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  1. If you think someone needs to be banned for actions on the L4D2 servers, please post it here. Please try to include demos, screenshots or other proof and try to put in the names and steamids. If you were not involved in the incident, please do not add to this post.
  2. Banned once again for "team stacking"... I'm sure this has something to do with Reckless (Velocity) and I being on the same team, of course. Yesterday, I was permantley banned momentarily for "using a charger glitch" and because of the words of others. Never was my explanation asked.. Anyhow, for weeks Velocity and I have noticed that we have never been placed on the same team, when the teams scramble. It was whatever, we continued to play. So, after my ban yesterday was cleared, (because I was falsely accused) I joined the game back, and a new round started. The teams scrambled and we were still on the same team which seemed odd to us, but, we played because that was not our doing. It was a scramble, what were we supposed to do, switch teams? We played the hard rain game, and got off, just to get back on and see we've been banned for a week. For what? Playing with each other? It's confusing, because we did absolutely nothing wrong. I see many of the same players on the same team, yet we continue to get banned when we end up on the same team 1 time, because of a scramble...
  3. please unban OAO ★ ★ ▐ Dust2 Only ® [Premium] STEAM_1: 0: 649101050
  4. Today I was banned from one of the left for dead 2 servers. For "suiciding", which to my knowledge I did not know was a bannable offence. Either way, I was wrong in doing so. All I can hope for is that over the 4ish months of me playing on the server(having loads of fun the entire time), is that maybe some of the admins would be willing to overlook this mistake, which I take responsibility for. Also remembering me and how I acted, other than maybe poking fun at others individuals on occasion. I never recall trying to screw up others fun on the servers. Often helping new players, by giving crash courses on the buy system, also giving people warnings on cruesing in the server. Either way, this goes appeal or not, I just want to say Thank you for letting me join the community of people even for the small amount of time I spent there. All the best -kyle
  5. I'm sorry I think the purpose of my ban was dying? Because at the Sewers I kept going up the ladder when I didn't know the door was already opened. Right after I got incapacitated like 3 consecutive times the server bans me? Any way I can be lifted from this ban from dying? My Steam username is AsianRiceStuff btw
  6. Hello, Johnny, I don't know, I don't understand why permanent ban. first, I see Ban for 1 day. In this moment I see permanent my friend, you said for rushing, but my teammates, were with me in 2 seconds in the tunnel and I don't rushing, I was there. when is my blame, I accept my mistake, but sincerely my friend, but in this time, I think it's unfair, and I say this with all due respect my friend. I would love to PLEASE, if they could help me. Thanks.-Gracias.
  7. Sorry for the comment and votekick I made and promise that this will never happen again. I said this out of frustration and sincerely apologise. Sorry :'( 04-17-15 13:56 Lorde aka Totally Fried Cake Pump Permanent Ban Details Player Lorde aka Totally Fried Cake No Demos Steam ID STEAM_1:1:8545674 Steam Community 76561197977357077 Invoked on 04-17-15 13:56 Banlength Permanent Expires on Not applicable. Reason Votekicking while admins are on, offensive analogy comparing skill of a player to handicapped individuals. Banned by Admin Pump Banned from Web Ban Total Bans No previous bans
  8. I tried to join gcftw, because i had nothing to do, and all of a sudden, it said i was banned some time in febuary, perminant, i dont know why, but i was, and it says for "Language" but i havent been on it for 3 months. Im hopng it will be solved some time soon, and i can join the server again.
  9. Hello to everybody & g´night to everyone: 3 days ago. Apparently I will been banned for glitching, in the underground, dark carni map 3. I apologize to not be aware that this method of attack without being attacked or as explained Maestro (exploit) can not be used online and less on GC servers, And I also apologize for my offensive comment rofl as a result of being banned for a new spot, I make the great promise that I'll never use this method to incapacitate survivors as infected, thanks for your attention. I wait for a reply of a board member to discuss my case unban, or not. Good Night.
  10. aimbot, wallhack you name it.... dude is a menace.. http://steamcommunity.com/id/ivancheng368/ "Awptimus Prime" STEAM_1:0:97539105 hostname: gamrs.co | 5 vs 5 match server version : 5949 secure udp/ip : os : Windows type : community dedicated gotv: port 27020, delay 105.0s players : 7 humans, 2 bots (12/0 max) (not hibernating) # userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state rate #39 "gamrs.co TV" BOT active # 40 2 "SSG Rashnutz" STEAM_1:1:8016149 33:33 82 0 active 128000 # 58 3 "infamousgamer51" STEAM_1:1:98389118 03:11 79 0 active 128000 # 57 4 "Ernst" STEAM_1:1:38216691 04:30 49 0 active 128000 #70 "Brett" BOT active # 44 6 "Tyrone Biggums" STEAM_1:0:38134769 29:28 76 0 active 128000 # 59 8 "lungblood" STEAM_1:0:39228157 02:12 55 0 active 128000 # 51 9 "Awptimus Prime" STEAM_1:0:97539105 19:23 99 1 active 128000 # 52 10 "Fasachi" STEAM_1:1:50410756 14:33 119 0 active 128000 #end
  11. Hello, I wanna request unban (if possible) of your L4D2 Servers. I returned from my 3-months L4D vacations and I returned to your servers but in my return I found that now you don't allow to change teams... some pleople do and not all are banned. Well, I was banned I suppose becase I'm trying to switch team at the moment I join (just between the first minutes I join a match) because I like to play with people with good teamwork skills, not the clasical runners or scared people that stays forever at safehouse. Well, I wanna apologieze for try to switch teams, I think my new action its: join a match, if the people in my team is not the people I wanna play I just leave and back in a few hours to try my luck again; seems like this is the only solution I found. Well, if is possible I wanna request the unban of my account, my username at L4D2 its Synyster. Thank you!
