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  1. Psylow

    That's not me

    I just hope one day to spell comment correctly.
  2. Psylow

    That's not me

    During the third scene of Death Toll last night I made a commit that read, "This team right?" after which I left. I wanted to apologize for that because I was truly not frustrated with the team. I was getting real tired real fast of the commits from a few teammates that where dogging on the team. "This team needs to learn to spawn block" - "This team needs to learn to ( insert passive aggressive commit) Al thought I do not remember the commit that pushed me over the edge it really does not matter because I should not have reacted the way I did. So there ya go. Happy hunting.
  3. Perhaps something to buff the health of the bots instead of tank buffs?
  4. Psylow

    New Players

    I don't think I Would have become a member if people were rude or didn't help show me how to be a better player. I mean I'm a horrible player but at least everyone is nice about it.
  5. Psylow

    Effective Points & Becoming a Better Player

    I hope to be as good as Carlos one day.
  6. Psylow

    In or Out

    Now that the UK has left what's it like over there now? Is the government gonna be reorganized in some manor?
  7. Psylow

    Am I ?

  8. Psylow

    New achievements

    You could call it "Traffic Jam" or "Full tank" maybe. Since it was Rick that got hit three times might call it "Rick Roll"
  9. Psylow

    New achievements

    I'd like to see an achievements added since Saint Rick is so good at this one. I'd like an achievements for getting hit 3 times by a car. Not for the tank user but by the one getting hit.