say you sent money and..... that's it. We won't get it and it will never be claimed by anyone. All membership renewals and joins go through the store now. When you near your membership renewal dates you'll be spammed at your contact address. Miss renewing? You'll be automatically bumped back down to regular forum member. To celebrate this dubious milestone, the membership drive is extended through April (that and just about everyone who is renewing in March forgot... time to fire up the email cannon...) You'll see the link to the store in the main forum menu, next to the member map (you have put your location on the membermap haven't you?) CREDIT CARDS CAN NOW BE USED! GO INTO DEBT FOR GC! YAY! PayPal and all major credit cards are good to go. Make sure to let me (Fk) know if there are any problems, this is new territory for us, might be problems...
  16. Which could mean tomorrow, or the next couple of days... Forums will be down for a number of hours. Could be of the quantity "many" New look, many new features, good times. Will update progress on our constantly used and ever entertaining Twitter and Facebook accounts; there will also be a forums closed message I'll update now and then for those not all up in the social medias. Your precious avatars? Yeah, they'll be wiped. On the plus side there no longer are both avatars and profile photos. Just one image to rule them all (and be re-used and re-sized everywhere). So spend some time musing over your new 120x120 GC look.
  17. There is a new menu option at the top of the forums. For all those up in the 360's, our forums are now pretty well and truly integrated with your Xbox life. This mod will display your current avatar, games owned, played, time played, currently playing, etc. etc. The mod also has a community (as in just us GC types) leaderboard (currently dividing by zero I suspect until someone actually gets on the board). Those of you wanting this for the PS3 will probably continue to cry as no such thing exists at the moment. Wii? Not sure... There will be additional background skins forthcoming but you can select from four that currently ship with the mod. Just click on settings in the mod to select a skin (click on the image for preview, click the text underneath to select)
  18. 1) I'll read your blither later Fk, what's the prize load out? ONE GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Logitech G510 Gaming keyboard. Multi-color backlit keys, make a billion and one macros, lcd center display, etc. Swanky. Grand Poo Bah also gets a mouse pad and a pc vidjah game... TWO NOT QUITE AS GRAND PRIZE WINNERS: A pc vidjah game and a fancy mouse pad. Each. ONE MYSTERY BOX WINNER: They can have a mouse pad too. The contents of the box? Good question... 2) Let's see this stuff before you start yapping about other stuff. Well the flyer shows them in small form. Click through the following for embiggened informations. Logitech G510 SteelSeries QcK Diablo III Barbarian Mouse Pad Bioshock 2 (PC; Boiler approved) 3) Sweet. This seems more than before... Well, maybe a touch. We've been doing well these past six months. A touch more swag for members was not out of order. 4) Rules? The usual. - Open to all the people who haven't paid in forever and new joins of course. - If you HAVE paid between APRIL 4TH(ish) and AUGUST 31ST you are already entered and good to go. Best of luck, etc... - If you would like a chance at this sweet swag but paid up during the Spring Membership Drive kick in $5 for a chance at the madness. - No you cannot buy admin for $30 unless your application was already approved before. Nice try. - October 2nd or 3rd we'll close it and roll for the winners. - Winners MUST give us a photo of their new swag when they get it. Let us all bask in your new found gaming wealth. Especially the mystery box winner... 5) Warnings? Well the mystery box ain't gonna kill anyone. But yeah. All those folks who have reserves or admin powers and haven't paid in forever. We've let it slide while we got this membership drive thing going. Slide no more. Early October we are nuking reserves and admin powers and bumping people back to regular forum membership if they ain't in good standing (i.e. paid up). Last call and all that... 6) And what do we get again with GC Membership? Reserves across all GC servers. Other stuff. Check out the GC Basics forum. 7) Any last words? I wanna read another thread now. Yeah, might as well throw a short community update out. At the moment we have TWO VPS gaming servers in Chicago. CSS Retro is now on the Linux one. L4D2 is on the Windows one. We have TWO DEDICATED gaming servers in Washington DC. Legacy UT2K4 ONS on one, the rambunctious Minecraft on the other. If that sounds like a lot of hardware for very few games congratulations! Your hearing and perception are quite good. We obviously have the space. Just saying... Welcome again all our new joins from CSS and L4D2 these last six months. I encourage you to drop in the forums now and then; the more you use them the better they get. In that vein a new version of forum software has been released. There will be substantial changes to the forum structure once we get rolling with it (end of the month perhaps?). A metric poop-ton of PC gaming delight is dropping in the next few months. Should be mucho fun for all (and brutal on the wallet; doubly so for those who have to upgrade der boxens) As always a hearty thankee to the TypeFrag/GameComm entity that continues to support us so well. Those DC servers are from them; along with the Vent of course. Remember that there aren't many GC-like communities out there. Free from the erosional blither of 12 (13, 14, ...21, 22...) year olds with new vocabulary. Supportive, hard playing, but ultimately fun servers. Let's keep keepin on then shall we? -Fk
