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Found 8 results

  1. Ugh. So does anyone else here happen to use a Logitech M325 wireless mouse? Or have used one in the past? I got one when I first got my laptop about 5 years ago. And I finally had to replace it last year (aka September) because the left click stopped functioning (it was dropped and therefore damaged; but it was dodgy as hell long before then and would randomly decide it just wasn't going to register left clicking). As mentioned, the one I have now is about 4 months old, and I'm beginning to experience the same left click problems. It's driving me crazy. I've tried just about everything to fix it (both in the past and presently). From removing the battery overnight/turning it off to let any static energy discharge (with and without removing the dongle/docking usb for it). To putting a fresh battery in. Even cleaning it. I know it's not software/hardware related as other mice work fine. Only thing I haven't done is take the darn thing apart (because I don't know how to do that and wouldn't ever get it back together lol). I guess I'm just having bad luck with this model/brand. (And no, I will not go wired. Because of limited space in my room, I'm forced to play on a pretty small desk and the cord from a wired mouse will just be in the way) That said, does anyone have any recommendations for a decent USB wireless mouse? It has to be something that's going to stand up to the abuse of gaming/photoshop use and the repeated left clicking it results in. And not... you know.... die in like 5 months because of it lol. I'm on a bit of a budget, so preferably something that isn't going to cost $50 or more aha. I ended up picking this mouse because it had great reviews from multiple sources, but it's just not working out for me :c
  2. I need some trusted input. I need to upgrade from my Logitech G500. This has been a great mouse in terms of size. I palm grip my mice and I have good size hands. The G500 fits perfectly in my hand. Fingers don't hang off, I can rest my palm on the mouse and move it effortlessly. The buttons on the left side are perfectly placed for my thumb. I've always hated the scroll wheel on the G500, but I like the option to make it a clickable scroll or a smooth scroll. The Logitech G502 Proteus is a no go. Although the size is good, the left button placement is terrible. Don't care for any of the "MMO" style mice with all the additional buttons. My thumb just presses them all at once. I'm looking at the Corsair M65 Pro RGB and the Sabre RGB. Leaning towards the Sabre since it's larger than the M65, but reviews say it's not good for larger hands unless you claw grip. The Cooler Master Sentinel III is on the list, but some of the features seem gimmicky and I want a solid mouse, not a flashy mess. I could over look them if the mouse itself and the core features are solid. Don't mention anything by Razer. Terrible products and will never buy anything Razer ever again. So, that is where I'm at for right now. Any suggestions? S.
  3. About 3 month ago I've gotten a new SteelSeries Sensei mouse from my friend Farberio. After 2 month, the mouse began acting up weird. It would randomly shut down in the middle of a game. First, I thought there was a problem with the drivers, then after I re-installed them, but the problem wasn't resolved. Second thought was that it's USB port issues, but no, those things never break on its own. And as I was afraid of, turned out it was a cord (cable) problem. I found that there are many people have the same problem. The best recommendations were just to swap a cable from any other mice with the same wire configuration. Sounds weird I know. Anyway, I had no other mice, so I took the mouse a part... Ground wire was torn into many hair-wires. Soldering was not an option, because the ground wire wraps around the other 3 wires in the cord. A little bit of work, and I managed to attach broken wire, but ran into another problem. There is no extra room for a thick cable inside the mouse. Well I kinda solved that puzzle too, but now some buttons are too tight to press. As a conclusion, SS Sensei is a good mouse in general, but this issue down rates it quiet a bit. P.S. I'll buy a new mouse, maybe the same, once I have money.
  4. So my Razer DeathAdder is finally dying after 4 years of use, it was a good run little buddy... So begins my hunt for a new mouse. I have already purchased two to test, obviously returning both or the one I don't like. I have just now connected the first and type this as the software/drivers install. I have purchased are the newer version of the Razer DeathAdder being that I like the size, 5 buttons (including scroll wheel clicks) is enough for me and my last one served me faithfully for so long. I have also purchased the newly released Logitech G502 Proteus Core, which had some shining reviews from hardware sites, it has a great sensor, it can be tuned to my current mouse pad and I kind of miss owning a Logitech mouse... The G502 is the mouse I have just installed drivers for and so far it is comfortable and has a good weight (without even adding weights yet). I did consider a Roccat Kore XMD based off of solid reviews but even though it is a right handed mouse the feel/look if it looks like it should be for those evil lefties out there. DeathAdder 2013: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826153114 G502: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826104934 I am open to suggestions from the community on a good mouse. I will state that I refuse to spend more than $100 for a mouse. I do not want/need a MMO mouse, my fat thumb can't accurately select one of those tiny 1-10 buttons. Along with the fat thumb I have a large paw for a hand so no tiny/sissy mice either. I would prefer wired so that I don't have to deal with batteries and it will be connected to my desktop.
  5. Ok so i got my computer back like a week ago and im having to do German homework again and apparently my computer cant do umlauts with a simple shift " o combination. is there anyway i can fix this? please help me i really need this for school!
  6. I was smart enough to wash my mouse and now it's not working. So I need a new one! Here's the catch. I'm a child of satan (left handed) so my options are pretty much 1 and done. Is this my only option? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826153058 That's the one I broke. I'm hoping it will magically start working again
  7. Love getting new hardware. So I got a new keyboard ~ 2 months ago and it already crapped out on me. Basically my experience with my last 4 keyboards (2 models in total) I will never be buying Razer Keyboards again... I went through 3 Razer Lycosa's, http://www.newegg.co...N82E16823114005 , and they all had the same issue where a key stroke would "stick" resulting in me having to plug and unplug they keyboard in the middle of a game to reset it. Exchanged them all under MFG warranty, which is why I had 3. I went through 3 different OS loads and 3 different MoBos so I know it wasn't the result of other hardware failing. Two months ago is when I got the Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 Mechanical keyboard, http://www.newegg.co...N82E16823114026 , and as of a week ago half of the keyboard no longer responded to keystrokes. I brought it back under MFG warranty and left Razer behind for my keyboard needs... Today I received my new Corsair Vengeance K90, http://www.newegg.co...k=vengeance k90 , so far so good. The keystrokes register with barely any force and the thing feels so solid that you could do damage to someone if you were in need of a weapon. I love the aluminum volume knob, its a roller that lets me increase volume ever so slightly and its solid. I don't plan on using too many of the G keys, perhaps some in the future. I just wanted a solid mechanical keyboard and this seemed to fit the bill. Now to the audio. I purchased the Logitech G930 wireless gaming headset ~August of 2012, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826104399 , and by November the audio would drop connection every 15 munutes or so. Ok fine I got a lemon, Logitech has always been a solid product, so I exchanged them under the MFG warranty for anothe pair. By mid Februaury the new pair were starting to drop signal and reconnect just as often as the other pair... time to throw in the towel. Did a little research and found these, http://www.newegg.co...N82E16826249083 , the Steel Series Siberia V2. They weren't going to break the bank but all the reviews I found across multiple websites were great. They seem to have the best audio range for the money and are super comfortable for my large cranium. Hooking up/testing both new products today. Hope all goes well in performance. Edit - Forgot a link.
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