  12. Dear Admins of Gamrs.co Hi my steam id is F4NCY i was banned permanently on 1/29/15 for my rudeness to other players and using a derogatory word towards a player. I called a person a hacker and that he used aim bot because i was frustrated that i had died several times as infected. Im very sorry that i was rude to the person and falsely accused a member of hacking and if i could i would apologize directly to him/her. Ive been playing on my friends account ever since i got banned on your server so i really like your server and i wish that you would consider unbanning me as i will assure you this will never happen again. I will not accuse people of hacking anymore and not be rude to other players. I hope i can get a second chance to prove myself. -Sincerely F4NCY My steam id is STEAM_1:1:97815117
  13. I was playing versus as survivors on LFD2. Map was Dark Carnival. Team was doing really well. I ran up the rollercoaster. Dodged a charger. Saw another charger spawn, started shooting. Then "You have been banned from this server". In-game name: nikavelli STEAMID: 0:0:344488 Server: Time: 12:30AM 02/18/14
  14. not for nothing cant seen to be able to see what i got banned for and i play there all the time and got banned for a week for no reason
  15. Sick off seeing this spray every round... anything you can do about it? JackieEdit* Issue taken care of. Deleted screenshot.
  16. please unban me my steam id 76561198143932534
  17. I got banned due to one of the players interrupting my way of gaming and I insulted that player on the spur of the moment. While I know that's a reason, I wasn't given a warning for it. How it started: After positioning and waiting for the survivor players to come up to the ladder, the player I insulted was hitting me first in-game so I told him to stop with the inclusion of my insult, next the player was saying I was hogging the charger I was using and I was about to explain through game chat to the player i insulted as to why i was position in my spot, then I got banned from the game server and it's a permanent ban on my first offence on the server. http://gamrs.co/sourcebans/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_1%3A0%3A32930379&Submit I apologize for the sudden insult to the player. whenever I'm in the server I try to abide by the rules but this time i failed. gamrs.co | !buy 10v10 #2 http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/l4d22.gcftw.com:27015/
  18. Four rushers ran straight to elevator and camped there while half the team was by safe room helping incapped. Multiple warnings to go help team by both his team mates and infected. Most of the rushers are new to the servers ( I think), but Tornado Nick is not, and he should know better. IF anything, he should've led the newbies camping with him back to help the incapps, but just remain camped at the elevator and tried to justified his rushing/camping/refusal to help team. Tornado Nick: 1:0:76027425 nicoris: 1:1:44000769 Nickaasaur: 1:1:29474929 Liam: 1:1:42171488
  19. STEAM_0:0:35672324 Jimmy Mc. Johns was rusing David Sulkers went with him to try to protect him, he is a witness Jimmy Mc. Johns started calling me a b**** for telling him to stop rushing and started trying to turn everyone against me for not wanting him to rush. Incredibly rude please ban him
  20. Player Ashy Larry <STEAM_1:1:35783911> so we were playing cold stream finale, Ashy Larry tried to stack by switching on the team I was on, I tell him not to stack than he was kinda cursing me out on chat 10 minute after that 3 people from Ashy Larry`s team left, it was 10v7 so I volunteer myself and move to the other team. After joining Ashy Larry`s team we were on one of the first waterfall drop, rest of the team dropped and I was about to drop aswell right than Ashy Larry decided to heal me (I had 95hp I told him to stop via mic chat) stopped mid way of healing and started to heal again than stopped again he did that for about good 10 times than I got smoked and he jump of the waterfall. I died few second later one of the teammate who watched it happen ligs Kongurin asked ashy why did he do that no response were given to him. there were guts, greenheart lvl3.0 some other who can tell that ashy was griefing and wanted to get revenge for calling him out on stacking.
  21. "Sorry Im Nub" and "Bog3y" both rushed the whole game, said "NO" when asked to come back and help the team. Startled the witch together and got knocked down way ahead of the team. We started a votekick and they got angry and started cursing everyone out.
  22. Two screenshots as attachments, 1 show's a player has died, that was Kuzen, the rusher. he was far enough ahead approx. near the bridge where there is a sniper that you can access before fully crossing. the 2nd guy was the flash, holy crap i turn back to help my team, look towards the front and he's just gone. his name you can actually see in the other screenshot. needless to say both of them died, kuzen stuck around but the other guy just left the server.
  23. At the beginning of the map No Mercy, [FST] tonysan just simply jump off the roof and died. When the votekick was put up on this griefer, he left before it went through. You can see the only dead body over here in this picture, jump straight into a deadzone: And here are the logs to detail what happen.
  24. Some guy from Russia named Low was griefing round 4 of the Parish by jumping up and down in front of the second story window that smokers can pull survivors from in the street. He was pulled around 2 or 3 times and even stood and ran circles in the spit in front of that window. Jose.gc can back me up on this.
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