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  1. Right so I joined a server right after the one I was in crashed, nobody else was in the server so I said "Whats poppin raggots" with a total of two people. I understand that they probably could've taken that personally since it just 3 people in a server.
  2. I was banned from a L4D2 server because I accidentally boomer biled a teammate and shot a couple of them by accident. It was not my intention, I just wanted to earn points by killing zombies and SI. Is there any way you can unban me? Sincerely, Redwind
  3. For not having respected the rules I was banned a year ago, I was going to ask that they remove the blockade, but I was lazy and I started to play other video games. I am very much fun in this server, much in others and that is why I ask you to forgive me, plzzzzzzzz touches your heart and forgive me for being so sexy and rude. I may become a member, but I have no money. xd
  4. I do not know what I did. I know I got banned the first time on my own account, but I haven't played on these left 4 dead severs in months and I got banned for something that I'm not aware of. Well, what ever it was, I apologize for it. (Let me know what I got banned for, I seriously don't know why)
  5. Hi I'm BeavisTroll (my steam account name) and I wished to be unbanned. I have been banned for 1 year so far for getting angry on a 10v10 server on Left 4 Dead 2 and swearing at an admin in anger for getting killed right away (I was still new to L4D2 so I had no idea what I was doing). I felt pitty and remorse afterwards, wishing I never caused such juvenile behavior. It has been so long since I don't remember any details other than swearing. Please unban me. contact my email thehaterur@gmail.com for info
  6. About me calling Dixie a "queen" earlier, I was joking when you asked who it was directed to. Didn't really understand how it was offensive or homophobic. I won't do it again, sorry.
  7. Ahm hello, I was banned because i have a little brother and he is very rat, he said much badwords and as consequence i was thrown permanently for his fault, i want unban me because it was not my fault and I promise that my brother will not say any more things like that, i miss play in the server L4D2 :c. Postscript : Sorryy for my bad English, My ID is .:TheHuama:.
  8. Im here to say Sorry for using the "asterisk" character in the chat game, and swering ..... My bad, i know better,and i understand. so im here to say im sorry guys! Thanks
  9. Dear Gamrs.co staff It was in 2015 (I think)when I got banned, but I would like to request an unban. I was going to the safe room on Dark Carnival on the second chapter when I was told to stop rushing. The reason I was going for the safe room was because everyone was just staying in one area so I just ran for it. When I was told to stop rushing, I called the rule "gay" and left the server immeditaly, joining a different gamrs server soon after. I played like normal until the chapter was over. It kicked me out of the server and said I was banned. I apologize for calling the rule that word. I am not homophobic in ANY way at all. I completely understand how rushing impacts the game. Like I said before, I apologize for my actions and if I offended anyone on that day, so please unban me. It would make me very happy if I can play the best 10v10 servers in left 4 dead 2 again. Thanks xmark412x
  10. I really like playing with you guys you all have a unique personality and honestly I do miss it. Ive been playing KillingFloor 2 but have only made like 2-3 friends. Can I come back and I promise I will only play when I am dedicated and have the time. I do not like playing on the other servers, I am so used to at GCFTW it just makes no sense. Also I will change my handle to GIJoe(GCFTW) or gamrs.co . I have been suffering and going through a lot of financial trouble, my roommate has had two heart attacks so I have had to take care of the house myself but hes back. I think I can also renew my membership. The reason why I said I would cancel my membership is because the day I bought a new one I was banned in 2 hours, the same exact day, when I was just trying to get an open slot, so I think it was a lot of misunderstanding. Anyway I miss you guys and no matter what choice you make I can respect that, but I would really like to come back. Thank you Joe I am lost without you !!
  11. Alright, so I'm here today to talk about an account of me rushing today on the server. At around 12:30am to 1:00am on April 2nd, during the fourth map of Dark Carnival I rushed the cresendo and went into the saferoom. At first I was going in to either start a tank or make a tank spawn and go for me as I wasn't a main. Behind me was Cisco the Kid and Max Rockantsky. At the halfway mark of that long hallway toward the concert enterance a tank appeared and began attacking. I bought up and went forward to run from the tank and it chased me until I got to the saferoom. After the tank left a hunter was waiting outside for me. I told my team, or more specifaclly Meant, what I should do, and he instructed that it was a team decision on wether or not I should stay in the saferoom. No one on the team was complaining and Max was verbally calling me to stay in the room. I went off of their judgement and if I deserve a ban for that, I understand. I'd just like a forum notification of the decision and also wanted to adress this matter personally before someone else went to complain. Thanks for any replys I get, good or bad.
