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  1. balance via mechanics is better than a balance via numbers imo, ofc subject to plugin capability...
  2. balance jockey with HS stun or >x dmg stun midair
  3. im here peanut owo (actually just playing destiny 2) @clony you and jimn pretty much taught/ inspired the server to wall pounce - you guys deserve a lot of credit for keeping the game fresh for me also there is basically no situation where I would want you replaced if you were on my team 2. any old guard here remember jykri (sp?). first thing i remember about GC was her yelling at me for not know how to use points rofl. i'm 95% sure meng was in this game too and told her to go easy on me 3. met mechanicaL in an overwatch comp game (season 1, ~low diamond) thought that was amusing. he was the OG #1 when I started
  4. I play overwatch now i'm 18 on the /scoreboard link
  5. probably going to stream the division tomorrow :^)

  6. PLUS i forget to watch my ammo and i drop my m60 like 30% of the time I finish the mag which is like another 15+3-9 points wasted if I want to keep using the m60
  7. ak is still better, if people on the other team are buying m60s your team is more than likely already losing. i personally don't buy them unless i have 75+ points saved already since ammo is used so fast. formerly 18 points for 300 rounds vs 3 points for 400 ak rounds
  8. will stream at least once this coming week, possibly a few times

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      let me know when would like to watch (non creeper way)

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      just kidding - busier than expected

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      Letdown again.

  9. it only displays the name, kicking is manual
  10. if its appearing too often maybe do 2 std deviations + a smaller fixed amount?
  11. Only 20 points? Can you imagine during huge tank battles? If you get infected the tank will only go after you and there's no way to heal while you're getting smacked around. If something like this gets implemented it should be well thought out. assuming people boom for you when you're tank...
  12. yea the assistance points seem to be inconsistent
  13. yeh i did lol, chick was there too
  14. is this every 'ding' or a certain amount of dmg?
  15. I played a bit really recently and people still run at you spraying to save you instead of crouching and trying to aim...
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