  19. Better now? Still more crap to be done - a nip, a tuck, etc. This could go forever but who does have the time? So, what it is: 1) Upgrade from 3.1.2 to 3.1.4 More or less meaningless but hey, two points better amirite? This was released back in November 2010. On the ball this lad is... So much so that IPB 3.2 is now at Beta 2. Add a couple more betas and an RC or two and its there and back again for me. We still would have to wait for Skinbox to upgrade the underlying skin before I could start my insane scriblings upon it (you stay sane when Firefox renders in one order and Chrome in another). No matter, expect this fantabulous look to stick for a number of months. 2) New Semi-Professional Looking Logo Is it tee-shirt time perhaps? Perhaps... 3) Your profile look has changed... Yes it has. In topic view the width has been shunkified and the long threatened computer specs are now in place. GO UPDATE YOUR PROFILES! Also changed the logos and such for consoles and Steam. Your profile will not look completely swanky until you do. Notice how my profile looks all fine with the 120X120 Avatar? Hint... 4) New member badges. Admins get skulls. Because metal. I'm a bit loopy now but yeah, why not? No text descriptions accompany these badges. Not a member? None for you dear. Contributing Mr. or Ms. Awesome? Wear that GC circle proudly. All up in the adminz? Have some skulls (and now people will say, "Can I get a skull?" instead of saying "Can I get an Admin". Board gets a spiffy laurel. The three or so founders get the same logo but in glorious techno-color (and some pixel text). Tested across current Chrome, Firefox and IE browsers. I know nothing of your Operatic Apple ways. Leave me be. There is a current bug with either the skin or Chrome (currently being looked at by Skinground) in that the table that wraps the the lists of topics you see when you drill down into a forum, the upper right corner of that table is broke-ified. Not a big deal. Other problems, errors, high praise spew them forth here. If it wasn't time for bed I'd get a beer. But it is time for bed. Tah... -Fk EDIT: Before I slip off into blissful slumber I fogotified the other kind of obvious thing - the server monitors are back (duh...) Those little guys in the top left rotate about every 10 seconds or so. L4D2, Retro, Vent. Yes they also update the server stats automatically. I pronounce that forum addition "groovy". You may select another word for it. You go right ahead.
  20. Click me for the discussion topic on the membership drive.
  21. JackieChan and Shazz swear they not only will play constantly on a GC-branded TF2 server, they claim they will build it up to be such a spectacularly successful TF2 server that Spring will arrive early on the East coast and that physics researchers will announce no fewer than 32 new particles from experiments run by the Large Hadron Collider. I have my doubts about the early Spring though. -Fk
  22. Actually, we've had them for a loooong time but haven't been promoting it that much. The package we had was hosted off site and only for retro. That changes now. http://www.hlxcommunity.com/ - that package is now live on GC at: http://gamrs.co/stats/ We'll get that changed to stats.gamerscoalition.com as soon as we can. You'll need to register to use the personal type stuff: The install is barebones right now - we'll work on the google maps api to get player locations active and also checkout the heatmap applications as well. New skin too. That said, expect some chop while we get all the DB issues and the like ironed out. This package is active for ALL GC Source servers including our new TF2 server. Use it wisely and remember the game is about fun and team-play and don't become a stat monkey. We'll probably remove and add awards to promote teamplay as best we can. -Fk
  23. Pretty much sez it all. Oh sure, we have a Twitter feed, but that's just us yelling at stuff (still might not be a bad thing to follow us for the server announcements and for status updates when the forums are unreachable - like that's ever happened...) Considering that I just made the thing, and this is the first announcement, I have no idea how M2 managed to be the first to friend us, but he did. Well done. GC on Facebook -Fk
  24. I could copy/paste the Bigfoot Networks press release boilerplate about who they are and what they do but the cliff notes version is this: They make networking products and technology that emphasize gaming and voip performance. Although a lot of us are in budget-mode these days, the Killer Xeno Pro is a pretty sweet network card... They've been around for a bit, directly sponsor e-sport players and teams, and are now beginning to engage the broader gaming community as a whole. And so here we are . Look for Bigfoot Networks sponsored cross-guild events, and swag-getting opportunities in the future. Also, take a look at GC on the Guild Partnership page... -Fk
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