  12. Hey, I'm very sorry for Rushing on Dark Carnival. I got carried away. I knew I shouldn't have done it. It was a stupid decision I made. Also, the reason I quit was because I had to attend to an urgent situation, not because of my Rushed death. Anyways, I'm genuinely sorry, I didn't mean to frustrate anyone or be a nuisance. Please unban me and Thanks. - SnakeVenom
  13. Dear Admins, I am sorry for the way I acted back in the day. My actions were not Kosher. I am fully responsible for the language that I used in the 10v10 server. It has been three years since the permanent ban was put into effect. I will be honest, I dont know what I was thinking back when i was saying those things. I swear that I will be a better person in the future if unbanned and I will follow the rules. -The##Funky&^Chicken
  14. Hello, I've been enjoying playing L4D2 10 v 10 on your servers. I just joined this past December and it has renewed my interest in the game when I was about to quit playing. I find the games to be fun, fast paced and very competitive. Just sat down to play a game and found myself to be permanently banned for griefing. An admin named Meant? banned me @ 02//01/16 00:40 Before I ask how this came to be, I did consult the Guide for requesting an Un-banning. Information: kellerj1 is the only name I've ever used. It's not very original and doesn't reference anything. It's just me. Banned 02/01/16 00:40 I'm not sure exactly which gamrs.co !buy L4D2 server that said event occurred on. But if I'm reading it right, I've been permanently banned from all of them. What happened: This is where it gets confusing for me. Not sure. Obviously something I did was interpreted as griefing and I can't offer when or where or on what map that it happened on. Responsibility: Not trying to dodge anything here. I feel like I've appeared in a police line up and I've been identified for something I didn't do. Apologize: Sincerely stated apology is best bet here according to the guide. I'm sorry... Flatter: I got banned before when I was new for rushing. I didn't agree with it because I didn't feel like I was rushing. But I took the punishment like a man and didn't complain. It was for only 1 day and I went outside instead and enjoyed the day light. Behaviour for better: I have a microphone but I never use it. Maybe I should start using it. I don't hang around or read any of the forums...until now. Thank you
  15. Was banned because: I boomed in top of the elevator and didn't know it was an exploit. The reason why i did this: Honestly I didn't know. I saw someone do this before some weeks ago, and didn't think it was an exploit or bad. I never did it before, and now I learned from my mistake. My bad~ I don't want to risk my membership over something like this, it was an honest mistake. Won't do this ever again. Is there a list of exploits where I can view?
  16. admin MaestroPG, how you might allready read in the title of this topic i didn´t know about the rules so i just want to say sorry and that will not happend again... And i think that 1 day was good i thought i will be for more long
  17. Im new in this page so i dont know how to do this but well I'll try at least. I got banned because of a misunderstanding i think. I've been playing in these kinds of servers for a while now, but today i was playing in a 10vs10 left 4 dead 2 server. The first chapter of dark carnival. So i was playing as usual, except this time a player got smoked back i think and all the bots went way far back without me noticing because i was trying to save another player. Then, somebody just said dont rush or something and I tried to tell them that we werent rushing Because they were going back but then got banned. Everytime i play in this servers i have to deal with rushers, griefers... for example in a single game i revived like 5 different players and they left me to die as soon as i got incapped infront of them. And i find it unfair that just for one misunderstanding i got banned when daily i see people breaking the rules and getting away with it. So i ask if you guys could unban me or what i can do to get unbanned?
