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  1. Test

    New Points System Addition

    But it gives achievements. For example: You have 2 high pounces when you disconnect, but when you reconnect, you can land one more high pounce to gain Sky Diver achievement. (At this point, when you reconnect, it goes back to 0, thus preventing you from gaining achievements). Same goes for other achievements, Killing Machine, etc..
  2. Test

    New Points System Addition

    Is it possible to retain the other stats as well?? Because after you reconnect, these are all back to 0. Example: Survivors: CI killed, SI killed, Headshots, etc.. Infected: Survivors incapped, survivors killed, survivors charged, pounced, etc..
  3. Test

    Remove MP5 Weapon

    These are the 2 main reasons why it must be removed. Source: http://left4dead.wikia.com/wiki/H%26K_MP5#H.26K_MP5
  4. Test

    What's your favorite weapon?

    Ak47, if not available, shoving.
  5. Test

    Counter Strike Extra Weapons Removal Request

    MP5 must be removed, the animation after reload has issue.
  6. Test

    Charger's Distances

    Charge attack moves objects plugin.
  7. idk if anyone else has heard otherwise, but in a lot of games i've played where the general consensus wanted to skip (from typing in chat and talking on mic), it was deemed by certain admins that they're not allowed skip because it's still winnable on both sides. i'm not encouraging skipping or not skipping, just stating what i observed. Observed this too.. sometimes some admins just leave the game at the finale when people are asking for skipvote.
  8. ^ Yes inactivity wastes time. But we cannot control on how other people play. If someone wants to use hunter and missed the pounce, it's his decision to run away (bouncing around?) and get to the high ground or just suicide.
  9. No deadstopping and now no bouncing around in the map using hunter? What's next?
  10. Just a question, What is the consequence of admin/s being killed?
  11. What about last map of hard rain?
  12. Test

    Track your mouse movement!

    1.7 hours of browsing including afk (3 huge dark circles)
  13. Test

    Track your mouse movement!

    Download link: http://iographica.com/ < download the linux version to get the .jar file (no need to install) 45 minutes of Dota 2 55 minutes of Left 4 Dead 2
  14. ^ he just vanished without anyone knowing. lol