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  1. Xxtraa

    Banned Again...

    Yes, I know. That's why after I thought about it all I completely understood why it looked liked we were stacking. But he didn't change his name, it was a different account. His commands and everything weren't set on that account and he couldn't play like that, so he went back to his other account.. See you guys next Monday
  2. Xxtraa

    Banned Again...

    He was in the game before, his name was "Focus." I guarantee if you check back, you'll see that he was in on Chapter 1.. And you're right, it's very simple, but not if you didn't know that from the start, cause if we knew we'd BOTH be banned for that, it wouldn't have happened. But you guys can close this post, we totally get it now.
  3. Xxtraa

    Banned Again...

    But now we know, so it won't happen again!
  4. Xxtraa

    Banned Again...

    @Peanut as I said in the above comment, we haven't played with each other in months due to the scramble. No one intentionally tries to stack. When we use to play, sometimes it was just him and I on the same team with new players against really good players and it still seemed to be a problem.. Doesn't make sense because I've seen multiple people disconnect, and they go back to the original team they were on.. These particular people are members, so I guess that makes it ok. No one was ever informed that you could be banned just by switching back to your original team, this is why we assumed it was ok, because we've seen others doing it.
  5. Xxtraa

    Banned Again...

    Oh ok. I know exactly what you're talking about. But I joined first, and then he randomly joined and we were on the same team. He ended up disconnecting, he came back then switched back to the team he was originally on. But ok we understand.
  6. Banned once again for "team stacking"... I'm sure this has something to do with Reckless (Velocity) and I being on the same team, of course. Yesterday, I was permantley banned momentarily for "using a charger glitch" and because of the words of others. Never was my explanation asked.. Anyhow, for weeks Velocity and I have noticed that we have never been placed on the same team, when the teams scramble. It was whatever, we continued to play. So, after my ban yesterday was cleared, (because I was falsely accused) I joined the game back, and a new round started. The teams scrambled and we were still on the same team which seemed odd to us, but, we played because that was not our doing. It was a scramble, what were we supposed to do, switch teams? We played the hard rain game, and got off, just to get back on and see we've been banned for a week. For what? Playing with each other? It's confusing, because we did absolutely nothing wrong. I see many of the same players on the same team, yet we continue to get banned when we end up on the same team 1 time, because of a scramble...