  18. So I was recommended your server from a freind who plays on it, after about 5 minutes I really enjoyed it. I read the rules stating that cursing wasn't allowed but I might of let F word slip, I said I was sorry and accidently said "D-i-c" So I get a perma ban for it? First offence? really? I understand you guys need to be hard on it, but why not a kick.. I think I need to hear the admin's side of the story. Also this is from my condump I'm Sparkles : docberry, no cursing on this server (Survivor) archer : spawns right at the escalators t_PlayerTimer successfully killed (Survivor) archer : so be ready AGS | DocBerry : So I heard, releax, it's all in fun AGS | DocBerry: Not to be a **** Please do not use foul language here! AGS | DocBerry : Oh AGS | DocBerry : That too, sorry again. Disconnect: You have been banned by this server, check http://www.gcftw.com/ for more info. Disconnect: You have been banned by this server, check http://www.gcftw.com/ for more info.
  19. hi its been awhile since i played on the gc server but i tried to play on it recently and it said i was banned i believe it was because my name was snipers get more head it was just a joke at the time lol. but anyways if you could just post the logs and tell me what happened i will own up to it. i don't remember actually what happened whether i ignored the admin because i was caught up in the game or i talked back or whatever the case was. but gc server was my favorite server and the only community server i actually played. i will make sure my name is not r rated anymore and i 100% respect admins. im forever sorry and i respect your rules <3 p.s. could a graphic spray result in a ban too? just curious.
  20. So I was asked to change my name from MexicanSlave and so at first I questioned it but then I changed it and took out the Slave part of it so it wasn't offensive and I dunno if the admin saw this change but then I got perma banned and I really don't know why cause I did what was asked of me.
  21. So i just found out that i've been banned from the servers. must have happend when i played earlier today though i havn't notticed it till now. i can see the reason is rushing. now i dont have any memory of doin so or gettin warnings. i've been playin on the servers for 2 years now so i know the rules. i cant really say what happend in the situation where i got banned, as i didnt get kicked from the server just left by myself, only to find out now that i've been banned :´(
  22. hi there I was playing on gc`s competitive csgo server and got banned for excessive team killing. at the moment I was playing there was no one on, while waiting for people to join I started to kill enemy teams bot and mine. I knew killing your own team is a no-no but didn't know killing bot is same. sorry for that. steam name : shu-fari steam id : STEAM_0:0:42310707 your help is much appreciated.
  23. Why were you punished? Because I wasn't supposed to be saying racist stuffbut I did it in gamerco's server in L4D2. Why should we revoke your punishment? Please provide as much detail as possible. I have been warned a lot of times not to swear but due to my navie, childish behaviour, I still ignore the rules. After being scolded by my elder brother (my elder brother own this account) and strangers on mineplex, I truly regret whatever childish things I have done on this server that infuriated and saddened my brother. I felt guilty ever since the permanent ban from mineplex as my elder brother couldn't play on mineplex despite it wasnt his fault but mine. My brother wouldn't talk to me and even pinch me for no whatever reason. Probably because he was really angry. I am truly sorry and I really promise I would hack again. I will abide with mineplex rules and promise to be a fair player in mineplex. Sorry Yours sincerely James
  24. Hi, I have been banned from L4D2 gamrs.co servers 3 days ago for strong language: "fuuuuuuuu" which was more like a rage reaction from being charged off the bridge rather than a direct insult to any person i've offended. (sorry to the admin/charger that took it personally, nice charge though haha !) I sometime use strong language in the chat without even realizing as a funny way to express my rage, but I understand it could be interpreted the wrong way and I will make it change if i will ever get unbanned. It is rare to find a L4D2 Versus server on which i can have fun, it usually has a lot of mods that make the game completely unplayable, and I find yours well balanced (step 5 flater us ) allowing me to have more fun than on any other server (being honest on this part though). -My ban was on the 15th of May, on: gamrs.co | !buy 10v10 #2 server from admin Johnny and it is permanent. -My steam name is -BigTG- ( http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198032901555/ ) -My steam ID is : STEAM_1:1:36317913 I think I gave all the informations needed, Thank you for your help, hope to see everyone again really soon ! -BigTG-
  25. username: "25 de balansa" url: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198059616695 sorry for discriminate and be racist.. i wasn't read the rules please unban me just i going to read the rules!!! sorry my english is a little bad:(
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