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  1. That would be a feat considering how often i play on it !
  2. I tried to connect to the server, and couldn't. Just times out after 6 tries, fyi.
  3. ARMYguy

    Re: Tick

    I was one of the people pushing for 64. It is just not fun to play on anything higher, the choke is huge. It played better with 64.
  4. Its a solid game. I play it from time to time myself. Although these days since i dont play fps games much only rts, i would probably be the commander most of the time.
  5. This is me every night. Except my net doesn't disconnect it just starts to lag really bad and then i warp, so i just don't bother. I might have to move just to get better internet....
  6. I for one am happy, cause the auto matching is boring as all heck and i cant stand it. Id rather play in a giant pub, like the old days of cs.
  7. Game runs at 300 fps for me at pretty much all times, even custom maps. Iv noticed that if you join the server when in windows, using the steam server browser, you will have massive fps lag randomly in game. To defeat this, load csgo as you would any game, and join servers from in the game not outside it. No idea why this works, but it has been working for me. If i don't, i will have 300 fps for a map or two, and then randomly lag down to 60 fps for no reason at all. As far as the games graphics, my 780TI doesn't even work in this game, i get 300 fps with around 30 % GPU usage, and that's when i force transparent super sampling 16x AA to get rid of fence jaggies. If you need more performance, buy a new cpu. My 2600k @ 4.6 ghz chops this game into little chunks.
  8. I was right. server right now is at 64 tick and it feels amazing. I have not stuttered once, sv rock solid at 64 tick even when server is full. VAR is a .5 instead of 2 +. If it is left as it is, we have a winner. Other than the part where your probably paying for 128 tick and it can only do 64.
  9. So im playing right now and am seeing SV go as low as 60s, which is really bad. It happens when people start shooting in large battles and a large server. On other servers i tested, its rock solid no matter how many people shoot. This server appears really under powered.
  10. I have noticed this problem for a very long time, at least since we got a GC GO server, or soon after. I have always had these little rubber bandings, and my guns doing the stutter switch, that never occurred in css or any other CS GO server. When i went to some other servers, the SV was rock solid at whatever the server tick rate was, and never budged even in large gun battles. The highest choke was 2 %, but even that was very rare. GC server was giving me a max of 12 choke at times, and the SV was never at the tick rate of 128, unless at the spawn when round starts and no shooting was going on. The second shooting occurred, the SV started to plummet, which is when the choke starts, the rubber banding, etc. I tested a bunch of valve servers and other servers, and none of them do any of these things. Rock solid. I have not tried GC since you made changes at the time of this post.
  11. Yeah by all means, if it can be resolved, then that's probably the best course of action. Just get one of them to play in there for 1 min, they will instantly see whats wrong.
  12. I think NFO (it is NFO right?) is milking everyone with fancy advertising and scrimping on their machines. I have done some research and this is not unique situation, lots of people complaining of similar things. I have heard a lot more good things about http://hypernia.com/game-servers although i have not tried them myself yet. To add to the above, choke gets worse when its full, but its always there, even when there is only a few people playing. This is just plain bad. I get killed quite often even in 2v2 sized games when i switch to a gun and the lag switches it back, etc.
  13. I have tried using an autoexec to force my tick to be 64 like valve servers, which helped lower the amount of rubber banding, but did not eliminate it. As soon as i put my rates back to 128, there was more lag and rubber banding. Switching guns also lags, and sometimes when you switch to a gun when you need it really fast, it will switch back randomly cause of lag and get you killed. A fun experiment would be to see if the server can be set to 64 tick to see if it actually helps or eliminates the lag issue. It might at least show us more of what could be causing the issue.
  14. I have completely disabled any routers, and even run directly through to the cable modem, and it did not matter. Iv done ridiculous amount of internet checks and packet loss checks on my connection, and i have none. All other servers are perfect, except this one. Everyone is rubber banding, not just me. everyone has tons of choke the second someone shoots a gun. It has to be this server, i just do not know what is causing it. I dont recall this issue on css gc server. Its really bad the last few days now too, you mario brothers around the map (warp) and shoot people and nothing happens, then they run in cover then die.
  15. I like the map but removing the sniper pick areas was a bad idea imo.
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