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  1. swatfishy

    Forum Membership Event Dec01 to Dec23

    im here peanut owo (actually just playing destiny 2) @clony you and jimn pretty much taught/ inspired the server to wall pounce - you guys deserve a lot of credit for keeping the game fresh for me also there is basically no situation where I would want you replaced if you were on my team 2. any old guard here remember jykri (sp?). first thing i remember about GC was her yelling at me for not know how to use points rofl. i'm 95% sure meng was in this game too and told her to go easy on me 3. met mechanicaL in an overwatch comp game (season 1, ~low diamond) thought that was amusing. he was the OG #1 when I started
  2. swatfishy

    Reminder on griefing on L4D2 servers

    but i'm actually good at deagle
  3. go on at like 3am and let me farm up
  4. swatfishy

    Rank Listings

    I play overwatch now i'm 18 on the /scoreboard link
  5. swatfishy

    Counter Strike Extra Weapons Removal Request

    disable laser on snipers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. why not just shoot the hunters midair?
  7. swatfishy

    I can't see

  8. swatfishy

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    PLUS i forget to watch my ammo and i drop my m60 like 30% of the time I finish the mag which is like another 15+3-9 points wasted if I want to keep using the m60
  9. swatfishy

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    ak is still better, if people on the other team are buying m60s your team is more than likely already losing. i personally don't buy them unless i have 75+ points saved already since ammo is used so fast. formerly 18 points for 300 rounds vs 3 points for 400 ak rounds
  10. swatfishy

    Buy Plugin/Server Update Notes

    why nerf m60 into the ground?
  11. swatfishy

    Killing Peanut Contest - WIN 1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP/RENEWAL

    kill all admins!
  12. swatfishy

    New achievements

  13. swatfishy


    it only displays the name, kicking is manual
  14. swatfishy


    if its appearing too often maybe do 2 std deviations + a smaller fixed amount?